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Gracia Ceramica tiles in the interior

Ceramic tiles today occupies a leading place for use as a finishing material. Products brand Gracia Ceramica is no exception, because she won the hearts of Russian buyers due to its unrivaled qualities.

About brand

The Gracia Ceramica brand is a product of cooperation between Italy and Russia, as it is part of the domestic holding, and the best Italian craftsmen work on the design of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, taking into account the preferences of the Russian consumer. At the same time, all products are manufactured in factories of our country from domestic clay.

Gracia Ceramica is not easy a producer of ceramics, but also creativity in all senses and manifestations. Designers of the brand are very enthusiastic about their work, developing unique creations in their style - this applies both to the initial drawing of the tile and to the "revived" texture. There are very original models imitating artistic canvas, patchwork technique or beadwork.

The main philosophy and credo of the company is individuality in everything. The concept of the Gracia Ceramica ceramic tile collections includes the directions of Casa Elegante, Casa Moderne and Eco Casa:

  • Line Casa Elegante It offers customers a classic design tile with soothing shades, luxurious textures and elegant ornaments. These are samples of refined classics, reminiscent of ancient palaces with huge chandeliers and the chambers of aristocrats. In this group, the Palladio and Santorini collections are especially in demand.

  • Direction Casa Moderne It is an urban option where designers have experimented with texture and color solutions. This collection is for young and bold innovators breaking stereotypes.
  • Tile format Eco Casa suitable for lovers of natural materials in the interior. This is a godsend for those who are tired of city dust and are looking for peace in the lap of nature. The main colors are warm shades of brown with a variety of floral and other floral ornaments.


Gracia Ceramica coatings are made from clay, mined in the Rostov region. It is rich in minerals, so the tile is of high quality and durable. In addition, it has the following advantages:

  • durability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • diverse design;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • environmental Safety;
  • fire safety;

  • ease of cleaning and care;
  • immunity to aggressive chemistry;
  • ease of installation;
  • affordable price;
  • brightness of colors for a long time;
  • protection against mechanical damage;
  • high protection against mold and mildew.

Collection Features

If you want summer heat and marine themes in the interior - this is the best choice, because the brand produces tiles of delicate shades in collections Caspian and Erantis. On the flowering gardens and waking up nature will recall images of snow-white camellia in the subject. Arkadia, bright fuchsia - from the collection Aquarelle, and about a magnificent rose - from a collection Bliss.

The themes of flora and fauna are present in many collections of Gracia Ceramica, for example, the walls of the bathroom can be decorated with paradise birds from the Allegro collection.

And if you want bright colors and sensations of spring - you should pay attention to the themes of the Aquarelle line, performed in delicate lilac and pink tones. The game of halftones makes the tile literally pearlescent and iridescent, and the undulating relief adds volume to it.

The coating of this series is decorated with decorative accents with a floral theme. This is definitely an option for feminine and romantic persons.

Those who prefer minimalism or want to decorate the interior in a loft style will surely like the collection. Shades with texture and shades of cement, graphite, ragged edges and uneven stripes. Lovers of classics and luxury will appreciate the collection with imitation of aged marble and ancient heroes, and the collection Glance will please with a tile of light tones which effectively shimmer in artificial light.

Within the collections of Gracia Ceramica, there are a lot of ceramic surfaces that imitate natural materials: granite, wood, marble, and fossils. For example, as part of Garden Rose, you can find samples with a relief surface under a light and dark wood, and the classic theme of the brick tile, which is presented in the Metro series, will suit the design of the kitchen apron or cafe interior: 10 shades of tiles can be combined and create new interior options. This collection is complemented by a line of decorative elements Lacroix and Gzhel, with which the "bricks" perfectly combined.

One of the latest collections of Gracia Ceramica Virtu & Maestria is free from any stereotypes. Unusual, worn, as if aged textures with imitation of wood bark, stone, canvas, rusty metal, graphite asphalt, burnt wood, non-ordinary concrete, beadwork and luxurious gilding became the original design solution.

By the way, some elements of this collection were painted manually by artists, which will be appreciated by connoisseurs of a unique and inimitable interior. Here there is a mixture of styles, structural and original combinations of formats, as well as a unique opportunity to combine tiles from different collections to your liking.

Porcelain stoneware

For any type of Gracia Ceramica wall tile, there is a model of porcelain stoneware recommended by the specialists of the brand, which will harmoniously complete the interior. The surface of this material is so comfortable that you want to feel it barefoot, while experiencing maximum comfort.

Porcelain tile does not slip and does not absorb moisture, which allows it to be used in conditions of high humidity: in the bathroom, pool, sauna or in the kitchen. Parquet lovers will surely enjoy the porcelain stoneware collection. Alania with the texture of natural wood.

Tile Tuluza - a spectacular mix of different textures (stone, wood and metal), decorated with ornaments. Instances Patiento remind paved pavers Spanish courtyard, with the texture of gray or beige stone. This version of porcelain tile with a matte surface has a high frost resistance.

And for aristocrats in the soul and connoisseurs of the classics, an imitation of Carrara marble from the series will be a find Casa Blancawhich looks especially harmonious in open spaces of the hall or living room. This black-and-white tile with ornaments, laid out in the form of carpet and ribbon patterns, certainly will not remain without attention of guests.


The success of the Gracia Ceramica brand, not only in our country, but also in Europe, is due to both high quality and unique design features. The company's specialists often use revolutionary techniques and a combination of the incompatible: colors, natural and artificial textures, unusual effects, and even models from different collections. That is what attracts brand customers, as evidenced by the numerous reviews on the Internet.

Using Gracia Ceramica ceramic tile, you can easily create an interior in any style: from classic or minimalism to art deco or loft.

In addition, different formats allow you to choose as large-sized tiles for a cottage or production facility, and small in size for an ordinary apartment. Buyers, as a rule, are interested in the design, and the master-tilers note the exact dimensions, smooth edges and ease of laying the coatings, excellent quality and simplicity in the future maintenance. During the tile cuts nothing breaks away, which indicates its strength.

Also in the whole party is unlikely to meet the tile with the marriage - the surface is always perfect, without bubbles and blotches. Thus, the products of the brand Gracia Ceramica - this is a real find for thrifty owners who want to get high quality finishing materials at an affordable price.

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