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Electric sliding doors: design features

A well-designed entrance group can give a private or industrial area a well-groomed and respectable appearance. Today, as many years ago, the gates of various configurations still guard the interests and security. Another thing is that now there are much more types of locking structures to satisfy any consumer demands. And one of the common privacy options is the electric sliding door.


  • Compactness;
  • Noiselessness;
  • Convenience;
  • Distance;

  • Reliability;
  • Durability;
  • Universality;

  • Security;
  • Quality;
  • Presentable.

The advantages of sliding gates can boast of breadth and diversity. The main advantage of the design is the compactness and noiselessness during operation. Convenience and ease of use is also not in last place in modern man. In this parameter, sliding gates far exceed any other types of devices. Budget equipment involves manual control. The optimal mounting kit additionally includes a drive that allows opening / closing the leaves automatically by pressing a button on a special panel or by issuing a command remotely from the console.

In addition to the benefits directly related to the operation process, the sliding doors have a number of important technical characteristics. The reliability of the installation and the quality of the fittings ensure a high level of confidentiality and guarantee the safety of property located in the enclosed space.

Durable material coated with anti-corrosion compounds, can withstand various effects, including the effects of adverse weather conditions. At the same time, the sliding gates do not lose their presentable appearance throughout their entire service life, and the operational period itself is distinguished by its durability.

Finally, the universality and safety of the structure should be introduced into the collection of positive qualities. Sliding gates with the same success can be installed on the site in front of a private house or at the entrance to the courtyard of a large industrial enterprise. They move easily and are not capable of damaging a vehicle while driving. Add to this a large selection of designs and an extensive color range. And having picked up original accessories, you can create a truly memorable and unusual design of the entrance group.


Noting the strengths characteristic of a sliding gate with an electric drive, it is impossible not to indicate the inherent flaws.

To complete the picture and make an objective decision one should know that:

  • retractable gates will cost you much more expensive than any other;
  • for their installation will need to carefully prepare and strengthen the opening;

  • the installation itself is quite complicated and costly;
  • there must be enough free space for the flaps to open well on the sides;
  • Roller bearings will need to be periodically cleaned of dirt, leaves and snow.

Definition and equipment

Sliding gates belong to the locking entrance mechanisms (doors, gates, etc.). They are a structure placed on a sturdy frame. There are:

  • sliding - with one leaf;
  • sliding - with two doors.

The opening of the valves is realized either in both directions, or only in one direction. The presence of a spacious area in front of the entrance for this is not mandatory.

Standard equipment for sliding doors includes:

  • guide beam in the shape of the letter "P";
  • roller stands in the amount of 2 pieces;
  • final roller (removable);
  • catchers (for top and bottom);
  • fixation plate;
  • brackets.

The extended kit also contains an electric drive. Automation can be controlled remotely, which is very convenient in bad weather conditions, or by pressing the corresponding key at the checkpoint.


According to the type of installation, there are 3 types of sliding gates:

  • cantilever;
  • suspended;
  • rail.

The console type of installation is considered the fastest, most profitable and practical. Sliding gates of this configuration are mounted on a special beam by means of roller carts. For them, there is no need to prepare an opening in advance, and their width and height can be anything. This makes it possible to skip transport of any size. Another nice bonus is the ease of opening and the lack of obligation to clean snow and leaves in the autumn-winter season, since the console is provided from the bottom. That is, the installation is performed above the ground at a distance of 8-9 cm.

The disadvantages of the console sliding gates include the complexity of the design and the need to prepare a smooth and level surface on the sides.

Suspended electric gates can be found mainly in large industrial enterprises. This is explained by the high cost, massiveness and overall heaviness of the structure. Door leaf is attached to the beam, which covers the opening from above. Thus, the limitation on the height of entering vehicles is immediately imposed. In addition, such a modification of sliding gates involves the thorough preparation of the opening and its concreting to withstand the weight of the metal sashes.

But their massiveness is an excellent guarantee of security. Suspended gates are recognized as the most reliable and burglar-proof. The strength of the base material, the ability to choose any type of plating - allows you to choose an option that can withstand any weather conditions, including heavy wind, heavy rain and snowfall.

Rail gates - the easiest and therefore popular type of locking device. The design consists of gate leaves and rails laid along a pre-prepared opening. To maintain the vertical position of the sash, a special bracket is used. With its help the cloth fastens to the basic column.

50% counterweight dimensions are relevant for large, industrial doors. Retractable refrigerated doors are designed for use in areas that require maintaining a predetermined temperature - medium and low temperature refrigerators, warehouses, terminals.

The advantage of the design is the possibility of overlapping wide openings and high wear resistance of the material. Due to the large weight of the product, it is able to withstand any skin and is easy to resist various loads - strong gusts of wind, hail blows, etc.

The disadvantages of rail sliding gates lie in the complexity of care. In autumn and winter, as well as after rain, it will be necessary to clean the rails from contamination.

Installation stages and issue price

In order to avoid any problems in the future with the use of sliding gates, it is necessary to approach the issue of their acquisition with the utmost care. To begin to determine the type of installation and the appearance of the structure. In particular, choose the material.

Retractable doors can be metal, welded from the profile, pipes or have an impressive forged design. Forged construction, for example, will immediately underline the status and demonstrate the respectability of the protected property.

Preparation and installation are made in several stages:

  • assessment of the installation site;
  • selection of dimensions and consideration of the weight of the structure;
  • creating a detailed drawing;
  • purchase of materials and accessories;

  • marking;
  • arrangement of the base;
  • manufacture of the door leaf;
  • assembly work.

The cost of sliding gates with installation depends on several parameters that are taken into account when estimating:

  • type of sliding gates;
  • opening width;
  • guide length;

  • weight and number of fasteners;
  • quality of accessories;
  • presence / absence of the drive.

On average, the price of the installation kit, taking into account the work of specialists, starts from $ 600.

On the subtleties of mounting sliding gates, see below.

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