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How to choose glass doors for a bath?

A beautiful bath requires many components. This applies not only to mandatory heating devices, but also high-quality door panels. Different products for such premises are presented on the modern market, among which are glass doors.

Special features

For the construction of baths and their internal arrangement, wood has always been used, sometimes there were buildings lined with bricks outside. Today, this trend has been preserved, and work is constantly being carried out to improve the quality of the main raw materials. However, in addition to wood, saunas and baths make out not less spectacular materials - this applies to glass products, in particular doors.

The quality of glass sheets and their operating parameters are not inferior to wooden door designs for baths, and in some matters even by several times superior.

Their main feature is the external attractiveness, thanks to which the products not only harmoniously fit into any style and design, but also give the room a certain charm, decorating and acting as the main accent in the interior.

Glass door designs stand out from the rest of their counterparts for bath rooms and steam rooms with the following advantages:

  • raw material possesses corrosion resistance and is not subject to rotting. Such resistance of glass to various destructive processes makes it possible to operate products made from this material in rooms where the humidity level rises regularly;
  • products do not lose their original shapebeing exposed to temperature fluctuations, unlike some wooden structures, which swell up due to high temperatures, shrink, thereby losing their shape;
  • ecological glass - thanks to which, during the use of such structures in the bath, no development of harmful microorganisms and molds on their surfaces is expected. What promotes increase of level of hygiene indoors;
  • heat resistance - The specificity of such a structure as a bath requires, first of all, compliance with fire safety standards. Doors made of glass are resistant to fire, so their installation can be done near heating units;
  • aesthetic component - a variety of types of design and decoration of glass structures with inserts made of wood, metal, made with paintings or ornaments on the canvas is the main advantage of the products;
  • long service life - this is due to the resistance to the characteristics of the microclimate in the room, due to which it does not have a destructive effect on the doors of glass during their operation in the bath;
  • ease of maintenance - designs do not require the use of specialized compositions for washing, for the care of the door of the glass is quite non-aggressive cleaning compositions and damp rags;
  • glass door models have excellent light transmittance in the room unlike the deaf wooden products. Due to what you can save on electricity, which is necessary for lighting the steam room.

In order to make an objective picture, It is necessary to indicate the disadvantages of glass door leafs.

  • Mass of products. As a rule, high-quality glass doors have a rather impressive weight, so it will take several people to install the canvas.
  • Designs are high cost. However, the high cost of production is fully justified by the high quality of the goods, for the production of which advanced technologies were used.
  • Glass fragility, due to which the product will have a slight resistance to mechanical stress. But this disadvantage is successfully minimized during the production of doors due to the special treatment associated with the hardening of the material, after which the strength indicators of the products increase significantly.

Based on the fact that the existing disadvantages are quite easily adjusted glass doors for baths are popular among consumers.


Modern manufacturers of glass door cloths use the latest generation technologies in their work, which allows them to assemble high-end products. Glass is manufactured when it is heated to +700 degrees and quenched. This method provides the material with heat resistance, which affects the safety of exploitation of raw materials, as well as resistance to damage.

Standard door thickness is about 8 mm. Features of the production exclude the formation of sharp fragments if the glass breaks. In such cases, the fragments of the material will contain obtuse angles, which virtually eliminates the possibility of cutting about them.

Taking into account the technological features of the production of bath doors made of glass, we can say that such products are one-piece or a combined sheet of refractory glass.

Products are classified as follows:

  • based on the method of opening - designs are sliding, swing or pendulum type. The latter version is only used in the sauna;
  • by production method - canvases are made entirely of glass or with the inclusion of decorative elements. Wood or plastic is commonly used;
  • by type of registration - material can be opaque, transparent, color, contain the image, drawing.

The door box for glass bath doors can also be of the following types, taking into account the type of raw materials used:

  • most often a tree is used to create a structure;
  • There are models of aluminum alloy.

The first type of construction can be mounted at any time, regardless of the stage at which the decoration works of the bathhouse are located. The metal box version requires its installation and adjustment before finishing the room. For the Russian bath specialists recommend to stay on the latest form of the door frame.


Standard sizes of glass doors are almost the same for foreign and Russian manufacturers. When choosing a canvas, you should proceed from the following parameters - the height and width of the box, as well as the similar dimensions of the glass product itself. Usually measurements are performed in centimeters.

Products are of the following dimensions:

  • the width of the box is 59-79 cm, the door is 52-72 cm;
  • the height of the box is made from 189-209 cm, the door - 184-202 cm.

Almost all manufacturers offer clients services for the production of glass bath doors, taking into account individual sizes based on customer sketches and functional design tasks. There are designs with dimensions of 700x1700 cm, 1700x700 cm, 1800x700 cm.


As a rule, for the production of doors using matte or transparent raw materials. Matte material for a more harmonious combination with the general style of the bath can wear a shade of bronze, in addition, such products will help to create a more private atmosphere in the steam room, which in some cases is important. White matte canvas also allows you to see only the outlines of the human silhouette, which is in the steam room.

Manufacturers give the door of transparent raw materials a variety of shades and texture. On sale you can find products with a corrugated or ideally smooth base, with an ornament or a complex pattern.

For the bath demanded paintings with multi-colored photo printing. This way of decoration can help decorate the interior with an original door. In some bathhouses decorated in ethnic style, glassware with paintings in the style of Khokhloma, Arabic script or intricate abstraction will be appropriate. Expensive canvases are decorated using exclusive elements. An interesting solution is considered a mirror design in combination with an aluminum box.

An important role is played by the design of the door box, since it is this part that largely determines the possibility of harmonious combination of the door with one or another direction of the room design. For example, for baths made in the traditional Russian style, it is better to install a box made of wood. Modern style may require the use of a metal door frame.

How to install?

Without high-quality and well-chosen accessories to perform work on the installation of doors in the bath will not be possible. Since the standard thickness of a glass product is 8 mm, the weight of the structure will be quite serious, therefore powerful loops will be needed for reliable fixation. As practice shows, for the installation of glass structures should use three holders instead of two.

When choosing such parts, it should be borne in mind that the raw material for the manufacture of hinges is metal, which may be susceptible to corrosion, so it is preferable to buy awnings from stainless steel or from special alloys.

As for such details as the latch, it is important to pay attention to the level of fixationwhich it provides. Inexpensive ball parts often fail, causing the design to wedge. The most correct option for a steam room is the latch on the magnet.

The handle is an obligatory fitting for the glass door. Usually, the canvas comes with a wooden handle, since the wood does not heat up. But in some collections of manufacturers there are designs with steel door handles.

Attention should be paid to the presence of a special seal that is located between the glass and the handle; it protects the base from damage.

The door installation process requires the following materials and tools:

  • door fully loaded;
  • polyurethane foam and drill;
  • level, masking tape and screws;
  • liquid nails and wood wedges.

Installation is as follows:

  • first of all, work is carried out on the placement of the door frame, some doorways to the steam room are additionally equipped with a threshold. During the execution of these works, it is necessary to ensure that the structure is located strictly in an upright position, since its operation and the life of the product depend on it. Structures installed with skews deform over time;
  • fastening of the box occurs on the screws. Special wedges are inserted into the gaps;
  • after completing the work with the box, proceed with the mounting of the glass sheet. The first step is to hang the door on the hinges, and then tighten them. All work with glass must be done with gloves, thus reducing the risk of heavy product slipping during fastening;
  • then you should check the correct installation of the resulting structure in the doorway. The control is carried out by the following method: close the door tightly and check the dimensions of the gaps between the box and the base, they should be the same size;
  • at the final stage, a latch and a knob are installed, and in some cases the structure is supplemented with a lock;
  • the gaps between the wall and the box are filled with mounting foam, and small gaps easily hide behind the casing.

In order for the door of glass to become a decoration of the room for many years, it is necessary to adhere to the following operating rules:

  • Installation of the structure should be entrusted to professionals, which will allow to avoid mistakes during installation and illiterate installation of the product;
  • to purchase for operation with the door you need only high-quality accessories;
  • care must be taken to protect the elements of wood from moisture;
  • regularly maintain the product and inspect for possible malfunctions.

Original and attractive glass doors for a bath will easily cope with their functional tasks and decorate, transform and complement the interior of the room.

Beautiful examples

The door to the steam room of glass is a stylish and practical element, and thanks to modern technological capabilities, almost any pattern can be applied to the surface of the base. A 3D image imitating flames and red-hot coals will have an indelible impression and will attract attention for a long time.

Mirror versions of glass paintings will help to visually expand the area of ​​the room. A picture of the stems of climbing plants on the frosted glass will enliven the interior of a wooden bath, complementing it with naturalness and lush greenery.

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