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Black mixer in interior design

The black color in the interior today is one of the most popular, which manufacturers of sanitary ware and its elements could not ignore. That is why the market offers a wide range of mixers of such an unusual color. For the right choice it is worth considering a few nuances.

Features and types

Black mixers are usually made from several base metals — brass, chrome, ceramic, and stainless steel. More durable plastic and mixtures of several metals. The manufacturing techniques of these products are quite laborious and expensive, therefore the price of such mixers is high. As practice shows, the price justifies the quality, since such cranes are more durable and resistant to chemical and mechanical stress, and the service life is higher than conventional models.

Depending on the metal that becomes the basis of the product, the taps have a glossy, matte and moiré surface. You can also select several types of tap, depending on the method of water supply.

Cranes with two valves

This type is the most common. It has a classic type of mixer, where a valve is installed on each side for supplying hot and cold water. To create a comfortable temperature, it is necessary to roll the valve with both cold and hot water.

Single lever cranes

In this type of water supply is due to raising the lever, which must be turned left or right to set a comfortable temperature. Such mixers look concisely in any interior, but as the reviews show, sometimes it takes a long time to turn the lever from one side to the other to adjust the comfortable temperature.

Touch & Thermostat Mixers

These types are quite a new trend in the world of plumbing, but already managed to catch the fancy of buyers. The mixer with the built-in touch sensor allows you to automatically pour out water as soon as you bring an object or hand. This type is very convenient in the kitchen, when in the process of cooking hands are not always clean or free to open the valves. The thermostat mixer is good because the fluid temperature is automatically adjusted.

Features of such products and their types make it possible to increasingly use them in the interior of any style.

Mixer in the interior of the kitchen and bathroom

Today, the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, has ceased to be just a functional room. The kitchen is not only a place to cook food, but also a place for friendly gatherings, family or romantic meetings. The bathroom is not only a room for washing, but also a small corner for relaxation and spa treatments. That is why it is necessary to approach the choice of every detail thoroughly, including the choice of a mixer. The black crane in the interior of the room allows not only visually expanding the space, but also favorably emphasize the chosen style.

For the kitchen in retro style, antique mixers with two levers will fit in well. These valves can also be made in bronze or gold. This combination is also suitable for baroque style. In this case, a decorative stand or forged elements can be provided for the levers. For such modern trends in design as high-tech, loft, modern and minimalist black mixer is a necessary attribute.

It will be harmoniously combined with white, and black, and with colors of a brighter palette. If gloss dominates indoors, then it is better to choose a mixer with the same surface. If only gloss elements are present, then you can choose a mixer with a glossy or a matte surface. A good combination would be a black mixer and a marble or granite countertop. Such a tandem will emphasize the grace and a certain grandeur of the kitchen room.

As for the mechanism of the product for the sink in the kitchen, it is significantly different from the faucets for the bathroom. This mixer has a special form of spout, in which water flows directly into the middle of the sink. According to experts, for a kitchen you should not choose a high mixer, otherwise a jet of water can spray a person and the nearest surface. Ideally, the mixer should be chosen based on the volume of the sink, or pick up the faucet with a shower head. This type allows you to wash objects and vegetables from all sides.

For a classic-style bathroom, a black faucet will look a bit out of place. The most harmonious option is when the light shade of the walls and ceiling dominates. There must be a lot of lighting and mirrors, as well as a few black elements. Another black crane is appropriate in a brighter palette, where it becomes the main focus of the room. Accordingly, the plumbing is better to choose in the same dark colors. A bronze faucet would be appropriate in a Scandinavian-style or country-style bathroom.

Particular attention will attract the mixer in bronze, if the room has similar elements. The most popular types of bathroom faucets are built-in, combined and wall-mounted. The main feature of the built-in taps is the independence of the water outlet, so they can be installed anywhere. The combined view has a rather flexible base, due to which it can be used simultaneously for bath and sink. There are such products and a minus is the constant shutdown of water when transferring from the bath to the sink. Wall-mounted faucets are considered a classic option, which is equipped with a flexible hose and a watering can for showering.

Selection and care rules

When purchasing this product, customers should pay attention to the following nuances.


The only right decision in choosing a manufacturer is not, but experts recommend giving preference to well-known companies. For example, such as Kludi, Hansa, Carlo Frattini. If there are doubts, it is better to ask for a certificate of quality.


The first is to look at the height of the crane. If the bathroom is better to choose a high faucet, then the kitchen fit a medium height product. The design of the product itself is also an important aspect. It is customary to single out the composite and cast constructions. According to reviews, the latter option is more practical, since it is a solid metal, without seams.


If mixers are exposed to frequent daily loads, then it is worth choosing a better product, even if it will be more expensive.

After choosing many buyers, it begins to worry about how to properly care for such a product. There are many special tools on the market, but they must also be used with caution. Abrasive substances can leave stains on glossy cranes, and for matte surfaces they will not be of great use.

You can clean the stains and home remedies - vinegar or lemon. Wipe the surface well and then polish with a dry cloth. Laundry soap and soda will also help to remove stains.

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