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Hood for kitchen Elikor

What is it for?

Cooking and relaxing in the kitchen becomes impossible without a hood. Without a kitchen hood, it would be difficult to get rid of the smell coming from cooking food. The device helps to improve the indoor climate, reduced fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Thanks to the hoods, fat particles and soot do not fall on the surface of all kitchen items.

Special features

The most high-quality kitchen hoods have been manufactured by Elikor for many years. The company's products are very popular all over the world. Elikor devices meet all the requirements necessary to stay in the kitchen as comfortable as possible.

The hoods of Elikor attract customers with many positive qualities. One of the main advantages is the use of parts made in Italy. The service life of models exceeds the standard, the device over the years will delight owners with high-quality performance of functions. The cost of the hood does not hit on finance.

Specificity of Elikor products

Hoods Elikor like those who pay great attention to the aesthetic side of the issue. Devices differ design delights.

The company creates models designed in different stylistic directions, so everyone will be able to choose the hood to their taste, which will fit into the interior of the kitchen room.

  • Classic products are suitable for lovers of conservatism in design. Such hoods look strictly. There are no eye-catching elements. Color design mainly black, gray and brown.
  • Art Nouveau hoods will delight fans of everything bright and modern. These products contribute to the creation of an original, youth interior, which can often be found on the pages of glossy magazines. Colors such hoods Elikor varied.
  • Devices made in country style, form a cozy rustic atmosphere. This will appeal to calm people who pursue the desire to surround themselves with the warmth of their hearth. Country hoods differ soft colors in bright colors. There are also decorative elements made of natural wood.


Hoods Elikor differ from each other not only in color, but also in functionality.

  • The dome model is in the greatest demand. The main distinguishing feature of the dome hood is the increased efficiency by several times. The product does more work in less time. The appearance of the dome hood is very attractive. The product is endowed with a reliable filter.
  • The built-in type of an extract hides its presence from eyes. We'll have to take a good look to see where the device is located. The reason is that the unit is built into kitchen furniture, as a result of which the hood merges with the set.
  • Fireplace device has a very unusual shape, so that it can be classified as "modern." The management of such a model is carried out through the touch panel. Elikor introduces tempered glass into the production of a fireplace extract.
  • Suspended model works on the principle of recycling, so it does not need a channel for ventilation, which saves some money.

Numerous advantages

The whole list of advantages of the Russian company Elikor extracts is quite large. Thanks to what advantages, millions of people tend to choose the products of the company?

  • Many are annoyed when the hood creates a lot of noise during operation. Elikor devices will not cause you such inconvenience! Model makers made sure that the noise level does not exceed 55 decibels. And this is taking into account the fact that the soundtrack of extracts from other companies reaches 70 dB!
  • Installation of the hood will be able to spend any newcomer to the repair business. The device always includes strong and easy-to-use brackets.
  • Caring for a model is extremely simple. Any contamination can be quickly eliminated with the help of improvised and chemical means.
  • Elementary hood control. Even if you are not very picky about the technique, you will be able to regulate the functioning of the model without any problems.

Popular models

Which Elikor hoods are most relevant?

  • Elikor Onyx 60 is made of metal and glass. Your choice provided only two colors of this product - black and white. Air exhaust passes through the ventilation system.
  • Elikor Epsilon 60 is the most worthy representative of the dome in classic design. Model operation can occur in three speeds.
  • Elikor Integra 60 belongs to the category of embedded devices. This hood is suitable only for a small kitchen because of its low productivity - 400 cubic meters per hour.


Judging by the reviews, the kitchen hood Elikor can not leave anyone indifferent. Customer reviews are very positive. Owners of kitchen devices write that the hoods meet European standards. Models provide the room with not only purified air, devoid of extraneous odors, but also a chic appearance.

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