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Doors "Krona"

The door is a very important part of not just the house, but any interior in it. This means that when choosing an interior door, attention should be paid not only to its practical functions, but also to its aesthetic qualities. A very popular domestic company that creates beautiful and high-quality doors is Krona. This manufacturer offers a wide range of doors, from which the doors fit into both traditional and modern room designs.

Features and benefits

Factory "Krona" was established in the Vladimir region, in 2000. In just a few years, it has turned into a large and rapidly growing company, drawing the attention of domestic designers to the unique design and high quality of its products, and simply interested in the aesthetics of the interior of its home buyers. The doors are manufactured in a workshop with an area of ​​7,000 m², thanks to which the company manages to produce more than 25 thousand door panels per month. The company produces durable veneered interior doors.

The following advantages of the products of the Krona company can be highlighted:

  • High level of quality. Every day the factory employs thousands of experts and specialists who not only control the manufacture of products, but also take part in the development of new technologies for processing wood and increasing the strength of the door leaf design.

Due to this, the company's doors are distinguished by low weight, moisture resistance, as well as resistance to mechanical damage and temperature changes.

  • Unique design. Designers constantly create new models of interior doors, focusing on consumer demands and current trends. In the assortment of the manufacturer "Krona" there are no "template" door options. The company's advantage is a variety of styles, patterns and stylish details, as well as an unobtrusive color palette.
  • Use of natural wood. Usually, in the workshop, an array of pine is used, which, after modern processing, is able to bring elegance and elegance to the interior of the room.
  • Noise and heat insulation. A special way of filling the voids inside the door frame can increase the strength of the product. There is a rubber seal, so you can enjoy peace and quiet. Features of the design of the door frame in combination with natural materials can eliminate such troubles as drafts.
  • Durability. The long experience of the Krona company and special methods of manufacturing products allow us to achieve remarkable results. The door serves its owner for many years, delighting him with its beauty and quality.
  • Own glass production. If necessary, you can choose the option of a door with or without glass, as well as contact the sales office for an individual order.

Thanks to these features, thousands of customers annually turn to the wide range of the Krona company.

Modern collections

The manufacturer's catalog includes products made in a variety of styles, which greatly facilitates the search for a model for an apartment or house design. The following collections can be distinguished:

  • "Modern". To emphasize the warm atmosphere, smooth lines and muted colors of modern, the designers of the company dedicated a separate collection of doors to this area. At their production modern glass triplex with a flower or geometrical engraving is used. A rich palette, natural wood and an interesting execution of inserts of dark or light frosted glass make such products stylish finishing touches of the interior.
  • Techno. Doors from the Techno collection will help emphasize the simplicity of minimalism or the graphic quality of modern hi-tech. Clear lines, the absence of unnecessary details and monochromatic shades allow the products to smoothly enter the overall picture of the interior, emphasizing the functionality and lightness of the surrounding design.

  • "Provence". Whether it is French Provence or light business romanticism - the doors from this collection will be a great addition to the general atmosphere of aristocratic gloss and tenderness. Floral symmetrical ornaments and interesting smooth patterns diversify the decor of the room, make it even more luxurious.
  • "White". Models from this collection will perfectly fit into a spacious bright room, made in a modern style. Whether it is a cozy chalet, a bold art deco, functional minimalism or any of the ethnic styles - the white color of the door in combination with the correctly chosen way of decorating it will emphasize the features of this or that direction. In addition, the combination of a white door leaf with dark glass will look even more impressive, it will help to beat the most interesting interior of the house.


Owners of doors from the company "Krona" note the high quality of the models they purchased. This quality is reflected in the durability of products and the absence of any scratches and abrasions, even with sometimes not too careful operation. In addition, these doors do not require complex care.

Customer reviews often mention a decent level of performance.

Interesting design and variety of models allow you to choose the best option for your home. The presence of the official intuitive site allows you to choose a door directly from home, online. The company "Krona" has earned the trust of Russian buyers.

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