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Features a clear varnish for metal

Despite the fact that the metal is a strong and durable material, its surface still needs protection. From time and weather, it can lose its perfect appearance, so you should take care to cover the product with a special varnish.

What is the peculiarity of transparent varnish for metal?

Features and types

Transparent varnish, designed to cover metal surfaces, can be very different. Despite this, all such means are able to protect products. Thanks to them, rust will not appear on the metal surface, temperature fluctuations will not adversely affect it, and this will help to significantly extend the life of the product. In addition, this tool helps to protect the metal from moisture, to prevent the appearance of mold. Most commonly used clear varnishThe types of which will be described in more detail in this article.

If you choose among colorless varnishes, then pay attention to the polyurethane agentwhich can be matte or glossy. It has a water-resistant effect, due to which it is widely used both in exterior and in interior work. Most often produced clear lacquer in the form of an aerosol. The aerosol is easily applied to any surface, leaving no smudgeswhich is quite important. In addition, this type of varnish, as a spray, dries quickly. Polyurethane agent is a waterproof varnish that will reliably protect the metal from damage and increase its durability.

Also, this tool is used as a base before applying a colored lacquer or paint on a metal surface.

Often while working with metal use the so-called "NC" varnishes (nitrocellulose). One of the main advantages of this tool is that it dries very quickly. With it you can significantly speed up construction or repair work. Experts recommend using it primarily for interior work..

To the same category of varnishes can be attributed to the agent based on acrylic. It is easily applied to a metal surface, and after drying forms an inconspicuous transparent film that will reliably protect the product. Acrylic varnish is particularly resistant and can withstand even mechanical damage. In addition, such a surface will not lose its perfect appearance for a long time, despite the exposure to sunlight or severe frost. Also, acrylic lacquer has virtually no odor, which allows it to be used during work inside the house.

Alkyd varnish is also ideal for working inside and outside the house.. Most often it is sold in the form of an aerosol.

This tool has all of the above qualities and will be a reliable protection for any metal product.

Tips and tricks

You can give some useful tips for those who soon plans to work with varnish for metal products ^

  • When buying an aerosol, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture and shelf life. If the product has been stored for a long time in improper conditions, the surface covered with it will soon lose its appearance, and cracks will appear.
  • Protect hands and wear rubber gloves when working with any kind of varnish. You should also take care of respiratory protection and wear a respirator.
  • Conventional products (not sprays) can be applied to the surface with a brush. But experts recommend the use of a roller that will allow to achieve a uniform application.

  • The surface to be coated with the tool must be smooth and clean, if necessary, will need to be polished.
  • Before use of an aerosol study the instruction. Often, this tool is recommended to preheat in a special water bath.
  • If the product is applied in several layers, then it is necessary to wait until the previous layer is completely dry.

How to use a colorless spray-paint, see below.

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