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Estima Ceramica tile: pros and cons

Ceramic tile Estima Ceramica is well known to Russian consumers. For 17 years, the company has been producing porcelain stoneware, and during this time has established itself as one of the best domestic manufacturers.

High-quality tile Estima has its advantages and disadvantages, more about which we will discuss in our article.

Special features

Domestic company Estima Ceramica specializes in the manufacture of floor and wall ceramic products, widely used in interior and exterior decoration. By purchasing Estima tiles, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality certified product that is highly durable and reliable.

Despite the fact that the production facilities of the company are located in Russia, they use modern foreign equipment, including Italian, for the manufacture of products. Together with innovative technologies, this makes it possible to guarantee a high level of quality for each product. Facing material is able to withstand temperature differences and is suitable for use in unstable climatic zones.

For the manufacture of tiles used white clay, and color attached to the tile resistant Italian pigments.

The advantage of Estima tile is in high strength properties, hygiene, resistance to high and low temperatures. It is distinguished by the absence of conduction, long "holds" the color and endures mechanical damage.. All collections of the company have unique antistatic properties.

Estima's big plus is moisture resistance, which makes it optimal for use in rooms with high humidity levels, for example, in bathrooms, pools, kitchens, saunas, laundries. It is unpretentious in the care: even stubborn dirt can be easily removed with abrasives.

The Russian company fell in love with consumers for the excellent calibration of products: each tile has an exact geometry of the corners. Therefore, there are no problems with it in the installation: the work is fast and easy.

A wide range of models includes facades, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, office surfaces. Estima tile can be found in the decoration of the facades of airports, waiting rooms of railway stations. The variety of the model range allows you to choose the tile, taking into account the style of a particular interior, individual preferences of the client and his financial capabilities.


The company manufactures products of the most popular formats, which makes it popular in the design of various premises. It fits perfectly into the design of bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, in no way inferior to European manufacturers. At the same time, the price range of domestic tiles is much more affordable than foreign analogues.

Estima tile size is designed in such a way that after lining the room dimensions are not "hidden". Proper material calculation will avoid unnecessary pruning. And the choice of simple design will provide less tile consumption, which will significantly save the budget.

For the manufacture of tiles Estima use natural raw materials, and all stages of production of products are fully automated.

High-strength ceramic granite is made from a mixture of sand, feldspar and clay in three stages:

  • pressing of raw materials by means of high pressure;
  • cutting material under certain dimensions;
  • staining tiles;
  • burning;
  • glazing.

Tile dyeing is carried out using a special technology: the coloring composition is added directly to the raw material. Therefore, the color is evenly distributed throughout the territory of products. Even if the upper layer is abraded, the color of the surface will remain unchanged.

All shipments must be certified and verified. on frost resistance, durability, moisture resistance. All the characteristics of a collection are applied directly to the package. There are also related icons on the use of products.

Estima tile happens:

  • polished;
  • unpolished;
  • glossy (padded).

The surface of the material is determined by the way it is processed in production. The most safe is not a glossy surface. This tile can be used for flooring. But the glossy models are suitable for laying on walls and facades.

Scope of application

Estima porcelain stoneware is characterized by high strength, so it is in demand for lining:

  • facades of industrial and private buildings;
  • residential and entertainment complexes;
  • steps, walls of entrances;
  • for floor facing of apartments and houses, production shops;
  • walls of residential premises.

The Estima product range allows you to select a variety of simple and complex designs for different rooms. Manufacturers have tried to create the most different collections, each of which has its own unique charm and has its own purpose. Wall tile series include graphic patterns, imitation wood and more. This design is very popular in the lining of kitchen space, often found when designing the floor of living rooms and even bedrooms. This decor is especially stylish in the interior of private houses.

Marble-styled series for outdoor use are very popular.. Models are presented in several versions for a more accurate hit in a specific style.

A collection with an imitation denim texture looks unusual and original. The surface of this tile is different in volume, it is pleasant to the touch and is perfect for decorating the kitchen in a modern style, children's room.

Special attention deserve the collection "under the metal" with original inclusions on the surface, which form an unusual pattern. This design will complement the interior in a loft style.

The collections "under a stone", models with imitation of the texture of textiles, sand look simply amazing and successfully fit into any style of the interior. Estima tiles can be matte or glossy, unpolished or satin. Unusually look models with "torn" edges, found in collections with imitation of marble and natural stone.

Modern designers are very fond of Estima porcelain with imitation of cement coating. The floor, laid out with such tiles, looks particularly good.

For lovers of retro-style manufacturers have prepared a vintage series of tiles, the design of which is made with imitation of aged wood, sometimes bleached. Such tile will favorably complement the classic interior.

If earlier the company was engaged in the production of ceramic tiles of various shades, today it successfully carries out production, the appearance of which is as close as possible to natural material. Porcelain tile is almost universal material that will look great in any room.

Estima ceramics are very popular for bathroom cladding. Based on the style of the room, you can choose the best option tiles for laying on the walls and floor.

Since the bathroom is often a small room without windows, it is better to give preference to light colors and plain designs. You can choose tiles, sustained in one color, and you can choose the finish in contrasting shades. The first option is considered a classic for bathrooms and toilets and is in great demand among consumers.

Tile design series "Estima Alegria" will help to diversify the design of the bathroom.. The originality of prints, delicate colors, mosaic geometric lines will perfectly harmonize with the simple but elegant design of the bathroom.

The collections "Bolero", "Standart", "Felicita" and "Bond" will be a decoration for a room decorated in a modern or high-tech style. Products of these series will complement the atmosphere of the house with unusual notes and will make the design of the kitchen or bathroom truly unique.


To ceramics for many years, pleased with the purity and brilliance, it is necessary to ensure proper care of the surface. To do this, there are special cleaners designed to remove dirt and increase the resistance of the material to moisture. Some of them may be based on wax or acid.

It should be noted that significant contamination of the material occurs at the stage of lining. Tilers lay products on cement, which leaves stains visible even on a dark tile. Traces of cement must be removed immediately by wiping the surface with a soft, damp cloth.. After the cement mortar has dried, it will be much more difficult to remove the trail.


Reviews of the company are very different. It should be noted that among professional craftsmen this tile is in demand. Experts say that Estima is simple in lining, it easily falls on the floor and the wall, the surface looks smooth, uniform canvas.

There are positive comments regarding the availability of prices, high quality goods. Many consumers say that the surface of porcelain is pleasant to the touch and not whimsical in the care.

There are also negative comments, which state that tile packaging is not strong enough. Some consumers point out that the choice of collections is not large enough. Professional tilers claim that among the products can get tiles of different thickness or curved pieces of material.

Concerning it is recommended to purchase collections with square tiles, as in the rectangular can meet curved products.

Examples in the interior

  • The Estima Stone collection is the optimal solution for a classic living room.
  • Estima Aglomerat series products are a solution for a stylish interior in a modern style.

  • Products of the series "Estima Alegria", "Estima Capry", "Estima Fabric", "Estima Milagro" are perfect for creating a creative bathroom design.
  • The products of the series "Estima Lux", "Estima Latte", "Estima Sherwood", "Estima Textile" will help to create comfort and coziness in your home.

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