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Sofas with a box for linen

In modern apartments constantly not enough space. Therefore, many people refuse massive beds in favor of more compact sofas with built-in laundry drawers that when folded do not take up much space.

In addition, not everyone has the opportunity to equip bedrooms for guests, and the role of a bed in such cases is performed by a sofa in the living room.

Special features

A distinctive feature of sofas with linen niches is their ergonomics. They play the role of not only a place of rest or sleep, but also serve as a place to store things. This option helps to clean up the bedding and they do not need to allocate a special place in the wardrobe.

It is worth noting that some sofas have roll-out drawers. This option fits perfectly into the interior of the children's room, because it contains a lot of space for storing toys. In case the compartment is single and of sufficient size, it can be turned into an additional place to sleep.


Inner boxes are always handy. They can be adapted for storing not only bed linen, but also spare pillows and blankets - depending on the size of the department. In addition to sofas with linen box, there are models with a department for shoes. They are smaller and designed for the hallway. This option will help keep shoes in order and simplify cleaning the floor in the room. Having a place to sit in the hallway is very convenient because it will make the process of shoes for both children and elderly children much easier.

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There are kitchen models with drawers. In this case, they are used for storing bulk products or large kitchen utensils.

Types of mechanism

The furniture market is ready to present a wide selection of sofa mechanisms with linen compartments.

  • Among them there are options with withdrawable folding device, for example, "Pantograph". In order to form a sleeping surface, you need to roll out the seat and cover the formed niche with a backrest. Its size is not very large, but sufficient for storing bedding during the day. The advantage of such a model is that it is very easy to expand it due to an improved design.
  • Such vykatny mechanism as "Dolphin"It is mainly installed on corner models and is well suited for small rooms, a balcony or a kitchen. It provides large laundry drawers and is easy to fold. In order to expand the sofa, you need to roll out the bed and pull the pillow over.
  • Roomy linen compartments can offer Eurobook. The seat moves forward, exposing a niche that is equal in size to the height of the backrest.

Choosing a sofa sliding forward, you need to pay attention to the fact that when unfolded it will take much more space. The necessary measurements are best done before going to the furniture store.

  • "Accordion" one of the few options for sofas, which has linen drawers. This is a compact model that unfolds according to the principle of an accordion: it is enough to pull the seat over and the sleeping surface can easily be unfolded. To gain access to the box for linen, you need to raise the seat.
  • Another popular folding option is "Sedfleks", but because of the design features, it can only have drawers for storing linen in the armrests. In contrast to draw-out designs, their case is not so reliable and easy to use because of the large number of parts that have to be set in motion each time.

If the sofa is purchased for many years, it is better to choose the most durable option, and when choosing a design, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Sofas from the array are not cheap. Their production is a labor-intensive process, which implies the availability of high-quality raw materials, special equipment and skilled workers. Such options are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. However, they are often defective.

The undoubted advantage over sofas from wood and chipboard have sofas on the metal frame. They look stylish and modern. The term of their operation is 2 times longer than that of products from an array. On the metal frame, you can perform any model of upholstered furniture, while the array has limitations. This is a very durable material that will withstand the daily folding and unfolding. In addition to the above, pleases the price.

It is also important device springs. The most preferred option is with an independent spring unit. In contrast to the classical mechanism, where all the springs are fastened together, such mattresses have an orthopedic effect. Additional padding is designed to enhance the effect and improve the quality of sleep.


It is easy to get confused after seeing the range of furniture stores that offer a sofa of all shapes and colors. Below are selected several copies that will help determine the choice. A sofa with wide wooden armrests is a suitable option for a living room. They can replace coffee tables, because they are convenient to put a cup of tea or put the remote from the TV. This option will appeal to those who like to eat in front of the screen.

The model with two drawers will appeal to anyone who prefers to have a lot of extra storage space. The drawers are located below the seat and can be easily extended. Curious option with side drawers located under the armrests. They have an average capacity, but they easily fit bedding.

  • "Beddinge" popular model from Ikea type "book". The design is minimalistic, the bed is very spacious, there is a compartment for sleeping accessories. Comes with a case that is stretched from above and, if necessary, removed for washing. If the color of the upholstery bothers, it is enough to purchase or sew another.

  • Miami perfectly complements the decor of both the living room and the bedroom. Linen niches are very roomy. Due to this, the sofa deep seat, to comfortably lean back, you may need additional pillows. This sofa belongs to the category of "economy". Fabric upholstery is particularly durable, it is easy to wash.
  • "Geisha" will look extraordinarily stylish in any bedroom. Has a design "accordion". The basis of the mechanism is metal frame, which gives it particular strength. The cover and two rectangular pillows are included in the complex.

  • "Palplay Blue" not afraid of pollution due to the fact that it is made of polymer. Since it is soft and has no sharp corners, it is a safe option for a child’s room. It is necessary to recline the seat, and the sofa turns into a roomy drawer for toys. It is easy to carry, since it is prudently provided with plastic handles. Due to all this, it is suitable not only for the city house, but also for the garden.


Berths can be of different sizes. The most common parameters are:

  • 200x180 cm - standard double bed
  • 200x160 - a one-and-a-half sleeper, which is also suitable for a couple.
  • 195x90 - single bed.
  • 150x120 - suitable for children.

How to choose a specific room?

Room dimensions are of great importance when choosing a sofa. Large furniture is not suitable for small rooms, visually making them even smaller. On the balcony and in the hallway will have to pick up sofas of a modest size. It is not necessary that the balcony sofa turns into a full-fledged sleeping place, but you should take care of its multifunctionality. In particular, if you choose a model with boxes, it will help to save precious square centimeters.

Sofas for the hallway are found in various configurations. They can be combined with a cabinet. An additional storage box for accessories or shoes is often placed under the seat. A small sofa can functionally replace a separate wardrobe or bedside table.

How to do it yourself?

Nothing is impossible to make a sofa alone. Before you begin, you should make sure that you have all the necessary tools and materials. The easiest way to work with chipboard. First, a frame is cut from a 2 cm thick board. It must be assembled, fastened with screws and upholstered with padding polyester. Next, the folding mechanism is installed inside. It can be purchased ready in the store. The mattress for the clamshell is made of sintepon and placed in a fabric cover.

First, a frame is cut from a 2 cm thick board. It must be assembled, fastened with screws and upholstered with padding polyester. Next, the folding mechanism is installed inside. It can be purchased ready in the store. The mattress for the clamshell is made of sintepon and placed in a fabric cover. Then you need to upholster a sofa and make cushions for sitting out of foam rubber and padding polyester.

Such a compact version can be placed on the balcony.

Stylish examples in the interior

Below are some good examples of how a sofa with drawers can look in the interior.

Refined luxury

An elegant walnut-colored sofa, matched to the floor, organically looks in a bright hallway. Built-in cabinet creates a comfortable surface for a landline phone and decorative elements. Lower shelves can be used as a shoe. The leather covering of the sofa, despite its color, will be easy to care for. This is a great solution for a spacious hallway.

Retro chic

"Accordion", made of solid wood, gives a cozy room in retro style. Extensive bed and orthopedic mattress guarantee a comfortable rest.

Stylish children

In the interior of the children's sofa with a pull-out bed perfectly saves space. Thanks to this design solution, there is enough space for games in the room. Contrast color design looks stylish and is suitable for both nursery and room for a teenager in the future.

Bright accent

In the room for a teenager color spot is a sofa. It harmonizes well with the brown color of the walls and creates an energetic atmosphere in the room. Orange color stimulates tone and attention and will not distract from study. It is additionally balanced by the pearl color of the setting. The bed is arranged in a drawer, which makes it easy to clean. It is cozy and pleasant to be in such a room.

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