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Samsung Two-compartment Refrigerator

Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of home appliances. Over the years, the Korean company has been able to recommend its products as the highest quality, reliable and durable. Concern pays close attention to the production of two-chamber refrigerators. A large range of products allows each person to choose the most optimal option for themselves.

Distinctive features

Two-chamber refrigerators Samsung made in Korea can rightly be called the leaders in this market segment. They do not know their peers in design, functionality and reliability. Even after many years of use, they continue to perform their functions properly, delighting hostesses. Among the distinctive features of the Korean brand refrigerators are the following:

  • Here are installed one of the best on the market of electronic components that do not break and do not give errors. Regardless of the type (touch or pushbutton blocks), each element responds easily and simply to pressing. There is no doubt that any setting will be implemented by the system in seconds;
  • Availability of high-quality isobutane compressors, which guarantee effective cooling even with voltage drops in the network. In the process of production of engines used only high-quality materials and components, so that they can serve more than 10-12 years.

Korean engineers were able to develop the No Frost system, which makes virtually no noise. At least, it is quieter than the world-famous Bosch refrigerators. If such a device is in the kitchen, then it certainly will not be heard in the living room or bedroom. Over the past few years, Samsung has achieved impressive results in energy efficiency. In the process of developing refrigerators, the manufacturer focuses precisely on economical use, which favorably distinguishes products from competitors.

Main advantages

Samsung two-compartment refrigerators are not without a doubt one of the most sought-after on the market. Such a huge popularity is ensured due to which a number of advantages, among which are the following:

  • High quality. Each and every refrigerator, which is produced under the brand of the Korean company, can boast of unsurpassed quality. That is why the manufacturer offers a huge warranty period, not less than three years;
  • Service maintenance. If during the warranty period with the purchased refrigerator something happens that affects its performance, then Samsung provides free service in the specialized centers of the company;
  • A freshness zone is provided in each refrigerator compartment. thanks to which fruits and vegetables can preserve their aroma and taste for much longer. A distinctive feature of this zone is that the temperature here is zero degrees, so the products are stored much longer and do not lose their taste;
  • Samsung's modern two-compartment refrigerators feature unique walls.which do not freeze over, therefore they do not need to be thawed in the manual mode. Of course, this has a positive effect on comfort and ease of operation;
  • The company's products is a universal solution.which will be suitable for each house, regardless of the number of residents, features of the power supply network and the room;
  • Sophisticated ergonomicsthat allows you to get rid of problems with the location of products and provisions in the branches;
  • Availability of innovative compressors and fans which work quite silently. The manufacturer indicates the exact data and in practice the noise level does not exceed the decibels declared for the model.

Speaking about the merits of Samsung's two-chamber refrigerators, one can not fail to mention their design. Every year the company's specialists produce more and more attractive and unique solutions that will appeal to any housewife. A large selection of models allows each person to choose the best option for their cuisine.

Engineers of the company pay close attention to No Frost technology, which is offered in two variations: partial operation only in the freezer, but the full one covers the entire refrigeration unit. In other words, the owners of such a device will never have to deal with the process of defrosting, because the Korean system itself will be able to cope with this.


Most modern Samsung models provide a mode of "Vacation." When you select it, the device begins to consume a minimum amount of electricity. In addition, the inside of the refrigerator is equipped with a proprietary LED-lighting, which guarantees the most comfortable use with low energy consumption.

Significantly simplifies the management of the presence of the LED display, through which you can set the optimum temperature for various compartments of the unit. Unsurpassed functionality is also ensured by the fact that, if desired, users can independently re-hang the doors and adjust the legs. All Korean brand systems are distinguished by the presence of an audible alarm that will alert users if the door remains open.

Thanks to the unique anti-bacterial coating, Samsung’s two-chamber refrigerators are not only pleasant and comfortable, but can also boast of health safety. Most models on the market are equipped with special drawers on rollers, which allows you to quickly get any necessary product.

If you like ice cream, then the company's products will definitely please you, because the Koreans offer a mode of soft freezing. Now you can be sure that the products do not freeze.

Selection rules

In order for the device to fully perform the necessary functions of the owner, it must be properly selected. Despite the fact that Samsung refrigerators are of high quality and reliability, each model has its own distinctive features, so the selection process must be approached with all responsibility.

Type of management

Everything is simple here, since almost all modern technology can boast of electronic control. If only a few years ago, this kind of monitoring of the operation of household appliances could bring problems, now everything is perfectly adapted to domestic power grids, therefore even years later it works like a clock. The display behaves well even with constant power surges, but if you want to insure, you can install surge protectors.

Power consumption level

One factor should be immediately noted here: the equipment, in the instruction of which there is data about the energy efficiency class, deserves much more confidence than the one where there is no such information. Samsung has no equal in this question, as the manufacturer offers class A + and higher. For living conditions, these are excellent indicators.

Inverter compressor

Most people when choosing a refrigeration unit face the question: whether to buy models that are equipped with inverter motors. Of course, yes. These engines practically do not wear out, so they can serve for many years without the need for repairs. Moreover, such power units operate on isobutane, which also adds efficiency to their use.


The opinion that in refrigerators the main thing is not the appearance and size, but the technical data is wrong. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account this parameter, since it depends on it how well and harmoniously household appliances will fit into the room. Before buying, it is imperative to evaluate the width, depth, height and other indicators of the model to make sure that there is enough space in the kitchen to install such a unit. Otherwise, the unit may be too narrow or large, as a result of which it will be necessary to carry out a rearrangement.

"No Frost"

When choosing a model that boasts the presence of the system "No Frost", you can forget about the problems and headaches that can be created by the need to constantly defrost the refrigerator. This will be especially true for busy people who have no time to do such things. It should be remembered that "No Frost" does not exempt from the usual hygienic cleaning, which the manufacturer recommends at least once a year.

Autonomous work

The function of self-preservation of cold is presented only in the elite models of the company and it is unlikely that everyone will need it. Its essence lies in the fact that even without electricity, the refrigerator will be able to keep food in full quality for some time. Such models are optimal for regions that are characterized by private disconnection of electricity.

Work power

With this parameter, everything is extremely simple - the higher the performance of the freezing and refrigerating chambers, the more products can be stored there. The standard figure is 12 kg per day, but in the line of the brand you can see more productive options.

Freshness zone

It should be taken into account that there may be several freshness zones. Most of the company's two-chamber refrigerators are characterized by a dry zone. This means that you can store fish, meat or dairy products in a similar compartment. But for vegetables and fruits it is best to give preference to models that are equipped with a wet zone of freshness.

Holiday Mode

If on departure there is no desire to turn off the refrigerator, then the availability of the “Holiday” mode will be by the way. Its use allows you to transfer the device to the minimum power consumption. In addition, the function allows you to completely turn off the main compartment, as a result of which only the freezer compartment will work.

Supercooling function

Most experts note that the faster the product is frozen, the more nutritional properties it retains. That is why the technology of supercooling and extremely fast freezing of products is so popular. Simply throw the provisions in the freezer and turn on the quick freeze mode, as any product turns into stone.


According to statistics, the most popular is the silver and gray version. In addition, users often choose a double refrigerator beige. When choosing a color solution, you need to focus on kitchen design and furniture color.

Ice Generator Indication

It cannot be said that the presence of the display somehow affects the functionality of the refrigerator. Of course, working with him will be much easier, but no more. In fact, any household appliance can normally be used without such a function. Models with an ice maker will always allow tasty ice to be available, which can be used in combination with various beverages.

In the process of selecting this type of household appliances should also pay attention to the presence of antibacterial coating. Thanks to him, you can be sure that there will be no mold inside or bacteria will multiply. Samsung uses silver oxide even when finishing the interior walls, which also protects the device from various odors.

Popular models

On the modern market there are a huge number of Samsung models, which are distinguished by their functionality and reliability. Each built-in refrigerator has its own distinctive features, strengths and weaknesses.

RB-37 J5200WW

RB-37 J5200WW can rightly be called the most typical two-chamber refrigeration unit. It features an attractive and durable housing, an efficient electronic control system, a bottom freezer and impressive energy efficiency. A distinctive feature of the unit is the ability to quickly change the basic parameters.

The functionality of the model is also at the highest level: the shelves are arranged as ergonomically as possible, which greatly simplifies their use. The freshness zone is dry, so it’s impossible to keep vegetables and fruits for a long time, but the meat will always be fragrant, tasty and nutritious. Thanks to the automatic defrost function, you can forget about the need to defrost.

RB-33 J3400WW

This model has a sophisticated appearance and a great price. The main advantage of the unit is the presence of an innovative inverter motor, which works quite quietly.

Even the largest families are capable of providing a sufficiently large useful volume, which the refrigerator offers. The freezer compartment is very well organized, which also boasts an impressive depth. All drawers are made in such a way that they can be fully extended without problems.


The Korean manufacturer itself represents RL-52 TEBSL as a model that is different premium design and innovative technologies. Every detail here is fascinating, and the handle lighting ensures that even at night you can easily open a 2-chamber refrigerator without turning on the lights. A 100-liter freezer compartment is enough for storing any kind of food, and the presence of several compartments allows you to arrange everything as harmoniously as possible.

On the door RL-52 TEBSL there is a LED display that allows you to control all operating modes of the refrigeration unit and set the parameters necessary for the user.

Thus, Samsung refrigerators are an ideal choice for domestic use. They have an attractive design, high-quality components and innovative technologies. That is why the products of the Korean brand will have to place in every kitchen and has such positive feedback.

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