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How to choose a mount for a mirror on the wall?

There is a belief that a mirror is a man’s best friend. To date, no house is complete without a useful interior object. However, when choosing its location, the question of how to choose a mount involuntarily arises.

Special features


Initially, the surface to be subsequently installed should be evaluated. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • concrete involves the use of additional materials. To level the surface, you need a putty and subsequent primer for both mechanical processing with a perforator (installation of dowels) and adhesive. However, concrete is the most durable of all surfaces. It is able to withstand a heavy-weight mirror and will ensure a tight fit of the dowels;

  • drywall will not stand the volume mirror. In general, the weight of the mirror glass should not exceed 20 kg.

To attach it, you will need special fittings that will ensure proper fastening. The installation of dowels in this case is not recommended;

  • tile. For it is better to use profiles or brackets that are glued to the surface. Drilling with a perforator can destroy the integrity of the tile and provoke its destruction.

Based on the characteristics of different surfaces, it is necessary to choose the best mounting option.

Types of fastening

Types of fixtures for the mirror imply installation on the adhesive and mechanical base. The latter should include fixation by dowels and brackets. Without drilling is not enough. And the holes must be made both in the wall and in the mirror itself.

The advantage of this method is that the mount on the brackets is durable. And if you need to replace the mirror, you will not have to remove dowels, picking up an object of the appropriate size.

Glue bases involve the use of two elements: adhesive and double-sided mounting tape. Scotch tape is a double-sided tape coated with adhesive. It is easy to work with him just as much as possible to make a mistake during installation.

The mirror may be shifted from the intended location. To prevent unnecessary effort, a small amount of transparent glue can be used. Apply liquid nails should be on the sides after the tape is taped. Wherein do not go beyond the boundary of the mirror surface so that the sealant does not come out.

However, it is not possible to glue the mirror on any surface. The tile is not able to hold liquid nails and double-sided tape. Especially in the bathroom, where the maximum humidity is concentrated. Clay is afraid of the temperature difference that exists in the kitchen or in the bathroom, due to the fact that it is quickly destroyed.

Before using the glue base, it is necessary to perform surface prophylaxis The wall or finishing material must be cleaned of dirt and degreased with alcohol.

Mounting methods


The method of mounting the mirror on the wall often causes concern. Due to its fragility, it can easily break when it is not securely attached, which should also not harm the amalgam on the back side. To avoid unpleasant consequences, there are several reliable ways to install:

  1. it is possible to do without drilling due to fixing the mirror cloth with a special adhesive composition;
  2. install carrier accessories on the wall: holders, profiles, brackets;
  3. drill a hole in the mirror;
  4. way for the lazy - double sided tape.

There is also a through and non-through method of attachment. The first method is installation using dowels through holes in the mirror surface. An alternative is the operation of various accessories, which does not involve the drilling of glass cloth. The non-throughput method is more benign, however, in terms of reliability, it is not inferior to the through method.

The choice of installation depends on the type of mirror purchased. If there are holes in it, then, accordingly, a through fixing is necessary. Leaving holes in the surface is not aesthetically pleasing.

Glue the mirror - an ideal option that is suitable for an object of any size and weight. When choosing products on the market, you can not only buy a special glue for the mirror, but also use the glue-sealant for glass. None of the options can cause amalgam coating damage.

If the acquisition does not meet the requirements, then the reverse side of the mirror must be treated with a neutral silicone layer.

Glue comes to replace tools and fixtures, but requires a few preliminary steps:

  • the first step is to prepare the wall, freeing up space under the mirror. You can not leave anything extra, including wallpaper and tile. Both materials do not guarantee their reliability and ability to hold a mirror without falling off with it;
  • if the finishing material was thicker than a mirror, the latter would simply sink into the wall. In this case, the problem is solved by attaching an additional base under the mirror;
  • the wall should be flat. Holes will have to fill the cement mixture, and the elevations to align with putty. Further, the surface of the wall must be primed and dried;
  • It is recommended to apply glue in large drops at a distance of 5 cm from each other. Also applying the stripes at a distance of 8-12 cm. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid collisions with boundaries - mirror glass squeezes the substance out, leaving inaccurate traces of installation;
  • take patience to attach the mirror to the wall. A small object must be held for 15 minutes to firmly bond to the surface. In the case of a mirror with a heavy weight and a larger surface area, you should first put supports or suspensions, leaving it to dry overnight.

If you choose glue as an attachment to the wall, you need to understand that it will not be possible to disassemble it in its entirety. It is necessary to break and carefully remove the fragments.

The method of mounting the mirror on the wall often causes concern. Because of its fragility, it can easily break when it is not securely attached, which should also not harm the amalgam.

Holders on brackets

The construction market is replete with a variety of mirror holders, a huge plus of which is that you don’t have to drill a hole in the mirror. Choose a suitable profile is not difficult.

After purchasing the necessary tools, placeholders should be noted. Install them according to the instructions, and insert the mirror, holding the brackets.

To install the profile, you must first install the mirror in the holder, after fixing it on the wall.

The hole for the fastening should not be drilled at a right angle to the surface, but slightly diagonally from top to bottom.

This method will not allow holders to fall out of the grooves, even if the hole expands. It is important to understand that the mirror is very fragile and requires a responsible approach.

Dowels in plastic sleeves

Getting started marks the marking of the mirror surface. Markers for mounts for small mirrors can be created using a marker, referring to the ruler. Large is recommended to control the laser level. Next, a step-by-step, time-consuming process begins:

  • holes drilled with a drill. The drill bit can be chosen slightly smaller in diameter. This action is necessary so that the wall holds the plastic socket tightly;
  • Drive dowels into the holes with a hammer. The screw is screwed with a screwdriver. Plastic antennae will not let him leave the hole;
  • If the mirror has a protective surface, then on such panels it is recommended to use rings for hanging on hooks. The latter are mounted on the wall thanks to the usual screws or liquid nails.

A mirror that does not have special holes can be fixed using guide angles. The fittings are glued to the surface of the wall or fixed on screws.

The corner mirror can be hung with hooks, brackets or glue. Fastening is also carried out using a profile. Wherein the hidden space between the mirror and the wall surface should be minimal, to prevent mold from spreading moisture. Canopies should not expand it.

The easiest option

Scotch tape should be glued to polyethylene foam, which compensates for surface irregularities. The thickness of the adhesive tape is better to choose from 1 to 1.8 mm with a width of up to 25 mm.

Pieces of tape must be distributed over the entire surface of parallel vertical lines at a small distance from each other. 10-15 cm will suffice. It is also recommended to put adhesive tape in a chaotic order in small groups 15-25 cm long. The consumption of adhesive tape will depend on the area of ​​the mirror.

The ability to correct the error in the wrong location is a huge plus. Manufacturers of mounting tape give guarantees for 1000 attempts. However, it is important to understand that this method is suitable only for mirrors of small area and weight.

Where can one buy?

Before proceeding to the choice of mounting for the mirror, an involuntary thought arises where to get them. For this purpose, suitable for any construction markets in which there are thousands of proposals. However, not every unit of production can recommend itself as a quality product. Consequently, sellers do not provide reliable guarantees for long-term operation.

In this respect competent French company Leroy Merlin. It maintains its leading position in the construction market, offering high-quality products. Products meet the requirements of modern style and has a wide range. Choose the necessary fasteners, suitable for home interior design, is not difficult.

Tips for choosing

The construction market is staggering variety of choice. To avoid confusion, experts recommend to build on several criteria:

  • reliability and durability. It is required to take into account the area and weight of the mirror surface. Fragile and small mounts will not be able to hold a heavy mirror for a long time. They break down quickly, leading to the inevitable destruction of glass;
  • stealth. The aesthetic component is also important. A mount that does not fit the mirror in size will inevitably leave a space between the glass and the wall. Either it will go beyond the mirror surface, which in any case will constitute an impartial picture;
  • minimally violating the finish of the walls. For example, it is extremely difficult to mask the holes for the dowel on the tile. Even a cemented hole will stand out.

Mount, suitable for these parameters, will help to create the perfect composition. The right choice will ensure long-term operation of the mirror surface.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The bathroom is a room for experimentation and creative ideas. In it, the mirror is necessary not only for practical purposes, but also fit as a decorative interior object. Mirror tiles or large surfaces will be able to make a highlight of the modern style.

The mirror corridor from Alice in Wonderland is also worth trying to bring to life. For this suitable wardrobe and a large mirror area on the wall.

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