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Electrolux coffee maker

Electrolux - this is a company that has been holding the brand for more than a dozen years. Now she is in the product group of the German giant AEG, and in the list of products manufactured by the company, there is any household appliances, ranging from individual spare parts for refrigerators and ending with built-in hobs and irons.

In this article, we will focus on coffee makers, technology, which recently began to gain more and more popularity due to the growing army of coffee lovers.

Special features

Why is a foreign brand so popular in Russia? There are five reasons for this:

  • Energy efficiency at a high level. Few people now do not have electricity meters. Using less energy without sacrificing performance is a great bonus that will be appreciated by both individuals and catering points.
  • Multifunctionality. Although the company maintains its products in a classic, not too elaborate style, it does not skimp on useful functions. Coffee machines are almost always equipped with a cleaning function, have the ability to program early start-up, offer a choice of several ready-made programs for creating different types of coffee and so on.
  • Ease of use. As a rule, dashboards are intuitive to everyone. The technique does not differ by the abundance of buttons and levers that would require special knowledge. Several main buttons and indicators will provide wide functionality. Brevity is known to be the sister of talent.
  • Design. Whatever you say, but appearance is an important aspect. Technique from Electrolux always looks amazing, and since we are talking about coffee makers, this is especially important, because this object is often in sight.
  • Long service life. Coffee machine even at home is often in operation, what to say about offices or cafes. It is important to buy a thing, if not once and for all, then for years to come, and if the manufacturer is responsible for quality, it becomes doubly pleasant.


From common features to particulars, let's take a look at the most popular types of Electrolux coffee machines.


Let's start with the classic drip model. Coffee maker Electrolux EKF7800. This is one of the most common options for personal use or a small team. Roomy glass teapot, designed for 12 cups, two levels of strength, three temperature variations, the ability to program autorun and protective shutdown after two hours of non-working state. Great thing at an affordable price.


Next, we consider the built-in models, for example, EBC954513X. In addition to the fact that this exhibit looks just amazing, it is incredibly easy to use thanks to the touch screen. The body is made of stainless steel, over which a protective coating is applied. Thus, even traces of greasy fingers (which is common in the kitchen) will not leave stains.

The automatic program has several functions - preparing espresso, americano, hot water and steam, respectively, if you like cappuccino, latte or macchiato with foam, you can afford them every day.

EEA 111

A model that will appeal to real gourmets, - this Electrolux EEA 111 or its slightly more expensive counterpart Electrolux EEA 255. These two electronic barista cooks real espresso. Among the functions there is everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee: the ability to regulate a portion of hot water, water filters, the function of heating the cup, and so on ... If you put such a device in the office, your employees will often run for breaks, because it is difficult to refuse such pleasure .

In fact, the model range is not too wide, but it's nice that most of the devices are designed for consumers with average incomes, so a rather large segment of buyers will be able to afford the Electrolux equipment.

If you do not care what you drink and you consider yourself to be aesthetes who enjoy elegant design solutions, be sure to look at the models again, because they are really beautiful. Surround yourself with beautiful and equally important functional things that are ready to serve for years.

Watch the video: Small Electrolux coffee maker promises big flavor (August 2019).

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