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Cotton bedspreads

Beautiful cotton covers are not only a pleasant warm thing that will warm you in cold evenings. Beautiful and properly chosen cover made of natural fabric will be a great addition to your interior. There is a large selection of such fabric products that you might like. From this article you will learn about all the features of cotton bedspreads and how to choose them.

Special features

Covers from natural materials have always been very popular. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Cotton does not cause allergic reactions in adults or in children. That is why such blankets can be safely bought for the design of any room.

Also pleased with the fact that the cover of 100% cotton is an extremely easy-to-care product. The fabric stays clean for a long time and, if necessary, is easily washed. If the cotton is dyed, then the blanket will definitely need to be washed in warm water without bleach.

Bed covers are dyed often enough, because cotton itself is not noticeable. This is a light fabric that does not fit into all interiors. But the situation is saved by color dye or beautiful patterns.

Plaid made of organic cotton is very pleasant to the touch. This is a soft and well-made fabric, which, among other things, also absorbs moisture. Due to the fact that the fabric is well breathable, lightweight cotton bedspreads are often used as a replacement for thick wool blankets. Under this veil you will not sweat and your sleep will be comfortable and peaceful.

However, not everything is so beautiful. Cotton bedspreads have their drawbacks:

  • Firstly, it is very difficult to find a bedspread, which is entirely made up of cotton. As a rule, it contains a lot of additional synthetic fibers. By the way, not all manufacturers mention this. Yes, and to understand at first glance that in front of you an unnatural product can be quite difficult.
  • Secondly, high-quality cotton blanket is expensive.

Remember that if the price is set low, then this is most likely synthetic.


On sale you can find several varieties of cotton bedspreads. Let's look at the most popular ones:

  • Thin. The easiest option is a thin single-layer product made of natural cotton fabric. It is perfect for summer when you want to replace warm blankets with something easier. It can also be used as a decorative detail of the interior, covering them with a bed or a chair.

  • Patchwork. If you want to decorate your room with a bright bedspread, then you should pay attention to the products made in the technique of patchwork. It provides for stitching together several multi-colored pieces of fabric. The more variegated and bright fabric pieces, the more beautiful looks the final result. Stitches in this case also do not have to be invisible. On the contrary, bright visible seams look interesting and only complement the overall appearance.

  • Quilted. But not always cotton products - it is something easy. If you like knitted or woolen blankets, then you should choose a warm blanket. A quilted cotton model is the same accessory that will not only create a cozy atmosphere in your room, but also warm you up during the cold season. Quilted bedspreads consist of three layers at once. Two of them are cotton. Between them there is a warm layer of filler. Ideally, it should also be natural so that the product is as safe as possible for health.

The main feature of quilted products is that they are sewn with stitches along the entire perimeter. It turns out an interesting pattern consisting of several large squares. It looks very nice and in many ways resembles a patchwork bedspread.


Different cotton bedspreads and their size. You can find all the standard options that are suitable for all types of beds: single, double and one-and-a-half cotton bedspreads. Choose one that fits the size of the bed. The most common option is 160x220.

However, you can find a wider blanket, which will fall to the floor. Firstly, it looks beautiful. And secondly, it is very good to wrap up in it, hiding from the cold weather. For such a purpose, a product with dimensions of 250x260 or at least 180 by 240 will suit you.

For children, by the way, they also produce special cotton blankets. Babies are offered thin products of small sizes. But they are distinguished not only by the length and width, but also by the bright pattern that covers the fabric. As a rule, children try to please with cute bedspreads with images of fairy-tale characters or cute animals.


On the color design is also worth talking separately. In addition to the monochromatic uncolored blankets, you can find more interesting options.

The most popular are bedspreads brown, beige or any other "cozy" color. It is these shades that look best in the bedroom and allow you to relax.

Do not limit yourself to such a framework, and if you want to add bright colors to the room, do it.

There is also a huge number of beautiful patterned items that make the room more pleasant and cozy.

How to choose?

To choose a good cotton blanket, you need to take into account many things at once:

  • The most important of these is that the product really needs to be natural. Regardless of whether you buy thin or quilted bedspreads, look at the composition. Better yet, buy them from trusted manufacturers who receive positive feedback from buyers.
  • It is also important that the bedcover fit you in size. Going to buy, you need to know in advance what kind of blanket you need. The same can be said about the appearance of the bedspread.

Focus on the style in which your room is decorated and try to choose a fabric product that will not stand out from the general color scheme.

  • It is not necessary that your new bedspread, chosen for the bedroom, exactly match the color of the walls. The main thing is that it organically fits into the interior. Charming look with embroidery or cute waffle covers.
  • It is also worth noting that the product should not be completely made of the same material. Cotton base may well complement jacquard, polyester, satin or acrylic. It can be some kind of inserts, stripes or beautifully decorated edges. If you like glamorous cute blankets, then you can also pay attention to the velor products, complemented by cotton accents. They can be used not so much for their intended purpose as for decorating a room.

And finally, it should be mentioned that the cotton blanket is the best product for the beach. In the summer you will be comfortable to use it to hide from the heat or dry off on it after bathing.

How to care?

In order for your new cotton blanket to maintain its attractive appearance as long as possible, you need to properly care for it.

In fact, cotton is a rather delicate thing that you have to handle very carefully. As a rule, all the necessary care information is indicated by the manufacturer on the label. Look at all this data before doing the laundry. However, there are some general rules that are suitable for the care of organic cotton.

All of these basic recommendations include gentle handling when washing, using only gentle cleaning agents and low water temperatures. Manufacturers recommend washing hand-made cotton products. So you can control the process completely.

But if you have neither the time nor the desire to do hand washing, then you can try to gently wash the cover in the machine. There are some simple tips here too. First, if you have it big, then you should not try to shove it into a washing machine with a small volume. The temperature should be set no higher than 30-40 degrees. Also it is necessary to avoid the mode of an extraction and drying. Of course, it is very convenient and practical, but at the same time after such a wash you will get a crumpled product.

Careful it is important to be after you have finished washing and proceed to drying the fabric. The fact is that cotton consists of fibers that slowly dry. So to dry the veil will need long enough. Well, if you have the opportunity to dry the blanket in the fresh air. So you will precisely avoid the unpleasant smell characteristic for not drained raw bed linen. It can be dried both horizontally and vertically - it doesn’t matter, because the cotton does not stretch and looks good after a gentle wash.

If the bedspread is heavily soiled, then it is better to dry clean it. This will effectively get rid of even complex contaminants. This is especially useful for products with dense filler.

Now you know all about cotton bedspreads and can appreciate all their advantages. Choose the best option for yourself and buy it no matter what the weather is outside. An overview of the properties of cotton bedspreads, see below.

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