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Sonberry mattresses

Healthy sleep is one of the necessary conditions for further productive work and good mood. In order to get enough sleep and quickly replenish energy reserves, it is important to take care of creating comfort during rest. You should choose high-quality mattresses and products for sleep, which include factory products Sonberry.

About factory

Sonberry is a young enterprise that specializes in the manufacture of objects for healthy sleep and relaxation. The company makes sure that every client, regardless of their financial capabilities and tastes, is satisfied. During its work, the company has achieved significant success and can rightfully be called one of the experts on recreation.

The main office of the enterprise and its production sites are located in the Moscow region. The factory is equipped with the most modern technology and today it manufactures the following products:

  • beds;
  • sofas;
  • mattresses;
  • pillows;
  • mattress toppers

The main production is focused on the manufacture of high-quality mattresses. Thanks to European equipment, the factory independently performs all the necessary steps to create its products. The best specialists in this field are involved in the development of models. In the manufacture of mattresses used only environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. All products undergo strict quality control.

The company always listens to the desires of its customers and makes sure that they always remain satisfied with the service and goods purchased.

Technologies and developments are constantly being improved, and Sonberry products do not cease to pleasantly surprise with their unusual design and high quality.


The company manufactures mattresses of the following types:

  • with independent spring block;
  • with dependent spring block;
  • springless.

In the first type of mattress springs are placed on separate covers, because of what their work does not depend on each other. Because of this, the mattress can be more precisely tuned to the body. He repeats every bend well and gives the right backbone support during sleep. These mattresses are available with different stiffness of the sides and various fillers, which allows everyone to choose a model in accordance with personal requirements. Among them is the model "Promo"is the most requested.

Sonberry mattresses with dependent spring unit are a more economical option. Due to the metal frame they have a long service life. Due to the nature of the structure of the springs in the mattress accumulates a lot of air. Frequent compression of the springs ensures quick absorption of moisture by the cover, which is convenient for people who sweat profusely.

Spring mattress "B2B economy"is one of the most economical models. It is made of synthetic materials that are environmentally friendly. This mattress is able to keep its shape for a long time and not lose its original properties.

Springless mattresses make a worthy competition to traditional models. They consist of monolithic or multilayer blocks that reliably support the spine and allow you to evenly distribute body weight. In such mattresses, fillers of various kinds are used. They do not creak or spring. Springless mattresses are ideal for children under the age of 12 years.

There are also rolled spring mattresses that are easy to carry in the trunk of a car due to their compact size. Such mattresses are often purchased to give. It should be borne in mind that they can not be stored in a twisted state for more than one month.

Premium mattresses have a nice soft upholstery that can adapt to the curves of the body and thus creates a pleasant enveloping feeling. They are made in different colors. The most popular model is "Marko", which is based on the most perfect of spring blocks. It can also be ordered in the amount of 80x200.


Sonberry mattresses are presented in various collections. For example, the collection "Active"active consumers who prefer modern, natural and ecological materials will appreciate. The models from this collection have an orthopedic effect, which makes it possible for the back muscles to quickly recover during sleep after an energetic day.

When creating a Sonberry collection "Aero“The main goal was to make the mattresses breathable. This was made possible by the combination of various eco-friendly materials, as well as fabrics with protection from bacteria.

A special product line has been released for male representatives. Models 2XL they are characterized by a strict and elegant design, an exclusive spring block and unstitched black fabric. They perfectly reflect the male character and are specially designed taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the male body.

Sonberry also took care of the babies by developing a separate collection of mattresses for them. They use only high quality materials, which, moreover, are strong enough and safe enough to withstand children's games and jumping on the bed.

The flexibility of the springs allows the baby’s spine to be kept in the correct position all night and take care of its proper formation.


Buyers of products from Sonberry say that they were satisfied with quality service and excellent products.

According to reviews, Sonberry mattresses serve for a long time and do not lose their original properties. They are well suited for people with spinal problems. Due to their orthopedic properties, there are no discomfort or lower back pain after sleep.

A wide range of colors and models allows each customer to make their choice. Mattresses are presented in various categories, but even the most economical option will please its owner with comfort.

Sonberry mattresses will help you quickly recuperate during sleep and wake up awake and energetic. The manufacturer takes care of its reputation and delights customers with interesting offers and high quality.

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