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Antistatic linoleum

High-quality flooring is of great importance today. This is due to the growing number of electrical appliances in rooms of any type. Due to electricity, too much static energy can be generated that will interfere with normal work and human life. To eliminate this problem, use antistatic linoleum.

Scope of application

This type of flooring is specifically designed to eliminate excess static electricity. Conventional linoleum is made from a material that does not conduct electricity well. When a person walks on it, small electric charges may occur that do not harm people. And to work with very accurate technology, such interference is unacceptable. Moreover, these small charges can cause ignition of an explosive or flammable substance.

Antistatic linoleum finds its application in areas where high-precision electronics works, which is sensitive to any effects of electricity.

It attracts less dust and dirt, which is very important in medical institutions.that require constant cleanliness. Due to polyvinyl chloride material, which is part of this flooring, this linoleum reduces static electricity. Laboratories, computer centers, server rooms, operating rooms, computer rooms, MRI rooms are the main places where this coverage is placed.

Recently, it began to be used in residential areas, where many electric devices are installed. Appliances like computers, televisions and microwaves also produce harmful radiation. When a person comes into contact with a metal device, a weak but tangible discharge may occur. It not only adversely affects human health, but also badly affects the equipment itself and contributes to a more rapid accumulation of dust. therefore Antistatic linoleum is recommended to be used in any premises with a large number of equipment.


In addition to the obvious advantages of using this coating in the above rooms, antistatic linoleum has other advantages. This material is safe and secure. It serves for a long time and is practically not subjected to mechanical stress, respectively, it is easy to clean and wash. In addition, this coating is well insulated sound.

Another undoubted advantage is the fact that antistatic linoleum is resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, it does not represent a fire hazard.

And its durability can compete with tile and marble. Antistatic linoleum has a high light resistance and can easily withstand temperature changes.

Thanks to modern technology, at the moment this linoleum can be purchased in any color and design. Moreover, it is possible to lay it on the floor with electric heating. This material is elastic, resistant to wear. It is able to withstand the effects of acid, alkali or oil. The legs of the chairs and tables do not leave any dents or marks on it.


There are 3 types of antistatic linoleum according to the level of static protection it provides:

  • antistatic linoleumAs a rule, they are placed in rooms with a large number of computers, for example, language laboratories or computer science classrooms at the school, as well as offices. Its resistance value is more than 109 Ohms. It is not allowed to find items with a voltage above 2 kV. It is laid using ordinary glue. This type of linoleum is also called insulating.
  • current diffusing linoleum Often they are placed in offices where they carry out ultrasound diagnostics, as well as in server rooms. The parameter of its vertical resistance should not be higher than 10⁹ Ohms. If an electric charge appears in a certain place of this coating, it will quickly dissipate over its entire area and cease to be dangerous. This linoleum is able to disperse the current due to the presence of a special impurity, which is a carbon filament and carbon particles. For the installation of such a coating will require a special glue that can conduct, and copper tape.
  • vertical resistance of conductive linoleum does not exceed 10⁶ ohms. Due to the rather low resistance, this type of coating quickly removes any charge from the surface. To obtain such characteristics, graphite substances that resemble a black mesh are added to it. Before laying the conductive linoleum be sure to lay the ground. Scientific laboratories, operating, ATS - the main areas of application of this type of coverage.

Stacking procedure

Technology laying antistatic linoleum has several differences compared with the installation usually cover. It is important to observe the correct order of work, since the manifestation of the protective properties of linoleum depends on it. It is desirable that the installation of this coating was carried out by professional workers.

Before you begin, you must prepare the floor surface. It should be smooth, and the bias can not be more than 2 mm per 1 square meter. Any surface, if necessary, level, dry and degrease, and then treated with a special anti-bacterial primer. The primer is chosen special, which contributes to increasing the resistance of the coating to electric current.

You can cut the material only after the linoleum lies in the target room for about a day. This is important so that the material adapts to the temperature and humidity conditions in the room. A day later the coating is spread and cut in accordance with the contour and the geometry of the room. After that it can be twisted again on rolls.

When laying antistatic linoleum, conductive glue and strips with the same characteristic must be used. There are self-adhesive strips, but more often they are also laid on glue. These auxiliary elements play an important role, as they create a diversion potential. Special attention should be paid to grounding. It must be consistent with the rules and regulations of electrical safety.

Copper bands should be laid at a distance of 20 cm from each other and from the walls. Laying stripes should be parallel to the joints of linoleum. It is important to connect all grounding elements to each other. In places with special electrostatic sensitivity, conductive tapes are connected to a separate grounding system.

To proceed with the installation when the conductive adhesive has reached the required strength. It is applied with a notched trowel on the back side of the linoleum along the roll unwinding. Be sure to carefully align the roll after its unwinding. To get full contact and get rid of air bubbles, use a special roller. When urgently needed, you can make a neat incision in the coating without damaging the copper strips.

Usually after the day has passed after work, it is already possible to use a room with an antistatic coating.

But the exact waiting time depends on the technical characteristics of the selected type of linoleum.

Care features

For antistatic coating, regular care and cleaning are essential. Excessive accumulation of dust and dirt significantly reduces its electrostatic properties. In no case, when cleaning, you can not use polishes, rubbing and various mastics, as they are good insulators. Because of them, the coating may lose its electrically conductive properties. It is recommended to use degreasing compounds and mastics, able to conduct current.

Popular Coverage

Manufacturers of antistatic linoleum offer various coating options. Each of them is intended for its field of application.

For example, commercial homogeneous linoleum widely used in public places, where the coating should be as durable as possible. The thickness of this material is 2 mm. It is durable, resistant to dents of various kinds and has good antistatic performance. The presence of a wide range of colors allows you to use it in rooms with different interiors.

In rooms with electronic equipment can be used antistatic linoleum with a thickness of about 4 mm. Additional thickness is provided due to a special protective layer. There are varieties of linoleum with a slip resistant coating. Special moisture resistant coatings are also available. In rooms where it is necessary to ensure increased safety, linoleum is laid with polyurethane reinforcement.

Usually antistatic linoleum is sold in rolls of 15 or 20 m. This is enough to cover the room from 60 to 80 square meters. When purchasing an antistatic coating, it is imperative to check the availability of quality certificates and the compliance of material characteristics with standards.

Antistatic linoleum is a necessary means of protection for rooms where high-precision equipment works. It is because of its characteristics that it provides the necessary hygienic indicators, fire safety and reduces the effect of static electricity on the operation of devices. But in the living rooms of modern apartments and houses of this coating has worked well.

Technical characteristics of this type of linoleum make it a worthy competitor to similar materials.

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