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Scarlett Coffee Maker

So nice to start the day with a cup of strong and well-prepared coffee. It's great that now it can be done with one touch of a button, without leaving the house. This article will discuss the coffee machines of the company Scarlett. It is worth considering some models and learn how to use them.


  • Availability of cheap models. Not all companies create coffee makers that would be accessible to everyone. Due to the fact that plastic is used for exterior decoration and some internal parts (for example, a horn for sleeping coffee), the price of the device becomes more affordable.
  • An opportunity to choose coffee makers of both rozhkovy type, and drop. Not everyone likes it when the coffee slowly fills the glass teapot and gathers dust on the stand. Someone nicer to start the process yourself. Well, when there is a choice.
  • Compactness. If you are satisfied with a couple of cups of coffee a day, the device from Scarlett is more than enough for you. Of course, due to the small size implies the impossibility to fill a large amount of water, but there are no miracles.
  • Ease of Management. Systems, though not sensory, but you can easily figure out how to use the device. As a rule, the instrument contains no more than two knobs and an on / off button. Light indicators let you know when the drink is ready, and the heating systems keep the coffee always at the right temperature, and automatically.
  • Classic colors. Black, steel and white - these are three whales in colors that hold the brand. This feature is good because the devices fit easily into any interior and do not hurt the eyes.



Scarlett Coffee Maker, which many users value is the Scarlett "SL-CM53001" carob type device. She is quite able to awaken you with a real Italian espresso, driving a delicious foam. Thanks to the manual cappuccino machine, you can make the following types of coffee: cappuccino, latte, flat white and some others.

Pleasant moments - stainless steel, which covers all parts exposed to water or steam, and the ability to select the volume of the portion. On the top of the coffee machine is a flat (as if a helicopter) platform. It will allow you to conveniently arrange cups, sugar or spices, which will always be on hand to create the most delicious drink.

The manual is very brief. The model contains a removable water container, so it is quite simple to replenish it. From the settings - just a couple of knobs and on-off button. No need to be a genius to figure it out.


The second model is a drip coffee maker called Scarlett "SC-038". One of the most affordable. The simplest - both externally and in terms of use. It has a small glass jug, designed for 4-6 cups of coffee, and a built-in heating element that can maintain the desired temperature if you do not have time to drink a drink at a time.

From the nice additions - the valve, which immediately blocks the flow of coffee, if you pulled out the glass teapot, without waiting for the completion of the brewing process.

As for the rules of operation, everything is very simple: one on / off button - and your coffee is ready. Reading the reviews, it can be noted that some complain about the smell of plastic, but this problem is easy to solve if you follow the amount of water. When it is not enough, the heating element begins to give off heat to the internal parts of the machine. Just when you start the machine to work fill the tank with water to the maximum level.


Another model of carob type that you can pay attention to - this Scarlett "SC-037". It differs from the previous carob model in its compact size. She is a couple of centimeters taller, but by 16 centimeters already. This is a significant difference. For those who are used to pampering themselves with one cup of coffee in the morning and one in the evening, such a device will be more than enough.

The feature that you should pay attention to when using the device: when you froth milk for cappuccino, be sure to add water again. Otherwise, you will not go steam, and you can ruin the coffee maker. The model is equipped with a removable compartment for drops, which greatly simplifies maintenance and saves your time.

The last bonus, like a cherry on a cake, is a small measuring spoon, which comes in a set and allows you to fill the required number of ingredients as accurately as possible.

Of course, the three types that you learned about today are not all models, but you can say that they are the undisputed sales leaders. Some because of their value, others - because of the successful combination of quality, design and all the same price. The fact remains that the company's products are in demand and almost always available in home appliances stores - if not right now, then under the order.

Watch the video: Unboxing SCARLETT Coffee machine SC-CM33002 (August 2019).

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