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Red chandeliers

Chandeliers play an important role in the design of the room. Properly selected lighting can even visually increase the size of the room. It can also compensate for the lack of natural light. But it is very important to choose the right chandelier to the interior. If the lighting is bad, your room will seem homely.

Red color in a modern interior is becoming more and more popular every day. Chandelier of this color will be the right decision in the design. Red attracts attention because it is bright enough. Similar lighting devices are very often found in bold interiors.

Special features

As a rule, the style in which such lighting devices are made is classic or modern. And they are made, as a rule, from crystal, plastic or red glass. Chandelier can be monophonic or combined with other colors and shades. Ideal - crystal red and white chandelier.

Such a device is combined with many other shades in the interior. The most common colors are white, purple and brown. Such a chandelier will look good even in black and white design, even if there are no other red objects there.

Such a lighting device can be a bright accent in any interior.

Very often, chandeliers in red colors are hung in the kitchen. Psychologists say that she will be able to wake up her appetite, the shade will inspire tasty cooking dinner, and some mystery will appear in the interior. Also, the lighting device can give a special shade to ready-made dishes that are in its light, making them more appetizing.

As a rule, creative people choose lighting with burgundy shades. Glossy light radiates a brighter color. Fabric shades are not so prominent. Red chandelier adds bright colors, improves mood.

Red chandeliers are the most diverse. For example, suspended ceiling. Perform them from plastic or glass. They will approach the romantic or solemn interior.

Red ceiling chandelier is a more simplified way of lighting. Small room owners with low ceilings often choose this solution.

Crystal chandelier will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. Red crystal plays with light due to its refraction. An elegant solution - a chandelier of red crystal in a room with high ceilings. But she will require careful care.

Combination with styles

A red chandelier can create an atmosphere of reign or romance. Glamor lamps will be in place in any interior and room. Below are considered the most successful combinations.

  • Classic. Most often, red lights find their application in the classic style. It has smooth lines, and chandeliers are made of glass or crystal.
  • Modern style. Modern chandeliers are very practical. They depict some plain plot in red tones.
  • High tech. This style is minimalist. Lighting in the corridor or in the kitchen with red chandeliers will look perfect.
  • Modern Lamps of modern style are made of different materials. There are many variations of red chandeliers in this style.
  • Loft. This is the style in which you can show imagination. Rectangular red lampshades and lamps on wires are the main features of this style.
  • Provence. Red Provence chandelier can easily combine two shades - red and some pastel.
  • Country This style is complemented by chains and various inserts.

Also, devices of similar color will be appropriate in areas with different functionalities.

  • In the living room. Chandeliers in the living room is important to choose correctly. After all, it is visited by all households and it is important to take into account the opinion of each. A view of the subject of lighting will attract guests. In addition, the living room is a multifunctional room.
  • Kitchen. In the kitchen, a red chandelier with a simple design will also look good, it will be easy to maintain. The chandelier is hung either in the center or at the dinner table. Other lamps should not interfere with the light of the red chandelier, it is important to distinguish between them.
  • Bedroom. To the bedroom is also important to choose the right chandelier. When choosing you need to take into account the size of the bed and the color of the walls, as well as the dimensions of the room.
  • Children's The chandelier in the nursery should be made of environmentally friendly material, it should not emit any odors when heated. If the room is made in neutral tones, then bright lighting is not necessary. And the lighting device itself can be of various shapes and any subject.
  • Corridor. A red light in the corridor shows home comfort and warmth, expanding the space. Great product for the hallway is not suitable. If the ceiling is high, then you can hang the lamp in red shades.

How to choose?

To choose the right light source, it’s enough to follow simple rules:

  • A small room means simple lighting;
  • You need to consider what room it will be in;
  • Will there be other lighting devices;
  • What is the color scheme of the room.

Lighting devices are usually hung in the center of the room, but if it is a studio apartment, then it is appropriate to have two pieces of lighting. For children's rooms fit adjustable light.

Choosing a lighting device, you need to pay attention to its diameter. To find out the size of the chandelier that is suitable for you, you need to find out the width of the living room in centimeters. The results are further divided by 30 and multiplied by 2.5. This will be the diameter of a suitable chandelier in cm. If the number is incomplete, then it is rounded up. Then you do not have to figure out the diameter of the object of illumination by eye, but there will be confidence that the size is chosen correctly.

It should be borne in mind that if the lighting fixture has small decorative details with pendants, then it will appear smaller than its size. It is better to choose a chandelier that will seem too large than a lighting fixture that will be small for the room, otherwise the room will disproportionately.

Buying this item, you need to pay attention not only to its appearance, but also that it worked properly. You must also look at the power of the lighting device. In general, for each room has its own lighting options. The higher the ceiling, the brighter the lighting. Soft or saturated light - everyone chooses himself. But here there are certain rules. It is important that the light of the red chandelier is ideal for the interior.

When replacing the light bulb you need to look at the power. Lamps with too much power can damage the chandelier, as they will heat up too much.

In general, this color in lighting fixtures symbolizes passion and perfectly emphasizes the glamorous and modern interior.

Without a light fixture, the room will look unfinished. All designers say that it is impossible to neglect this subject of lighting. The selection of chandeliers must be given due attention.

Many people think that the red color in the lighting fixture will somehow repel or appear too catchy. In fact, it is not. This color will fit the most diverse shades of the interior.

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