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Fringe for curtains

The design of the curtains includes various decorative elements that are the basis for the design of curtains in various styles. One of the most spectacular types of such decor is a fringe. Making it lambrequins and curtains can make the interior unique.

Special features

Fringe is considered to be curtain braid with hanging threads or pendants. It is used in the decoration of the window space to make it solemn. Very often, this band is heavy, because of this it is used for finishing massive curtains. Modern industry also produces a special band of lightweight weaving, which can be used to decorate light curtains.

A textile product with tassels is used for:

  • cloth curtains on the sides;
  • bottom edge of the curtains;
  • lambrequin;
  • grabs.


The textile industry produces a huge amount of braid with thread edges. It is painted in different colors, made of various materials, it can be monophonic and variegated, twisted or straight.

Depending on the material of the fringe is:

  • cotton - a classic version of the product, looks like a string with tall threads;
  • with tassels - the edge of the braid is trimmed not only with threads, but also with tassels;
  • with pompons - a band with balls in the form of pompons;
  • with pendants - with shells, rhinestones, beads and beads, plastic products;
  • of cords;
  • with glass beads - with hanging shiny stones.

With all the similarity of the product with the name of the fringe can be divided into several groups:

  • split - hanging threads are cut along the hem, thanks to which it has a smooth edge;
  • block - the product consists of multi-colored blocks, each of which is different shade, texture or material;
  • tinsel - it has something in common with cutting, the difference is that decorative threads are twisted and attached to the heads like brushes;
  • fan - the edge of the braid has scallops and shaped notches.

Products are divided and depending on what they are intended for:

  • decorative braid, which lambrequin get off or other mount for curtains;
  • small tassels that attach to the edge of the curtains;
  • holders of woven cords.


The use of fringe in the decoration of curtains performs certain tasks:

  • the monotonous pattern on the curtain material, as well as its complete absence, can be diluted by sewing on a decorative band;
  • With the help of such braid you can strengthen and fix the drapery;
  • Beautiful fringe will accentuate the color of the fabric or create a solemn mood. Depending on the desired effect, this element is matched to the curtains or in contrast to them. The braid, matched to the tone of the prevailing palette, will create an atmosphere of integrity;
  • braid with small tassels, sewn on the lower edge of the curtains visually pulls the curtain and at the same time relieves it from folds;
  • Finishing in this way gives the curtains a solemn look and highlights the window opening.
  • the fringe for curtains in some cases helps to hide irregularities or ugly seams.


Decorating the curtains with the help of fringe is typical for different styles, but it is especially common to find it in classic and oriental interiors. Metallic braid ideally blends with chrome-plated high-tech cornices. Curtains in the Country-style are often decorated with lace fringe made of cotton, and in the nursery tapes with plastic fish or shells in aquamarine or with bells will be appropriate.

The decor of the fringe is possible in different styles:

  • Victorian;
  • Provence;
  • east;
  • classic;
  • Baroque;
  • Rococo;
  • Empire;
  • Modern

The only thing that is contraindicated for this textile product is Minimalism.

Place in the interior

Fringed curtains immediately attract attention and are appropriate in different rooms:

  • For the bedroom You can choose blue shades, the edge of which is decorated with golden fringe. The same decor is appropriate and on lambrequins. The velvet curtain of green color is well combined with the decoration of golden tassels.
  • In the living room The woven fringe model will look great on transparent tulle. She also trimmed grab and lambrequin. To create an oriental interior in the living room, the window space must be supplemented with sliding curtains of red fabric with monograms with gold and the same golden fringe along the edge.
  • In the kitchen, as a rule, there are short lifting curtains, but there are also Roman and roller. If all these curtains are trimmed with fringe on the edge, it will be very funny and at the same time elegant.

A bedroom or living room in oriental style can be decorated with a fringe of glass beads. Elite fringe of beautiful heavy threads can decorate velvet drapes in Empire style.

The interior of the fringe is not only present on the curtains, it can be decorated with pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins. With this decor you can achieve unity of style throughout the interior.

Braid decor often borders heavy fabrics. However, modern manufacturers produce many options for lightweight fringe, which does not weigh down the air curtain. The most common place to attach the tape is the bottom edge of the curtains or curtains. The next most popular is pelmet and hooks.

Designers advise decorating with massive fringe, which has brushes or pompons, very dense fabrics. It will look uniform, and also physically stretch the canvas, smooth out the folds and irregularities. Light curtains are decorated with a light braid of silver or gold color, this technique will bring purity and style to the image.

How to sew?

If you want to sew curtains with your own hands and decorate them with fringe, it is easy to sew it, no pattern is required for this. It is only necessary to measure the length of the curtains, where the decoration will be sewn. Then you need to purchase the required number of meters of the product.

When choosing a fringe, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the material to which it will be attached. Accessories for curtains should not only be beautiful in itself, it should emphasize the strengths of the fabric. If you want to sew curtains yourself, it is better to purchase fabric and decor at the same time, to immediately make sure that they are combined.

If you choose a light fabric for curtains, for example, organza, silk, satin or chiffon, the fringe with beads is suitable for such fabrics. This jewelry is weightless, but its price depends on the material of the beads: plastic beads are the cheapest, more expensive are made of glass beads, elite ones are made of natural crystal, which shimmer when light hits them, like precious stones.

Massive and dense fabrics - jacquard, velvet, velor, require massive accessories. Here fringe with pompoms or voluminous tassels serves as decoration. It is very heavy, due to this, pulling the curtains aligns the canvas, removing unevenness and folds.

Fringe with pompoms is ideal for Roman curtains, as well as to any other curtains of small length. She is good, for example, in a country-style kitchen or children's room.

A huge selection of textiles for finishing curtains presented by manufacturers of a country like Italy. Due to the variety of products, you can choose a finished fringe for curtains in any color.

It remains only to attach it to the curtains. First you need to decide on the place of sewing the fringe to it. Traditionally trim the bottom cut, but this is not the only option. There is a fringe trim on the side edge, but this is possible in the case of dense fabrics. Lightweight tulle can sag and lose its attractive appearance.

In the same way, you can give a new life to the old curtains, sticking to the edge fancy trim.

Watch the video: Fringe Curtains (August 2019).

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