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Kleo brand glue for wallpaper

Each apartment owner, who has organized cosmetic or capital repairs, used the Kleo brand's glue for wallpaper, has been provided with a magnificent effect obtained as a result of reconstruction, which will delight and delight others for a long time.

Special features

In the market of finishing materials today there is a wide choice of wallpaper glue from different manufacturers. However, glue brand Kleo is particularly popular.

The adhesive composition of Kleo has been present on the domestic market of building and finishing materials for a long time. A unique product was developed by a French company. Ascott Group, and it is manufactured at manufacturing plants around the world. The firm constantly monitors compliance with all regulatory and quality standards in each production.

The brand is carefully guarded against forgeries and propagandizes with dignity the high European quality of its products.


What competitive advantages does Kleo wallpaper glue have? making it so popular with consumers:

  • Produced by the manufacturer high quality products, durable and reliable adhesion to the wall surface that meets all international standards.
  • Thick homogeneous consistency with proper dilution.
  • Ecological purity of the mixture implies the absence of harmful impurities and additives in the adhesive composition.
  • An important component of the aesthetic requirement is the absence of an unpleasant smell.

  • Profitability in use and low cost, therefore, and decrease in monetary expenses at repair.
  • Rapid absorption when applied, which protects the texture of wallpaper from deformation and changes.
  • The presence of special antiseptic additives in the adhesive composition ensures protection of the walls, which are covered with wallpaper, against the formation of mold and fungus.
  • The glue has a long shelf life: 5 years in the dry state, 10 days when diluted.

  • The transparent consistency of the glue ensures respect for finishing materials, preserving their original colors.
  • Thanks to the excellent sliding qualities, it allows you to gently and gently correct the joints of the pasted wallpaper, bringing the quality of work to perfection.
  • Fast and uniform drying after pasting.

It is not surprising that the wallpaper glue of the brand Kleo, which has such an impressive list of advantages, has been holding the leading position among competitors for a long time.


The component composition of the adhesive is represented by two elements:

  • modified starch - a product obtained as a result of exposure to special starch on ordinary starch, in order to add certain quality characteristics to it;
  • antiseptic additives - specific components that help protect the space between the wallpaper and the wall from the formation of fungus, mold and rot. Both components are completely harmless to human health and are easily dissolved in water-based.

The range of products for finishing work of the Kleo brand is very large. Here you can find the soil, which reduces the consumption of glue, and special antibacterial and antifungal fluids.

The adhesive composition is divided into five main groups, differing in technical characteristics and requirements for the coating material used.

For paper coatings

Paper wallpapers are the most common and inexpensive in the market of finishing materials. Such popularity is due to the low price, excellent performance properties, environmental safety, high breathability, a wide range of models presented.

Paper canvases have a small weight - on the adhesive solution, respectively, the minimum load falls. That's why Wallpaper glue for paper coatings is the most inexpensive of the entire quality range of the brand.

For vinyl coatings

Vinyl wallpaper is a thin layer of PVC applied to a paper or non-woven base, which is a stable and durable material. Due to poor air permeability, such wallpapers try not to use in residential premises, but in rooms with high humidity (bathroom, utility room) they do an excellent job of their duties.

Kleo wallpaper glue for vinyl coatings is perfect for foam, fabric and embossed wallpaper. Since all of these coatings do not have sufficient elasticity, to correct the error with an unsuccessfully pasted strip of wallpaper, it is enough just to remove it and re-paste it with higher quality, having previously applied an additional layer of adhesive. The unique properties of Kleo for vinyl coatings will allow you to easily cope with this task, giving additional time for manipulations during work.

For fiberglass coatings

Fiberglass wallpaper is a type of wall covering designed for painting. This canvas has two important advantages: it can undergo repeated repainting and is absolutely not afraid of high humidity (depending on the paint chosen), thanks to which its service life is 30 years.

Fiberglass wallpaper is classified as heavy material, therefore When working with them, the dispersion properties of Kleo glue for glass fiber coatings are very useful.. This kind of adhesive coating has a high density and strength.

Kleo Extra (for non-woven coatings)

Non-woven coating is a special non-woven fibrous material, which consists of cellulose and artificial fibers. The material has excellent air and moisture permeability and is divided according to the degree of density into: thin non-woven wallpaper (because of its increased elasticity, they can create difficulties when gluing, stretch in different directions); canvases of medium and high density (have lower elasticity, the surface of the wall to be glued must be absolutely flat).

The main distinguishing features of working with non-woven coating is that glue is applied directly to the prepared wall surface, and not on the canvas wallpaper. The prepared canvases are glued to the wall, tightly adjacent to each other, achieving a perfect appearance of the joints.

Kleo Extra glue for non-woven coatings copes with its task, as it allows you to easily move the joined borders of the wallpaper while working, with excellent sliding properties.

Kleo Ultra

A distinctive feature of Kleo Ultra glue is its unique ability to cope when working with all types of wall coverings: vinyl, fiberglass and non-woven wallpaper. Due to its exceptional versatility, this product is particularly popular. But this does not mean that you can thoughtlessly use this product, designed for all kinds of material. Professionals prefer in each situation to look for a personal, the only right decision.

Manufacturers of wallpaper work tirelessly to expand the range, attracting new technologies, fashion trends and unusual materials. When buying acrylic, bamboo, metal or some other rare wallpaper, you should carefully read the specifications on the package, and already in view of the requirements, choose an adhesive composition for them.

How to prepare the adhesive solution?

The dry mix of the adhesive composition is sold packed in a plastic bag and packed in a standard cardboard box that contains 250 g of product. Each such package contains a detailed description of the sequence and methods of diluting the adhesive with water. To obtain a solution of a perfect consistency that does not contain lumps and clots, strict observance of all instructions of the instruction is necessary. Only strict adherence to all points is able to guarantee the consumer the exemplary quality of pasting the walls promised by the manufacturer.

The walkthrough consists of five steps:

  • To prepare the solution, it is allowed to use only clean container (basin or bucket), a clean stick or mixer (for the mixing procedure itself) and pure water (preferably at room temperature or slightly warmer).
  • The required amount of water is poured into the container, indicated on the package with glue, most often it is 7-10 liters.
  • The mixture is poured into the water in a thin stream near the bead of the tank, with continuous stirring of the solution with a stick, mixer, or simply with your hand.
  • Infusion of the resulting solution for five minutes for a uniform interpenetration of water and the mixture.
  • Final thorough control mixing the resulting solution to achieve the perfect consistency.

Freshly prepared glue has a light, opaque, whitish hue. You should not worry about this - after gluing the wallpaper, when it is completely dry, the glue becomes completely transparent and invisible.

Packaging with glue composition says that its contents, after proper preparation of the mixture, should be enough for 35 m² of the area of ​​the glued wall or ceiling surface. But experienced craftsmen who have been professionally engaged in interior decoration for a long time recommend - Before spreading the mixture with water, take into account the roughness of the walls prepared for pasting and the weight of the glued wallpaper. By making the mortar a little thicker than the instruction requires, it is possible to achieve a more reliable adhesion between the porous wall surface and the smooth surface of the wallpaper web.

One of the most beneficial advantages of Kleo glue is its ability to be stored in finished form for 10 days without loss of performance. This is a very important advantage for those who decide to make repairs, usually lasting more than one day, on their own.

The adhesive composition of the brand Kleo has proven itself in the modern market of finishing materials. Impeccable quality, a wide range of products offered and affordable price make it a true favorite among opponents. The grateful and admiring reviews of the happy owners of the updated interior speak for themselves.

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