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Textile wallpaper in a modern interior

Textile wallpaper, which is also called textile, is a fairly expensive finishing material, characteristic of the interior in a classic style. However, eclecticism is in fashion now, so fabric models can look interesting even with the modern furnishings of an apartment or house. Variants of these wallpapers are extremely diverse, so you can choose any color and pattern.

Textile coating gives the design refinement and completeness.

What it is?

Textile wallpapers have a special texture - their top layer usually consists of viscose, silk or linen. The fiber of the fabric gives the wallpaper a special relief and makes it pleasant to the touch. In addition, the texture of the patterns is not similar to any paper or vinyl wallpaper - textile options always look quite restrained, but at the same time unusual. Among the features, there is also a play of colors depending on the lighting. The stretched fibers of the fabric reflect the light, and the ornament shimmers in different shades.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any fashionable trend, textile wallpaper for walls is perceived ambiguously. Many designers and customers note the following merits:

  • The practicality and durability of the wallpaper ensures their long service.
  • Wallpapers are made of natural materials, retain heat well and provide noise insulation.
  • Due to the special texture, they are ideal for the restoration of walls with not too high-quality rough finish - minor irregularities will become invisible.
  • This is one of the few options for wallpaper, suitable for the interior of the apartment in a classical or baroque style.

In this case, even adherents of the classics sometimes prefer painting instead of wallpaper. Fabric wallpaper and have several disadvantages:

  • Gradual fading of materials in the light.
  • The fabric absorbs the smell of tobacco or cooked food, stains of grease and dust remain on it, which are almost impossible to erase.
  • Typically, textile options have a high cost, and their sticking requires great care.


Fabric based wallpapers are now extremely diverse. Fundamentally they can differ in the material from which they are made. Different textiles will look different and have their own characteristics. The most popular in modern interiors are the following options:

  • Velor wallpaper - This is one of the most expensive options. They have pleasant to the touch velvet ornaments, securely mounted on a paper base. This wallpaper requires particularly careful handling - do not glue them in the kitchen, in the hallway or on the loggia to avoid contact with dust, grease, water vapor and sunlight.

Most often, these models with an invoice decorate the living room or bedroom.

  • Jute models - This is one of the most unpretentious types of textile wallpaper. They can look elegant and rather simply depending on the ornament. They are used not only in classic interiors, but also in apartments in Oriental style and country style. This natural material is not too expensive and does not require serious care. Often, similar wallpaper with a simple ornament and purchase for the ceiling.

  • Silk Wallpaper they look especially sophisticated due to the fact that the surface of the fiber plays in the light - literally a glossy pattern is created on the wall. This is one of the most common options for textile wallpaper. Often they are an imitation of a tapestry with a texture.

  • Linen wallpaper - this is a fairly simple and economical option that looks quite elegant and is actively used in a variety of interiors. This type of wallpaper rolls are sold in any specialized stores.

  • Jacquard patterns - This is a seamless tension wallpaper, which can be purchased for the size of the wall. They will be quite expensive, but the unusual surface and the lack of seams allow you to make the interior truly perfect.

Colors and design

The nature of the ornament and the color palette of the walls are of decisive importance in the interior. It is very important to think in advance about the design and decor of the room, and only after that acquire textile wallpaper. The most popular design options are:

  • Vegetable or floral ornaments always look great in textiles and allow you to create a special entourage in a classic interior. Such models look very gentle, elegant and stylish. They are perfect for finishing the bedroom.

Sometimes they are also used for a living room or office.

  • Oriental ornaments - This is another fashionable trend. Often, these patterns also resemble floral prints, but they are more abstract. Depending on the material and color, similar options are used in a variety of interiors.

  • Geometric Abstract Prints - This is an interesting design attempt to combine styles. With such a design classic textile wallpaper will look very modern and fit into any interior - from modern or eclectic to minimalism.

  • Many manufacturers create collections of wallpaper imitating tapestry. Such models can depict natural landscapes, birds, houses or ships. If you choose the right option and combine these wallpapers with discreet furniture, the situation will be stylish and luxurious.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of color coatings:

  • Most often for classic interiors choose pastel colors. Whitish, beige, blue or pale pink textile wallpaper will require special care and cleanliness, but they will look the most elegant. Light tones in combination with a special texture of the surface that reflects light will allow you to visually expand the space of the room.

  • For the modern style most often prefer the dark blue, burgundy and brown versions. This is true only for spacious bright rooms, otherwise the interior will be uncomfortable. Best of all these wallpaper colors are suitable for the decoration of the dining room or living room. On the dark surface stains will not be too noticeable, so the care of such wallpaper will be easier.

  • Red, yellow or green bright colors of textile models are extremely rare. It is possible to finish with such wall-paper unless one small wall in the spacious room - it can help to divide the room into several zones.

You should not get carried away with bright tones in the interior - the ornaments of the fabric themselves look interesting and unusual, so that rich colors on them can look overly extravagant.


If you want to purchase a quality product, it is very important to pay attention to the country of origin and to a specific brand. Especially popular among buyers in Russia are the following brands:

  • Italian brand Print offers a wide range of silk wallpapers in bright colors. Mostly they produce wallpaper in cream, gray and pink shades with floral ornaments, but sometimes you can find abstract prints or a darker color scheme.
  • Products from Germany are also considered quality products - a German company is recognized as one of the market leaders. Rasch. Such wallpaper of the average price category with complex unusual patterns can be found in hypermarkets for repair, and in online stores. Exquisite ornate ornaments will not leave indifferent lovers of the classics.
  • One of the leading manufacturers of fabric wallpaper can be considered the Belgian brand. ProSpero. The range is notable for a wide variety of simple wallpapers with subtle abstract prints. These wallpapers are much more versatile - they will fit into almost any interior. Jute and linen models look stylish, concise and have a relatively low price.

However, connoisseurs of traditional options will find in a large assortment and more sophisticated wallpaper with floral ornaments.


Sometimes people are satisfied with the purchase of textile models, and in other cases they regret their choice. Positive feedbacks state that the materials are environmentally friendly, the texture of the surface pleasant to the touch and the luxurious appearance of the prints, which can make up for the shortcomings of the rough finish of the walls. Many note the special appearance of the texture, which is poured from the play of light.

In negative reviews, buyers refer to difficulties in sticking, rapid pollution and fading with improper care. Designers from their work experience recommend acquiring wallpapers of European brands of the middle or high price segment. Such high-quality products will last for a long time and will not leave you disappointed.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

It is very important to choose the right wallpaper textile in the interior, so that the situation looked harmonious. Try to embody the following fashion ideas in different types of interiors:

  • For a bedroom or living room in a classic style, traditional floral ornaments in light shades are best suited. At the same time, it is better not to select the color range for the furniture - the perfect match of tone to tone will not work, so it is better to choose a fundamentally different color.

Connoisseurs of traditions will like silk wallpapers, and if you want to add zest even in a classic setting, you can choose velor or jacquard options.

  • Dark shades of textiles are characteristic of the colonial style, country style and modern style. They look good in spacious rooms. If the room is small, you can combine light and dark wallpaper on different walls. Also in this case, it is better to choose silk, which will reflect the maximum light.
  • Fashionable and practical options of jute and flax are often chosen for the interior of the children's room. Environmentally friendly materials - this is a significant plus for the decor of the nursery. In addition, if the textile wallpaper complements the interior of the whole house, the nursery should organically fit into this ensemble. Prints can be the most various, and the low price and ease in leaving will please you.
  • Even in modern minimalist interiors, textile wallpaper can look very appropriate. Now you can find options with very concise prints. Color, material and nature of the ornament will depend only on the design concept. If you are close to the interiors in the Oriental style, you can choose beige linen wallpaper in a thin strip, for the high-tech style fit abstract forms, and connoisseurs of traditional furnishings will be able to choose options with a subtle floral pattern.

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