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Clear varnish for wood: tips for choosing

Wood is a valuable material that is widely used in construction, in the manufacture of interior items, interior partitions, for flooring. Its biggest advantage is environmental safety, durability, noble appearance. To preserve, improve the aesthetic characteristics, as well as to extend the life of the tree, a special colorless or colored lacquer is used to reliably protect the base from the effects of any adverse factors.


Lucky have a consistency. They consist of polymers, resins, solvent, which after application forms a dense protective film, additional components, accelerating the drying time. Depending on the type and amount of solvent, the substances have a different smell, color, and drying time. So, quick-drying formulations include alcohol-based varnishes. Drying time can be 20 minutes. Slow-drying water-based or oil-based varnishes harden within 6 days.

After applying the paintwork material, a glossy glossy surface with a high reflectivity or a matte surface with a low reflectivity can form. There are also compounds that form an intermediate version, which occupies a middle position between gloss and dullness. The floor covered with such material looks updated.

A distinctive feature of protective coatings is the unique ability to preserve the natural beauty of wood.


Varnishing of wooden bases is necessary to protect them from moisture. Wood easily absorbs liquid, as a result of which not only the appearance of the material deteriorates, but there is also a risk of mold and fungal damage to the surface. The varnish covering prevents emergence, reproduction of the insects bringing harm to wood. Fire retardant paints and varnishes protect the tree from mechanical damage, the effects of adverse weather conditions. Varnish makes the base smooth, even, safe.

Thanks to this material, you can emphasize the original wooden ornament, make the surface updated, bright, rich in color, brilliance. Lacquer coating allows you to create a harmonious atmosphere of comfort inside the room. It also serves as an indisputable decoration of street structures. Paintwork substance is used to cover any wooden surfaces: floors, furniture, partitions, fences, any facade products. To obtain a quality basis, an appropriate composition is selected.

Types of formulations

Depending on the components distinguish the types of paints and varnishes.

  • Epoxy. The composition has high strength, hardness, moisture resistance. Dries quickly. It is used both for external, and for internal works.

  • Polyurethane. Universal composition suitable for external use. The varnish has high strength, hardness, adhesion (adhesion with the surface). It is used to cover floors, decks on the yacht, furniture, any items made of wood.

  • Oil. The composition has high hardness, durability, moisture resistance. Long dry. Used for interior work.

  • Alkyd Possesses wear resistance, fire resistance, long service life. It has an unpleasant smell. The composition is used for flooring.
  • Water Based Acrylic Varnish. Environmentally safe composition, almost odorless. Long dry. Possesses fireproof properties, keeps an initial ornament of a tree. It has not very high wear resistance, moisture resistance.
  • Cellulose nitrate based varnish. The structure quickly dries, has average durability, has an unpleasant smell. It is used for any interior work, except for flooring.


Among foreign and domestic manufacturers can distinguish the most popular brands.

  • Technocolor. Products of the domestic company has an environmentally safe composition. The material can be used in the children's bedroom. For the production of modern equipment is used, allowing you to create high quality paint materials. The product line is represented by a wide range of varnishes to cover any tree species.

  • Dulux. The products of the English manufacturer are of high quality, wear resistance, fast drying. After hardening, the surface acquires an elegant appearance. Varnishes are used to cover any wooden products. They perfectly protect the surface from negative external influences, moisture, ultraviolet radiation.

In order to give preference to one or another manufacturer, first of all, one should carefully study the characteristics of the composition, purpose, and main characteristics of varnish.

Rules of application

Before applying the substance it is necessary to carry out preparatory work on the preparation of the base. The wooden surface is leveled by grinding, all the cracks are sealed. After cleaning the base from dust and dirt, proceed to the painting process.

Varnish is applied with special devices. To do this, you can use a brush, spray gun, spray or roller. The number of layers applied depends on the hardness of the wood. Covering soft rocks may require up to four layers of a substance. When processing varnish more hard rocks can be limited to two layers.

The consumption of paintwork material depends on the quality of the base. In the presence of a large number of deep pores, irregularities will need more substance. The thicker the composition, the greater the amount required. Therefore, the varnish is often diluted with special formulations or water. When applying the composition with a brush or roller, the consumption of the substance is greater than when working with an airbrush.

For best results, all work is recommended at an ambient temperature of 19-20 degrees. In this case, the humidity should be about 50 percent.

How to choose

When choosing a paintwork material, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the tree, the operating conditions. Depending on the type of work for which the lacquer is intended, types of compositions are chosen for work inside or outside the house. For example, to varnish the floor, it is recommended to choose a clear odorless varnish. For painting products on the street suitable compositions that are resistant to temperature changes, frost, high temperature, high humidity. The presence in the composition of additional components, effectively fighting bacteria, insects, will protect the material from the damaging effects of decay and destruction.

It is important to consider the moment that after applying the varnish the color of the tree changes. It may become lighter or darker. When choosing a varnish for coating indoor surfaces it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of odor, chemical impurities, evaporating harmful substances. For example, when decorating a child's room, an odorless, fireproof transparent varnish will suit. These properties have a polyurethane or acrylic composition based on water. The right choice will provide the desired result.

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