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Vitra tiles: advantages and disadvantages

Today, the market presents a variety of products from the company Vitra: tiles, sanitary ware, ceramic granite and household items. Without a doubt, the most famous and popular product of the brand is ceramics, thanks to which the Turkish company Vitra has become a world famous manufacturer of similar products.

Special features

A distinctive feature of the brand was the combination of a pleasant price and excellent quality. The range of tile collections is so wide that the person with the highest demands will find an option suitable for any interior and type of decoration, not to mention the requirements for the material's performance properties.

The key to successful creation of collections is close cooperation with professional foreign designers. Do not forget about the country of origin of this tile - Turkey. Classic Turkish ornament makes itself felt in traditional collections with decorative inserts. The company does not depict animals or plants on the tile. However, this is complemented by geometric patterns, original patterns and rich tones, giving the material a national flavor.

In the creation of the material uses the most modern equipment and the latest developments. The tile passes careful control at all stages of production that guarantees high rates of reliability, durability and decorative characteristics.

Thanks to a combination of tradition and innovative technology, Vitra tiles stand out with enviable consistency in many famous exhibitions.


Currently, the brand represents several collections that are deservedly considered masterpieces in the construction market.

  • Ararat. This matte stoneware is perfect for decorating interior surfaces. The collection is presented in neutral shades, suitable for any style of interior.
  • Deluxe. The collection consists of several color accents: beige, gray, brown and anthracite. This series includes products with a texture imitating the surface of a stone. Products can be used for both internal and external design.

  • Elegant. This collection is distinguished by an interesting combination of coffee shades with floral patterns. Such a combination will make any interior cozy and unique.
  • Woodstock - collection with texture "under the natural wood." A great option for decoration in a strict and uncluttered style.

  • Kenya - a series in whose title African motifs are already felt. This tile is suitable for lovers of the atmosphere of hot countries.
  • Liberty. This collection is characterized by increased durability. These products are great for flooring.


The popularity of Vitra tiles is due to its numerous advantages:

  • top quality;
  • strength and resistance to any kind of external influence;
  • frost resistance of the surface, allowing the use of the material not only for interior decoration, but also for decoration of external territories;
  • long service life without loss of decorative and operational properties;
  • ecological purity of the material;
  • a wide choice of design, colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the option for every taste.

Vitra product range

The brand represents a wide range of products suitable for various purposes.

  • Materials for showers and bathrooms. The main criterion here is high resistance to moisture and chemical attack.
  • Kitchen materials in a wide variety of colors (for decorating aprons).
  • Decorative collections for decoration and decoration of both internal and external surfaces.
  • Tile for facing the walls of any premises (monophonic, with a pattern, imitating other facing materials with the texture)
  • Tile for the floor. Differs in long service life, wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage due to increased strength.


  • Vitra Photoactive. This type of tile is coated with titanium dioxide. The surface is self-cleaning, is not exposed to the harmful effects of light, water, exhaust gases, does not absorb odors. The coating prevents the penetration of harmful bacteria, giving the tile antifungal properties. Vitra Photoactive is great for decoration of both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Vitra Slimetric. This type is a rather thin, but very strong tile. Such products are ideal for facades, as they exert much less pressure on the walls than standard cladding. Despite its fragility, the material does not cause trouble in transit. Moreover, this tile takes up little space and is fairly easy to fit. Tile Slimetric twice thinner than standard products with a thickness of 9 mm. The material is presented in various sizes: 30x60, 60x60, 60x120.

  • Vitra Protect. Due to additional processing, this tile is easily cleaned from any contamination. By sealing the micropores, the dirt does not penetrate the tile surface, while the product itself remains smooth and polished.
  • Vitra Clean. Easy removal of dirt from the tile is provided by the technology of glazing its surface. Due to the increased surface tension, there is an unobstructed draining of the liquid, which carries away dirt and dust. The time spent on cleaning is significantly reduced, because a mild detergent is enough to clean the tile. In the same series, Arkitekt Color wall tiles are presented.

Care instructions


First of all, you need to remember about the release of the surface of the tile from the grouting and adhesive mixtures. Such contamination is better to clean without delay, at the stage of work, when the mixture is not yet dry. In this case, it can be easily removed with a damp sponge. Solid residues of the mixture are purified using special chemicals that should be used according to the instructions.

If the acid is contraindicated for use (for example, in the case of cleaning metal tiles), neutral reagents are used.


The choice of care for the material, as well as how it is maintained in proper form, depends on the type of material and its surface. Some types of tiles should be cleaned once every ten days, some require daily cleaning. To eliminate stains, you should completely remove dirty water from the tile, simply by rinsing it with a sufficient amount of clean water. To fight dust, wipe with a dry cloth is sufficient. Large areas are recommended to be cleaned using special machines with rotating brushes.

Remember that hydrofluoric acid and its components can severely damage surfaces. When choosing a tool, be sure to test it on a small area of ​​the tile.

Improper cleaning can cause damage to the material, leave stains on the surface, stains, and even a film that attracts dirt.

Tips for choosing

To save money, the company recommends choosing tiles from an assortment of old collections. If you strive for the most fashionable design, the company is ready to please you in this case too. Moreover, many colors are already combined with each other to select the best combination.


Buyers speak of Vitra tile with delight. Material pleases with durability, reliability, reasonable price. It is unpretentious in maintenance, to maintain a flawless appearance tile only requires regular wiping with a damp cloth. A variety of design (including traditional white tile and bright color models) allows you to choose an option for any interior. Sizes are also varied.

Especially note the square model size of 15x15, which looks wonderful in the design and the kitchen, and bathrooms.

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