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The subtleties of the choice of high mixers for the sink-bowl

Choosing a tap mixer is a serious undertaking. It is necessary to choose a quality product of a proven brand that can last for many years. In addition, the selected faucet should go to the interior as a whole and the installed washbasin in particular. The modern market offers such a huge number of varieties of goods that it is quite difficult to choose a specific product. It is necessary to study all the nuances in order not to make a mistake and not to overpay for low-quality products.

You can often notice that drops and water drips around the bowl of the sink. This is because the height of the mixer for this sink is chosen incorrectly. For bowls in the shape of a bowl, a mixer with a high spout is suitable, the length of which depends on the size of the sink itself.


Before you go shopping, you should understand the variety of varieties of these devices.

At the place of installation, the cranes can be divided into:

  • universal (can be installed in any room);
  • For bathroom;
  • For shower;

  • for kitchen;
  • for washbasin;
  • for bidet.

In addition to the classification at the place of installation, high mixers may differ in the way they are controlled:

  • two-lever (with two valves);
  • single lever (with one handle that moves horizontally and vertically);

  • sensory (with photocells that react to movement);
  • portion (after pressing the button pours a certain amount of water);
  • thermostatic (temperature is set and maintained at a certain value).

In addition, you can make a high crane from a variety of materials. The best option is considered to be a chrome-plated brass product, since it is not susceptible to oxidation and retains its original appearance for a long time. Slightly less durable, but cheaper and cheaper crane made of stainless or non-ferrous metal. Plumbing from polymers in modern homes is practically not installed - this is too unreliable. But the increasing distribution of various design devices made of glass, multi-colored stone and white enamel.

Selection rules

High mixers can vary greatly in size and length of the spout. In order to properly select it for a specific sink, you need to pay attention to its parameters.

The greater the depth of the sink itself, the higher should be the mixer itself. Firstly, it will allow to avoid strong splashes into the room and onto the clothes, and secondly, it will give the opportunity to wash in the sink even large dishes and objects. This is especially true not for the consignment note, but for the desktop sink, where the mixer is not installed at the height of the bowl side, but at the level of its bottom.

In this case, it should be so high that it is not easy to “reach out” to the edge of the sink, but to significantly rise above it.

The greater the distance between the front and rear walls of the sink, the longer the spout should be. Otherwise, the water will simply flow down the side, which will cause great inconvenience both in the care of the sink and in its direct use.

Since in the plumbing shops today one can choose both classic oval and square models of bowl-sinks, as well as designer products of complex shapes, it is necessary to choose a high faucet so that it is not just the right size, but also a suitable design. For example, for rounded bowls, a mixer with soft bending and smooth shapes is best suited, and with a well-defined rectangle, hexagonal valves and brilliance of chromed metal will be perfectly combined.

One of the most important conditions for the correct selection of a crane is the need for a spout that is so long that it exceeds the width of the side of the sink, near which it is attached. Since the faucet can be installed not on the surface sink itself, but in the wall or in the worktop next to it, special attention should be paid to this. If this condition is not met, the water will pour on the side and behind it, and this can lead to a real "flood".

Thus, the ideal mixer for a sink-bowl is a tall faucet with such a length of bend, at which water falls exactly in the middle of the bottom and splashes do not fly out beyond the limits of the bowl.

Best of all, if the water falls not at a right angle, but slightly leaning forward - washing and washing dishes with such a drop of the string is most convenient.

Top manufacturers

Due to the wide variety of plumbing manufacturers on the market, it is difficult to make the choice of a suitable mixer model. Nevertheless, there are peculiar "quality guarantors" in the form of certain foreign and domestic companies. Italian brands Gessi and Visentin produce high quality plumbing. Not inferior to them and the French mixers at low prices brand Jacop Delafon. Oras is a Finnish company focused on high reliability of classic models at an affordable price, and the Spanish Rosa mixers, on the contrary, provide a wide range of designer novelties.

Jacop delafon

Domestic production in the plumbing market was presented by such companies as Santechpribor, Santarm and Addis. The average price for their products is about 1300-1800 rubles per mixer.

In order to choose a high mixer suitable for an installed sink bowl, it is necessary to choose a quality manufacturer and a suitable model. In addition, in order for a quality product to last for the entire period allotted to it, it must be properly installed and used. You should not make too much effort to close the levers, so as not to disrupt the thread, and once a year you need to clean the built-in filters from debris and rust, and then the mixer will not cause any trouble for many years.


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