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The subtleties of the choice of rocking chair

A dream house for many is a cozy living room, a fireplace, a warm blanket, and a soft lulling creaking of a rocking chair. This dream is not so difficult to bring to life, because modern models come from different materials suitable for any design and are available for any wallet.

A bit of history

It is believed that the first model of such a chair was assembled by none other than Benjamin Franklin, the American president. One day, on his way home, he saw on the porch of one of the houses a mother cradling a child in the cradle. He appreciated the relaxing potential of this design and later patented his invention as a rocking chair.

The British dispute this version and attribute the authorship to themselves, although the name of a particular master remains unknown. According to their theory, the rocking chair appeared as an upgraded version of the rocking bed for adults, which, in turn, also originated from a child's cradle.

The idea spread quickly. In the 19th century, German carpenter Michael Tonet, the creator of the famous Viennese chairs, put on stream the production of such chairs from bent beech wood.. That is how this piece of furniture entered the interiors of wealthy and noble families not only in Europe, but also in Russia, and the colonial countries.

At present, this piece of furniture is still associated with the manor’s estates and summer houses of the intelligentsia. However, now it is not necessary to be a man from the higher strata of society to put a rocking chair in your home.

Features and benefits

Feature of a chair - in its mobile mechanism. Due to oscillations while rocking, the vestibular apparatus becomes stronger, muscles relax and a state of rest and relaxation sets in. Staying in a chair has a beneficial effect on health and well-being. That is why it is often purchased as a gift to older people and young mothers.

The chair is able to cope with depressive and anxious states. It normalizes sleep and is considered a great place for reflection and rest.

Types and models

There are the following options for rocking chairs:

  • The oldest rocking chair was installed on semicircular runners, due to which the swaying occurred. Classic models Often they do not have a stopper that stops the movement of the chair, but they are supplied with baffles in front and behind. Often, such options are available with a step, so that was where to lean. This design is very good for human health. Muscles relax, and due to smooth even wiggling, the nervous system calms down. Being in such a chair is useful for the vestibular apparatus.
  • Chair glider improved model, which appeared in the XX century. The skids serve as its prototype, but the swinging mechanism is also a pendulum. The chair moves in a straight line back and forth and is easy to stop, pulling the special lever. These models can be purchased footrest. The bench is equipped with the same mechanism and will move in the same rhythm with the chair. This ensures maximum relaxation.

  • Real furor in the world of furniture made chairs for nursing mothers with swinging mechanism. Caring for a newborn is not an easy task, and feeding is one of its most difficult components. Since it is produced on average 6-10 times a day, it is worthwhile to make sure that both mother and baby feel comfortable. Thanks to the anatomical shape of the back, repeating the contours of the body and a convenient angle of inclination, the back muscles are relieved. You can lean your hands on the armrests to provide the most convenient support for the child. Feeding essentials when feeding can be placed in convenient pockets on the armrests.

Soothing rocking chair will relax both mother and baby, gradually plunging him into sleep.

  • Unusual rocking chair options are presented. on the spring mechanism. In this case, the swinging is the result of spring oscillations. This chair takes up less space. In addition, it is able to rotate around its axis, which makes it extremely convenient.
  • In addition to the usual chairs with back, there are round models. In them the round quilted pillow is fixed on a wooden frame. These chairs are soft and comfortable, they create the impression of floating on the cloud. There are they both on runners, and on springs.

  • Rocking chair with reclaimer comfort champion. The name of the mechanism comes from the English "recline" to lean back. Reclaimer allows you to turn a chair into a comfortable chaise at the touch of a button. The mechanism-transformer with a reclining back is ready to provide a complete rest in a sitting, reclining and lying position.
  • Baby rocking chair will be a wonderful assistant to young parents. These chairs not only help to seat the baby, but can also serve as a crib in the first months of life. They are equipped with belts for the safety of the child, which are easily adjustable depending on the growth of the baby. In addition, they often have high bumpers that protect the newborn from falling out.

You can choose a complete set of chairs to your taste, for example, to set an arc with toys or a musical block with backlight. Perfectly soothe children and chairs with vibration.

  • There are also models on the market. bouncer chairs, the design of which allows you to rock the baby without mechanical force. Some of these models respond automatically to a baby’s crying or anxiety. Although it must be admitted that such chairs will fall to very handy new parents, one should not shift the upbringing of the child entirely on them. Even the most modern gadget will not replace human caress. Another plus of such beds is that they are easy to carry around the apartment or house. They take up much less space than a standard cot. They are usually made of durable hollow aluminum. A standard chair can support a weight of 10-12 kg. But you should never carry a model with a child inside, especially holding onto decorative elements.

Of course, when the baby grows up, you will have to get a large bed, but for several months the rocking chair can cope with this function.

  • Foldable rocking chair conveniently in the country. For the summer season it can be put in the garden, and in the winter you can put it in the pantry, where it will not take up much space.


When choosing a rocking chair, the determining criterion is the material from which the frame is made:

  • Woody is the first material from which these pieces of furniture were made from time immemorial. Since wood is a natural material, one kind of rocking chair in front of the fireplace creates a feeling of indescribable comfort.

The main thing is to ensure that the varieties of wood are durable and of high quality.

  • Perfectly fit Pinepolished and treated with varnish. These stages are required if you want the chair to serve for a long time. Products turn out strong and very esthetic. But since pine is a soft wood, it is better to purchase products without fabric-foam rubber pillows around the frame. Artificial materials cause debate and eventually rotting of wood.

  • Among the most durable types of wood, preference should be given. wenge. It is a tropical plant that, when properly processed, can withstand a lot of pressure. It is durable, it does not start fungi and insects. In addition, the material has a noble color: from golden to dark brown.
  • Chairs from the massif beech and oak usually durable, but also quite massive due to the dense and solid structure of the tree. In addition, they are quite heavy. However, furniture designers love this material very much, and it is from carved oak that you can choose comfortable and status models for every taste.

  • Bamboo chairsAs a rule, they have a light color and a pronounced tree structure at least partially left by designers unchanged. Such chairs successfully fit into the eastern interiors. The properties of bamboo are similar to willow, but they look more exotic.
  • Willow products are in high demand. Their advantage is in a flexible structure, which is easy to give any shape. These chairs are not able to withstand heavy loads, but they can easily cope with one person of average build.

  • These days furniture from exotic rattan often given preference over willow vines. This tropical liana was imported from Southeast Asia. The stem of the vine can be up to 300 m long. The porous and flexible structure of the wood allows you to give it any shape under the influence of steam. It is believed that the strength and elasticity of rattan surpasses all known wood species, which makes it extremely suitable for the manufacture of rocking chairs.

When choosing rattan products have their own nuances. First of all, rattan is not only natural, but also artificial. Externally, the differences are difficult to detect. But, oddly enough, the second material is more expensive. And that's why:

  • He is not afraid of dampness;
  • Able to withstand heavy loads;
  • Eco-friendly, because it saves natural resources and is made from recycled material;
  • Does not cause problems with care;
  • Serves long;
  • Maybe any color.

Besides the fact that artificial rattan serves for a long time, it provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. It can be painted in any shades and combined with any materials and textures. All this justifies its high price. Regarding the natural rattan, it can be cleaned and uncleaned.

The bark was removed from the purified material. This forms a smooth stem that has the same diameter over the entire length. Such rattan is durable and durable; it can be given any shape, even the most delicate and unusual. Rocking chairs from this material almost do not creak.

In the case of crude rattan, the bark is left on the trunk. Due to this, the material is not so flexible and the products come out less florid. But the prices are lower.

To hide the defects of the bark, such furniture is covered with dark varnish, but to the touch the material is still rough and slightly uneven. However, this texture in some types of interior looks more preferable. Thanks to the crust, which plays the role of a shock absorber, the creak is not audible.

Synthetic rattan can endure a weight in excess of 200 kg, while natural is only about 120-140. It is necessary to individually approach the purchase of chairs from this material, depending on the weight and height of the one who will use it. It must be said that although light creaks are natural for rattan rocking chairs, other wooden chairs should not make any sound. This is a signal that they are collected incorrectly or from poor quality wood.

At first, the chair can make sounds, adapting to the weight and the swing process. But then they should disappear. If this does not happen, then the product most likely has a marriage.

Among other materials emit:

  • Material for this piece of furniture can serve as plywood. For most people, this word is associated with something fragile and poor quality, but it is not. Plywood is a modern high-tech material. It is obtained by gluing 3-5 layers of pre-cooked veneer. Fibers overlap, thereby achieving durability. Then the material is polished. First grade plywood is of sufficient quality to make a frame for a product such as a rocking chair.

In addition, this material is cheaper than wood and much lighter. Sheet thickness for the frame should be 1.5-3 cm.

  • Rocking chairs can be made from plastic. Among them are presented both budget options for summer cottage, and the intricate fruits of fantasy of modern designers in the style of high-tech and futurism. Price varies depending on the orientation of the furniture. If the plans do not have the acquisition of works of art, but plastic has a lot of other remarkable properties. Products from it are inexpensive, it is mobile, it is easy to wash. You can safely leave it in the rain in the garden. The disadvantage of plastic seats can be called the fact that in comparison with other models, they easily lose their balance.
  • Very beautiful rocking chairs are made from metal. Of course, the seat is made of wooden slats or has a soft pillow. But the runners and the frame they have metal. Visible forged parts of various curls, leaves and flowers are pleasing to the eye. Forging looks stylish and most often adorns the garden or terrace.

Seat material is selected based on personal preference. Textile upholstery with soft filler provides a wide range of colors, in addition, an easy chair ensures greater comfort for lovers to get more comfortable. But as already mentioned, they need to be chosen with care, since such materials sometimes affect the frame of the product made from natural wood.

Leather upholstery or eco leather look good in the interior. They are not suitable for the street, because they need to be treated with care and deteriorate from moisture or excessive sunlight. Craftsmen can make for themselves knitted cover on the chair. It looks cozy and warms. Rocking chairs, “dressed” in such material, are able to fit into both the city apartment and the interior of the villa or country house.

You should not overlook the chair with seats, made by the method of weaving. They look great, are good for the back, combine ease of care and comfort. Made of rattan, wicker or bamboo.

The size of the chairs can be any size: from small children to impressive oak giants that can accommodate two. Most often, a chair designed for one person is 115 cm wide. Based on this parameter, you can calculate the width of the chair for two.

Color solutions

The color of the chair often depends on the material:

  • So, rattan and wenge wood has a darker deep color than pine or oak. The last two options are suitable for light, full of light interiors.
  • Wrought iron chairs have a black tint. Designers combine it with light wood or textiles.
  • Plastic chairs and furniture artificial rattan anyone can take even the most flashy color.

In order for the chair to fit harmoniously into the interior, it must be matched in color with the rest of the furniture.

Modern production: company rating

Among the Russian manufacturers can be identified four favorites.

"Furniture Impex"

This Moscow factory has been producing furniture for many years. All models are made of natural wood. Upholstery material ranges from textiles to natural and eco-leather.

"Asm Furniture"

The company "ASM Furniture" is a large furniture holding based in Siberia. The company guarantees its customers high quality at affordable prices. The company specializes in the production of chairs with a pendulum mechanism, since they are the most secure. Among the models are options for nursing mothers.

"Borovichi furniture"

This Novgorod manufacturer has devoted 12 years to the removal of the most reliable production technology of furniture. Their business card is baby rocking chair. But besides them, adult models on a wooden frame are also produced.

"Pater Familia"

A Petersburg rocking chair company is ready to offer its customers a variety of rattan models. The mechanisms used are both classic on skids and glider. You can choose upholstery from eco-leather or different types of fabric.

"Capella", "Graco" and "4moms" popular manufacturers of baby rocking chairs. The more in the model of additional blocks, for example, light-music or arcs with toys, the more expensive it is. But it is also realistic to choose budget options that will perfectly cope with lulling babies.


How to choose?

There are several parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a rocking chair:

  1. First of all, it should be comfortable. The rigidity of the seat is chosen to suit the individual requirements of the buyer: someone prefers a softer back and seat, someone more rigid. Best of all, if it is moderately elastic.
  2. PThe armrest and back should fit the person in height. In a too high or easy chair it will be hard to relax, and this is the main task of the rocking chair.
  3. The chair should not have breaks in the weavingThis will significantly shorten its service life. The same applies to faults, chips and protruding knots.
  4. Parts of the furniture should not make any sound.. Light creaking can only give varnish, but this should cease with time.
  5. Chair even with a strong swinging should not fall and fall.
  6. Before buying, be sure to swing in a chair some time to appreciate its convenience and balance.
  7. Choose the material you need on the basis of what weight the chair has to withstand and it will stand on the street or indoors.
  8. Chairs in online stores are cheaperIn addition, many provide free shipping. But to test the chair and inspect it in advance for defects. В случае покупки, которая является весомой для кошелька, лучше удостовериться в качестве модели лично.
  9. Выбирая детское кресло-качалку, you need to purchase a model with removable covers that are easy to wash if necessary.

Video review and comparison of rocking chairs, see below.

Benefit and harm

The rocking chair helps to solve problems with sleep due to its lulling effect. The muscles of a man, when he is in a rocking chair, relax. Such a state has a positive effect on relieving stress, positively influences the vestibular apparatus, improves mood. No damage was found from this piece of furniture.

Spectacular examples in the interior of the house

Stylish ideas for your home:

  • Unusual plastic rocking chair instantly attracts the eye. A whimsical model does not allow to immediately guess the purpose of this piece of furniture. Made in white, like the rest of the room, it still manages to become a bright accent in the design of the living room. Despite the fact that it is made of plastic, the chair is durable due to its shape. However, lightweight material makes it very mobile and allows you to rearrange from room to room. It can be safely left on the terrace or balcony, as it is not afraid of inclement weather.
  • Very often, the interior lacks quite a bit to become truly comfortable. In this case, the porch of the house was decorated with rocking chairs of different colors woven from a vine. They are combined in color and structure of weaving with the rest of garden furniture. On such a terrace, it is good to relax on a hot summer day or to while away quiet evenings, wrapping up in a blanket and listening to the chirping of crickets.

  • A simple rocking chair of unpainted plywood fits perfectly into the design of the terrace in the Mediterranean style.e. The natural color of wood is reminiscent of sun-dried coastal stones. Furniture from this material feels good in a hot climate, the main thing is not to expose it to excessive moisture.
  • A real fireplace and rocking chair made of leather, upholstered in leather, a safe combination. This piece of furniture is in tune with the design of the entire room, where only natural materials like wood and stone and warm colors are used.
  • Forged furniture is almost endlessly durable, which is why it is so often located in parks and gardens. In addition, openwork forging looks elegant and helps to emphasize the refined taste of the owners.


This piece of furniture is rated by users very positively. They celebrate a comfortable rest and an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, which appeared with the purchase of rocking chairs. Some even make these chairs on their own. The rocking chair is a great solution for nursing mothers and will appeal to any family member. This piece of furniture is considered the perfect gift for the elderly.

Buyers note that, despite the relative high cost of the product, the price is justified.

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