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Anatomical mattress

Good healthy sleep is simply necessary for the full restoration of the strength of the human body. An important role in this is played by the place of rest itself, and here a very important role can play anatomical mattress.

What it is?

The word "anatomicality" immediately causes associations with the structure of the human body.

This means that the design of such a mattress is made capable of the most accurate repetition of the features of the figure of its owner, fully taking its shape and ensuring the least pressure on the body. This is the effect of supporting the whole body.


Anatomical mattresses are soft and at the same time elastic, have excellent orthopedic qualities and are suitable for most people. It should be noted that all anatomical models can be attributed to orthopedic, but not vice versa (very hard ortho products are not included in this category).

When in a prone position the human body rests on a very hard surface, tension appears in the areas of contact. The blood begins to stagnate, you must often roll over to avoid pain.

To avoid this, it is better to choose a mattress that gently takes the form of the body, equally distributing the weight over the entire surface and thereby reduces the pressure on the stressed areas. The water mattress completely fulfills all these conditions.

In addition, anatomical mattresses have the ability to thermoregulate and divert moisture. This is caused by the maximum size of the surface of contact with the skin of the owner.

What are the?

Both anatomical and orthopedic products are not universal. Before making a purchase of such a product, you need to pay attention to several key points.

The main selection criteria are:

  • rigidity;
  • dimensions;
  • base with filler.

Such products are divided into spring and springless (from natural or synthetic bases).

In mattresses with springs, manufacturers use blocks with 500 or more springs per square meter and interlayers of natural latex filler or polyurethane foam in the upper layer to obtain anatomical properties. This layer must be quite thick so that this type of mattress can compete with springless models.

There are several types of anatomical mattresses:

  • with dependent type springs;
  • with independent type springs;

  • springless products;
  • water.

One of the most common base blocks of springs is poket spring, in which there are 200-300 springs per square meter.

Springless based on the elastic properties of the material itself, they can use several layers of different. Springless latex products, memoriform and other types of polyurethane foam have the best technical characteristics. Manufacturers often offer mixed versions of natural materials and cheaper synthetic materials to reduce the price.

The advantages of this type of anatomical mattress:

  • do not accumulate dust and other small debris, preventing the reproduction of harmful microorganisms;
  • long service life;
  • preservation of the shape of the product throughout the entire period of use.

Nowadays, products made from memorix (memoriform). Under load, they very accurately copy the shape of the body, repeating all its curves. This type of mattress is often used in hospitals in the treatment of people with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, in order to avoid unnecessary stress on diseased areas.

At the same time they often have a very significant drawback - a strong chemical smell. Also, these mattresses are more rigid, have a rather high price, because their production is not cheap.

But the advantage of spring mattresses is just low cost. The greater the number of springs installed in the mattress, the stronger the anatomical effect. Elite are products with a spring density of 1000 pieces per square meter and filled with only latex - they have the highest cost.

Mattresses with independent springs have a long service life, but the anatomical effect here is less pronounced compared to springless. Also, the disadvantages of this type of mattress include possible breakage and weakening of the springs, the protrusion of metal parts, which can cause discomfort to the consumer.


The length of the mattress should be chosen to 20 cm more than a person's height.

Pro production takes into account the size of the bed factory beds, so that any buyer can choose the right proportions of the products to their sleeping furniture. Such a system can reduce the time of manufacture and reduce the cost, which directly affects the price for retail customers. Standard mattress length for an adult is 1800 (for thin), 1900 and 2000 mm.

Options for differences in width are much larger:

  • Mattress dimensions with one berth - 700 mm, 800 mm, 900mm.
  • Thin single versions are available with a width of 650, 750, 850, 950, 1150 mm.
  • The width of the product on the bed of one and a half size is usually 1200, 1400, 1500 mm.
  • Currently, many models are available with an intermediate size of 1600 x 1950.
  • The thickness of children's options usually does not reach 120 mm, length - 1200, 1400 mm, and width - 600, 700, 800, 900 mm.

Manufacturers Review

The following companies engaged in the production of anatomical mattresses are popular in Russia: Consul, Dreamline, Ormatek, Toris, Askona.

Foreign companies are represented in Russia by firms. Sealy, serta (located at the factory Askona), French manufacturer Sleepeezee, as well as stamps from Italy Magniflex, Dormeo, Primavera.

How to choose?

To choose the right anatomical mattress, you should definitely pay attention to several important factors.

First you need to decide on the design of the desired product. At the same time you need to know that the spring mattresses of the machine assembly design is stronger and more durable than those that are made by hand.

It is also necessary to clarify which filler was used in the production. Everyone has their drawbacks.

Batting over time it crumples, loses its elasticity. Foam rubber prone to shrinkage and deformation. The most ideal choice is latex and coconut fiber. For exterior trimming, thick jacquard, which does not wear out for a long time, and not synthetics, is the best option. The case is more convenient to choose removable, it must exactly match the size of the main product, otherwise it will slide off.

When buying a mattress you need to take into account the weight and age of the person who will sleep on this product. For the emerging children's spine and for people with large weights, the choice of a hard mattress surface is optimal. For the elderly, soft designs are preferable.

In the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, regardless of age, the recommendations of doctors must be taken into account.


Choosing a manufacturer, you should pay attention to its well-established reputation among buyers. Each company can highlight key points, marked by numerous consumers. Here are some of the characteristics of the manufacturers discussed in this article:

  • The largest manufacturer of mattresses in Russia - the company Askona. On the territory of this plant are manufactured products of such brands as Serta, Ikea, King Koil. The cost of their mattresses is quite high. Also a minus may be the fact that mattresses often have no removable covers. And at the same time, the largest selection of any size is able to satisfy the needs of any buyer - on the official website you can assemble a mattress at will, as a designer. The company is distinguished by excellent service, quality service. From the range of affordable and high-quality mattresses Askona popular models "Sleep Style Feel", "Spring", "Point".
  • Next after Askona in terms of mattress manufacturing, manufacturer - Ormatek. This company has a wide range of products and very competitive prices.

  • Cheaper by price category - Dreamline and Toris, more expensive - Consul. Toris does not have a wide selection of products, but makes very beautiful covers for mattresses. This company is required to prepay for the purchase, unlike many other manufacturers. Dreamline offers an assortment of both soft and hard anatomical mattresses, as well as manufacturing furniture for bedrooms. The disadvantage of products manufactured by Consul is often sewn without edging covers. In budget cases, covers are made from not differing quality synthetics with a strong odor.

The quality of Italian products is always very high, but the delivery price is always added to its market price, from which these products are significantly more expensive than those offered by local manufacturers.

Thus, wanting to get a decent anatomical mattress, you should not save. Excellent sleep ensures first of all a product with a natural filling, quality made. Then the purchase will really delight for many years in the process of use.

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