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Stretch ceilings in the interior: the design ideas of different rooms

Stretch ceiling today is one of the popular methods of decorating the interior of any room of the home. Today, this decoration of the ceiling space allows you to decorate the interior of the room in a special and tasteful way. The possibilities of this technique are unlimited. In this article, we will consider the idea of ​​designing a stretch ceiling in different rooms.

Design features

Stretch ceiling is a structure in the form of a cloth rigidly fixed by means of glue or frame. The glue method is rarely used: this is due to the fact that in most cases for mounting the surface cannot be leveled due to the large difference in height. Since the ceiling is not allowed to slide, use of tension structures on the metal frame. With this installation there is no need to prepare the base, which significantly reduces the time to carry out the installation.

Installation of these structures is quite simple and does not require the involvement of a specialist from the outside. For convenience, the tension may need the help of one of the household. The system is quite simple: the canvas is tensioned onto a previously prepared frame and fixed with fasteners. This coating looks beautiful and modern.


Tension cloth is nothing but material based on PVC or textile (including satin). In the first case, this is a synthetic film with a smooth or matte texture, in the second - breathing textiles with a surface that is characterized by a silky sheen. Varieties have their advantages, differ in price and quality characteristics. Each type of canvas provides for the possibility of photo printing, which allows to diversify any interior.

The film is usually already in width (3.5 m), often using seam technology for such ceilings. Its glossy texture is able to visually increase the space, but the mirror effect reflects on the surface all that is located below, so sometimes such a ceiling excludes additional decor in the interior.

Matt surface type is more attractive. When used on a canvas photo printing, it is more pronounced, the contours are usually clear.

Sateen variety is more expensive. Textiles produce a greater width (about 5 m), so usually these stretch ceilings perform on seamless technology. Such coverage looks expensive, hints at a certain status and compares all interior items with itself, which sometimes complicates the selection of the components of the interior composition.

Textile varieties of panels are resistant to low temperature, which allows the use of such design for unheated premises (for example, cottages).

Advantages and disadvantages

We note briefly the advantages of this design. Stretch ceiling:

  • manufactured according to new technologies that provide high technical characteristics;
  • different aesthetics, so decorate the interior of any room;
  • durable: does not deform, does not crack, does not crack;
  • unlimited in the choice of design and color solution;
  • reliable and not torn, if you need to do perforation and soldering for the sum of the optical fiber;
  • allows you to create complex multi-level structures;
  • it is environmentally friendly, does not emit toxins into the air, therefore it is harmless even for allergic people;
  • antistatic: eliminates the formation of fungus and mold;
  • in PVC products it is practical and easy to clean; it takes a minimum of time to clean.

In addition to the merits, this design has several drawbacks. Tension cloth:

  • have to be replaced in case of leakage;
  • mirror-type eyes dazzled;
  • unstable to mechanical damage;
  • in satin varieties with photo printing is expensive;
  • does not always withstand cleaning with chemical agents;
  • in fakes can have a harmful film composition;
  • in textile varieties more difficult to care for.

In drawing up any design by means of a tension structure, it is important to achieve the solution of several problems:

  • fill the room with light spots;
  • create a clear organization of space;
  • demonstrate the delicate taste of the owners of the house;
  • create a harmonious design taking into account the chosen interior style;
  • emphasize the uniqueness of the selected composition;
  • choose the design in one color with the interior of a particular room;
  • set a certain status of the situation, taking into account the purpose of the room, age and preferences of its occupant;
  • to choose the right lighting for the selected composition.

There are nuances that are unacceptable when creating the interior using a stretch ceiling. Undesirable:

  • overload the ceiling space with an abundance of decor and composition elements;
  • visually reduce the height and width of the walls through a dark shade;
  • use large images in rooms with insufficient space;
  • create complex compositions in small rooms with low walls.

Nuances of stylistics

An important aspect is the combination of the ceiling with the overall design concept. For modern trends (for example, minimalism, hi-tech, modern, bionics, brutalism) it is important to use modern materials and a glossy texture.

Classical directions (classic, neoclassical, classicism, Italian style), it is important that the texture of the material was matte. At the same time, in order to maintain the necessary attributes of the stylistics, the surface should be decorated with elements with imitation of gypsum stucco or a pattern with gold leaf. Therefore, the stretch canvas is often decorated with a decor for this texture (ceiling plinth, elements for a chandelier and decorative corners).

For vintage design trends, which include Baroque, Provence, CountryMatt texture and textile design are important. Shades of material should be white or milky, and the tone of ivory is appropriate.

For ethnic interiors (for example, Scandinavian direction) use laconic designs: the ceiling should not distract attention from the general concept of style.

Trendy Styles loft and grunge It is not easy to create using these materials: the style of these areas adheres to the similarity of the interior with an industrial object, it is difficult to apply this decor together with beams and communication systems. However, you can try using a simple canvas in the form of a small accent of the ceiling.

If you properly approach the design of rooms through the tension structures, this material can decorate any room of the dwelling.

However, stylists, on the basis of practical considerations, do not recommend decorating ceilings in “wet” places (for example, in the bathroom) with such decor. This is due to the fact that with a significant leakage it is not always possible to return the structure to the attractiveness of the original appearance.

Consider the main possibilities of decorating the ceiling space in the interior of the apartment (private house).

Living room

This room is the heart of any home and its business card. This is the place where you need to demonstrate the maximum creative possibilities. The design is selected in such a way that everyone likes the design and is associated with the home. If there are many parts and accessories in the room, laconic solutions are selected for decorating the ceiling, with an emphasis on composite lighting. When space and the number of interior elements allow, the design is carried out in the form of two-level structures with a contrast of shades of each level.

For giving of volume use external and built-in illumination.

The complexity of the design and type of material depends on the chosen style. If you want to focus on the surface or pendant chandelier, buy a large model, frame it in an annular design and complement the ribbon illumination. If the canvas is part of the composition with drywall, it is framed by molding and illuminated with spotlights or spots with adjustable angle.


It is appropriate to combine the tension structure with wall material. Matters and age of the child. If the wallpaper has a pattern, do not overload the ceiling canvas with the presence of the pattern. If the interior is made in a modern style, there is a wallpaper without a pattern with a relief texture on the walls, you can make a stylish solution, for example, in the form of a starry sky or space.

This design is designed at the stage of selection of materials. For him acquire a canvas of the desired shade, LED tape, fiber optic yarn.

So that the material is not torn, for perforation, holes are cut in the intermediate layer, soldering is performed, threads with light sources at the ends are fed. To create a flicker effect, different beams are used.

To make the illumination seem voluminous, a flexible illumination is built around the perimeter, choosing a tape with a dense arrangement of diodes per square meter and greater power of LEDs. This tape does not heat up during operation, therefore, when installing it, the substrate is rarely used.


In this room they try not to irritate the eyes with an abundance of drawing. If the accent part of the wall is decorated with photo wallpapers, a fairly plain cloth and a subtle tint. To soften the perception and create a relaxing atmosphere, enough light and warm shades of the color palette in combination with white.

Simple forms without multilevel structures will look better here.

Hallway and corridor

These rooms are often devoid of natural light and are limited in footage. The ceiling in them should be concise. Since there are usually a lot of things in the hallway, the surface texture should be matte: a mirror effect together with an increase in space will fill it with a sense of confusion, reflecting everything that will be located below. An interesting solution for these rooms will be photo printing with a picture of the sky.

This design on a matte surface finish will make up for the lack of natural lighting. If you choose the right image and set the backlight, you can create a design with a 3D effect. In this case, the image will be realistic.

The use of illumination as the main illumination is allowed: modern lamps are distinguished by high power with minimum energy consumption.


In the design of the ceiling of the office tension canvas using simple solutions. Sometimes the design uses photo printing with the image of cards. However, this technique is able to overload the space with an abundance of small details (for example, books located on the shelves of shelving).

For harmony, you should avoid massive lighting: better in the office look modest spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling, installed at different intervals for uniform illumination of the room.


It is better to choose a tension cloth for the kitchen on the basis of PVC, it is not afraid of moisture, it does not absorb odors, and the main thing is that dirt is removed perfectly.

Watch the video: PVC Stretch Ceiling Designs- Stretched Ceilings With False Ceilings For Classic Living Room (August 2019).

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