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Kitchen design area of ​​7 square. m. with fridge

The perfect kitchen - what it should be in the house, every hostess knows. Of course, a large, but at the same time cozy, filled with sunlight, modern technology and delicious flavors. And if instead of the prescribed standards 12 square meters. m, you have only seven, all hope for the magic word - design. This is where you can show your taste and ingenuity.

Draw a design project

Before you start transforming a small kitchen into a sample of style and beauty, you need to design everything on paper. The main question that you have to decide what exactly should be placed in modest meters. What kind of kitchen appliances you will need, do not forget about your favorite utensils. Dimensions of drawers, cabinets and shelves will depend on this. It is necessary to think in advance about the location of laying the necessary communications.

Typical options for the location of cabinets and shelves: linear, angular, U-shaped.

Most budget linear is a concise and simple solution. It frees up space as much as possible, although a small number of cabinets is a disadvantage of this option.

The most optimal design option for a small kitchen angular location. Tabletop combine with a window sill. The free space of the window frame does not visually overload the tiny kitchen, it gives a lot of light. The advantage of this choice is that we create additional space under the window where you can embed high-grade cabinets for utensils.

Project U-shaped kitchen involves the placement of furniture on the three walls. The disadvantage of this option will be the impossibility of the device zone lunch. Which option to choose, depends entirely on the planning of your apartment and your preferences.

Design Tricks of Small Spaces

If the wall cabinets are located immediately above the ceiling, you will even be surprised how much space will appear in addition to the guaranteed dust collector. New special devices: retractable baskets, shelves, merry-go-rounds, roof rails - will allow you to place the maximum amount of dishes and kitchen utensils in those parts of the closet where dead zones used to be.

Visually enlarges the kitchen using mirrored panels as an apron. Reflection doubles the amount of light that penetrates your kitchen and makes it big.

Color and style

The space of the kitchen of a small size can be expanded by a light palette, pastel colors. It will seem spacious white kitchen. Diversity in the design of the kitchen space can provide a variety of styles. Classics in the design of the kitchen emphasizes a discreet natural wooden facade, parquet on the floor, and also, in the decor - windows.

Modern design gives the opportunity to visually expand the room. Minimalistic design is well suited for modest-sized areas. Plastic furniture, glass parts, the use of metal are characteristic of this style.

The so-called rural style will emphasize your individuality. This, for example, aged wardrobe, bright textiles. Sometimes it is just necessary to add a color accent to the light kitchen. To do this, you can use the tile for the apron of bright colors, the edging on the headset, a print in textiles.

Choosing furniture: dining group

It is not always possible to allocate a place for meals in the kitchen of 7 sq. M. To organize a lunch group, you can use one of the ideas. For example, if a large table for dinner has large dimensions, it can be replaced with a bar counter. Get a cozy corner.

The ingenious solution is multifunctional furniture. Thus, the dining table, which can also be used in cooking, it also stores dishes and utensils for the kitchen. Folding table or retractable table top, which can be folded or hidden when not in use. There is always a place in the corner of even a small kitchen. There is a well-located corner sofa or just a bench, under the seats which are arranged niches. There will be seats for sitting and storage, which will be more compact than ordinary chairs.

Hide the fridge

The width of the refrigerator 70 cm - this is one of the most bulky items in the 7-meter kitchen. Of course, this is not "Khrushchev" 6 square meters, it is more than a whole meter. Let's use this advantage, we will allocate a convenient place for a refrigerator, because in the “Khrushchev” the refrigerator was often put in the corridor. In order to fit the refrigerator in a small kitchen, there are several ways.

For example, in custom-made kitchens, you can provide a niche that fits your size, embed it in a closet and hide it behind hinged doors. The main rule is to keep the refrigerator away from the oven and the hob. Very interesting idea to get a separate fridge and freezer. In this case, due to the relatively small height, it is possible to place them in the cupboards under the worktop table top. You can put a refrigerator in a niche that is in the wall, if such is the layout of your kitchen.

In any room you can find flaws. The design allows you to beat them and turn them into an indisputable advantage, making your kitchen a space in which you would like to be for a long time.

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