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Apple Juicer

Everybody knows the advantage of natural freshly squeezed juices over drinks packaged in cans, bottles or packages of tetrapack in factory conditions. With the help of a juicer, you can easily and quickly get tasty and healthy apple juice for the whole family. In this product, useful properties, vitamins are preserved and therefore the juicer is essential for every family.



The principle of separation of apple pulp from liquid is the basis of the work of centrifugal juicers. The whole process is carried out at high speeds under the action of centrifugal force. In a few words, squeezing the apple juice in this way can be described as follows: the cake moves at high speed along the device, the flesh from a very strong impact is pressed into the walls, liquid is released, which is poured into the glass through special holes. Such models are great not only for apples, but also for other solid fruits and vegetables. The included citrus nozzle allows you to squeeze the juice from oranges, pre-peeled.

Among the advantages of centrifugal juicers for apples are the following:

  1. High wringing speed - work at 10-40 thousand revolutions.
  2. Availability due to its low cost.
  3. The device is very simple in operation. To get a drink, you only need to load the apples and run the juicer.
  4. The throat of such models is wide, making it quite easy to load the fruit.

The disadvantages of centrifugal juicers include:

  1. The destruction of some of the nutrients when heated in the process of separating juice.
  2. Since in the manufacturing process the juice is in contact with air, then at the exit you get a foamed product.
  3. Store the resulting apple juice is undesirable. It is recommended to drink it in 20 minutes, then its taste can deteriorate.
  4. Large consumption of apples, as the cake remains on the walls with a high content of unseparated juice.


Auger juicers squeeze out juice on the principle of the action of the meat grinder, that is, it crushes the apples, and then extracts the liquid. The drink is obtained by rotating the screw shaft, without affecting the fruits and vegetables of centrifugal force. Juice discharge occurs at low speed and low speed. Auger juicers can be electrical and mechanical.

The main advantages of screw models are as follows:

  1. All useful vitamins and microelements are preserved in the finished juice, since low speed of work prevents oxidation of the product.
  2. The shelf life of the juice obtained by the auger method is extended up to 2 days with the preservation of all its beneficial properties.
  3. A wide throat will not allow products to jump out, and the juicer does not slide on the surface.
  4. The noise level during the operation of the device is quite low, which makes the juice squeezing process itself pleasant and comfortable.
  5. Due to the design features of screw juicers, the period of its continuous operation can be up to 30 minutes, and the service life is much longer than that of other models.
  6. Cleaning the device is very easy due to the self-cleaning function.
  7. Small amount of waste after spinning.
  8. The device can squeeze juice not only from apples, but also from herbs, berries, wheat and oat grains, and lentils.


  1. The consistency of the juice is quite rich due to the abundance of apple pulp. In order to reduce its percentage, it is necessary to work out the juice again.
  2. If you use overripe very soft fruits, then as a result you can get applesauce.
  3. If the model is with a narrow hole, then it will require preliminary grinding of raw materials.

Domestic manufacturers

Russian-made juicers are attracting, first of all, a relatively low price. But, in addition to this, they have other virtues. Domestic manufacturers are trying to ensure that our devices can boast of high quality and versatility. The same can be said about the Belarusian manufacturers.

It is worth noting that the design and appearance of their models, Russian manufacturers pay less attention than functionality, reliability and durability. Basically, quite powerful devices are offered for processing an impressive amount of solid products, such as Antonovka apples, for carrots and beets. In addition to hard apples, at home with the help of Russian juicers, you can squeeze the juice out of citrus fruits, for this you need a press, you need not have strong physical training.

As a rule, our juicers are called "garden" because they are designed for summer residents, owners of garden plots and gardens. They can preserve apple juice for the winter right on their garden plots. If after pressing the juice seemed dark to you, then it can be clarified by filtering or heating to 85 degrees and then settling. The benefits and harms of such a procedure are disputable, since everyone chooses a product that they like.

One of the advantages of domestic models is the small amount of energy consumed. This indicator allows them to compete with similar foreign models. With a small capacity and electricity consumption, they can process large enough volumes of raw materials. Therefore, when we choose the domestic model, we reduce the financial costs of electricity in advance.

Tips for choosing


When choosing a juicer for apples, pay attention to manufacturers who have positive customer reviews. They concern, above all, functionality, convenience and reliability. In addition, you need to decide for what purposes you need a device, professional or household, it should be a model.


Power is an important indicator for juicers. As a rule, low-end models have power up to 500 W, and more expensive up to 2000W. In this case, the greater the power, the higher the speed of rotation of the motor and the quality of spin apples. Consider also that at high power and at high speed the pulp does not have time to pass through the filter and falls into the juice. For domestic needs, the use of models with a capacity of 500-1500W is quite sufficient. Auger juicers successfully cost 200-400W.

Rotational speed

For apples of different hardness, different rotation speeds are optimal. For soft fruits, a more gentle speed is required, while hard ones need high speed.

It will be better if your juicer has at least two speeds, then you can choose the mode of operation yourself, based on the degree of maturity and hardness of the raw materials.

Container capacity

Larger models have large juice collection containers. As a rule, they are equipped with capacities 1,5-2l. With the smallest juicers you can squeeze out just one glass of juice.

Work piece material

Centrifugal centrifugal models are always made of stainless steel. But auger juicers can have plastic parts, since the load on these devices is insignificant.

Comparison of models


In order to understand which juicer is best for you, you need to compare the characteristics of several models.

Philips HR 1863

This is a centrifugal juicer for pressing fruit and vegetable juices. The device has a wide opening for loading, which means that the product does not require pre-grinding apples. The model is quite powerful - 700W and, according to consumer reviews, it is easy to use, it squeezes out a large amount of juice. The body material is combined, the volume for juice is 800 ml, the container for pulp is 1200 ml.

Scarlett SC-JE50S11

This centrifugal juicer is very convenient and easy to use, and its body is made of stainless steel. The motor of the Scarlett SC-JE50S11 is more powerful than that of the Philips HR 1863, although at a cost it is cheaper and in terms of these indicators its rating can be higher. The device has a two-speed mode, which means that you can fruits and vegetables, different in density. A wide throat allows you to load apples without chopping, which significantly saves time spent on preparing the juice. Juicer pleases a large reservoir for collecting cake (1600ml) and capacity for juice (750ml).


Domestic model, which is characterized by high performance (60 liters of apple juice per hour from 120-180 kg of apples) with a relatively small power (320 W). The wide throat allows you to download fruits of almost any size. In addition, the model has the function of the automatic reset of the meal, pulsed and turbo modes. At the same time, many users note that cleaning the grater after using the device is quite difficult, and there is pulp in the juice.


The performance of this centrifugal model is 70 liters of apple juice per hour. It is designed for squeezing juice only from hard apples, unlike the Neptune juicer, which is considered more versatile. It should be noted that Rossoshanka allows you to make a cleaner juice with less pulp. Cleaning the unit is also difficult, since not all parts are removable. At the same time, the low price makes this model affordable for almost everyone.


This is a high-performance centrifugal domestic model, the processing speed of apples is 1 kg per minute. The engine power is relatively small - only 280 watts. Fruits can be loaded as a whole, since the wide neck allows this to be quite possible. Cleaning the separator from the cake is made by hand and for many it is a minus. Dachnitsa can be attributed to semi-professional models, since she can safely process 100 kg of apples.

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