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Floor black and white tiles in the interior

Before you begin to repair, you need to think over the interior. Each element, texture and color used in the design of the room, create a composition within a specific style. Designers are developing new decorative trends. Manufacturers of finishing materials are also not lagging behind, offering a variety of textures and colors. Despite the huge range, making the final choice is difficult. Among the many new products at the peak of popularity are classic solutions. One of them - black and white tiles on the floor. Finishing of this type is actively used on the basis of residential and public facilities.

Features of decoration

A contrasting combination of black and white colors has been used by designers for a very long time. This is a classic reception that does not lose relevance and originality from season to season. Many consider such a duet to be boring and monotonous, but in reality the black and white decoration looks rhythmically, stylishly and effectively. The above colors are achromatic colors. They are easily in tune with other tones and shades. Ceramic floor tiles painted in classic tandem are often used in minimalist and high-tech styles. There are many methods for laying dies. Colors on different sides of the spectrum emphasize and complement each other at the same time.

The decoration is balanced between an overly faded and light decor, as well as a gloomy atmosphere. This is the golden mean, combining the rigor and richness of black with purity and radiance of white.

The benefits of design

Characteristic of black and white floor - elegance, expressiveness and severity. The size of the plates can be varied, as well as their texture, and location on the floor.

Experts highlight the main advantages of using tiles in a classic color:

  • Universal decor. Finishing material fits into various stylistic directions: both modern and classical.
  • Classic. The combination of black and white will always be relevant and appropriate. Using this technique, you can not worry that he will go out of fashion.
  • Contrast. Reception of contrast brings color from the best side, revealing its richness and fullness. Designers often use combinations of different colors for greater decorativeness.
  • Rhythm. Alternation creates a dynamic that makes the overall appearance more spectacular and spectacular.

Colors can have equal value or one acts as the main one. Tile, where white is dominant, is ideal for miniature rooms, especially if there is a lack of lighting. The light color will perform the function of visual enhancement of contrast, and black will focus on the finishing of the floor and break the monotony of the monochromatic coating. If you want to focus on the achromatic tile, stop using bright and eye-catching decorative elements that will catch your eye. As an additional color shades of gray, beige or brown are perfect. It is not recommended to use more than 3-4 shades when decorating one room.

Finishing material in the interior

Regardless of fashion trends, black and white will always be used in the field of decoration. In any area of ​​a residential house, this combination will look good and quite appropriate. The duet of achromatic paints can act as an independent decorative device or serve as a background for other elements.


When decorating a bathroom, tiles are used for facing not only the floor, but also for walls and ceilings. Black and white tiles can flaunt on any plane. Bathroom in the above range looks elegant and elegant. With the finishing material looks perfect white and black plumbing. If we are talking about the design of a small room, make a bias in favor of white. A large amount of black will create a dark atmosphere and narrow the compact space. In large rooms, the proportion of black and white may be equivalent. At the request of the client black color can prevail.

To unleash the beauty of the tile in full, you need to place a sufficient number of compact lighting fixtures. It is advisable to install a lot of miniature lamps around the perimeter of the room. Complete the classic decor with golden elements.


Black and white floors in the kitchen - a stylish and spectacular design. Despite the popularity of reception, it is not often used on the basis of kitchens.

The original reception - place in the center of the panel with a black pattern.built into the floor of white dies. It will be a key element in the decor, but you can use the reception only in large rooms, in which there is enough space. Standard rhythmic tile laying is also suitable. This is the perfect solution for high-tech or pop art cuisine. For the modern direction choose glossy tiles. Household appliances (cooker, microwave, refrigerator, etc.) creates an overall picture of the floor in classic colors.

You can put the finishing material straight lines or diagonally, depending on the preferences and features of the decor. Make sure the interior remains complete.


Rooms with a separate toilet also use black and white flooring. This is usually a small room. As a basis it is better to use white dies with the addition of black mosaic.

Living room

Floor tiles are used to decorate living rooms and halls. Finishing material in this combination looks great in a variety of stylistic directions. This color is in perfect harmony with antique carved furniture, voluminous details, covered with gilding or silver paint. In large rooms, you can use the method of creating a composition of dice of different colors. The picture will be an original addition to the decor. For decoration, you can use large tiles alternating with the same sequence.

Styling methods

Of great importance is the method of laying finishing material. Decorators have developed many techniques.

Let's get acquainted with the most popular of them:

  • Chess. The classic way in which the dies of black and white are laid in the form of a chessboard. It is recommended to choose such a method for the stylistics of Baroque, Rococo, Empire, classicism. The chess order looks great with natural wood furniture.
  • Diagonal. The same chess order, but laid out diagonally. This method is used to visually increase the size of the room and move the walls apart from one another. Ideal laying for bathrooms and bathrooms.
  • Herringbone. To put the dies in the form of "Christmas tree", they must have a standard rectangular shape. Experts identify the combined masonry, when combined tiles of different colors, as well as the "herringbone" of the dice of the same color.
  • Network. Designers allocate a separate type of "fir-tree" under the name "pletenka". In this case, besides black and white, gray tile is also used. Dies spread alternately.
  • Strip. In the form of straight strips, tiles are laid to expand the room. Vertical lines will make the room longer, and horizontal lines - wider. This method is simple. It is often used in combination with modern and strict styles.
  • Insert. In this case, one of the colors is the main one, and the second is an addition to it. For this design, octagonal tiles and small square dies are used, which are placed between the tiles in the dominant color. For small rooms, it is better to choose white as the main color. In spacious rooms, the main color can be black. He will give the interior chic and nobility.
  • Picture. From the dice lay out the picture. It can be any figure or expressive abstraction. It all depends on the preferences of the owner of the house and the decorative direction. Most often use dies of various shapes and sizes.
  • Accent. Using one of the colors, select a specific area. As a rule, white color acts as a background, and black is framed by a specific place, for example, a dining table in the kitchen, a bar counter, a fireplace, and so on.


We offer you to get acquainted with illustrative examples of decorating the floor using black and white tiles.

  • The decor is a stylish kitchen room. Square black and white dies are laid in a checkerboard pattern. The monochrome finish harmoniously harmonizes with the furniture.
  • Creating a black and white floor in the spacious kitchen. The photo clearly demonstrates the method of "insert". The dominant color is white.

  • Stylish tiles in the bathroom. From the glossy surface of the dice reflected interior items. Classic chess order.
  • Decorating the floor in the living room. Designers used large white tiles and oblong black dies. The perfect design in the classic direction.
  • Fashionable and attractive bathroom. With a classic color duet, furniture harmonizes in the same range. Tile laid by herringbone.

Watch the video: Bathroom designs in black and white tiles (August 2019).

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