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Street sliding doors

Many people take the choice of external doors very seriously, as they must be safe and secure. And besides, they should have a stylish appearance to please not only households, but also all incoming guests. Recently, outdoor sliding doors have become very fashionable, which are available in a huge range and have a lot of advantages.

Features and benefits

Many experts and amateurs say that this type of door is multifunctional and versatile, thanks to which they have a lot of advantages, among which the following is noted:

  • In the manufacture of such models of doors used special designs of glass, which are considered not only reliable, but also "air" in appearance. Such products will be a great addition to the front part of a residential house or cottage.
  • Street sliding doors can be purchased at a fairly reasonable price, which is relatively lower than other options.
  • Installation of this type of products is not considered to be quite difficult, but it is better to use the services of specialists in order not to damage anything and do everything correctly and safely.
  • Speaking of whole glass walls where sliding doors are embedded, many people consider them unsafe, especially vulnerable to burglary. However, this is not the case. In the manufacture of products of this type and their additional parts only durable and proven materials are used, only glass itself can be manufactured using a special technology, not to mention safe locking systems.
  • Sliding doors are suitable not only for public institutions, such as restaurants, spa complexes, shops and so on, they can also perfectly complement the cottage and any other suburban and private apartments.
  • The great advantage of sliding doors for streets is their huge variety in forms, designs and materials of manufacture.

We can say that any street sliding doors will make the house more comfortable and bright.

When installing sliding and sliding doors, special attention should be paid to proper installation, so designers and professionals in the construction business recommend to seek help from experts, because improper installation of doors is fraught with not the best consequences.

Big variety

Most of the sliding doors are glass models. However, in the building materials market there are also sliding metal structures. They move into a special doorway, which makes them multifunctional and compact. Such products are perfect for both home and apartment.

Be sure to pay attention to the Italian models from the Oikos brand from the Vela series.

Glass and sliding doors can be made on several profiles - cold and warm. The first one is suitable, for example, for summer cottages where you only have a rest in the warm season, and do not appear in winter. The warm profile is designed for greater heat retention in residential apartments. If it is a question of a dacha, even in the winter it will not be visible from such a door, it will be airtight and perfectly retain heat inside the room. In addition, the warm profile has excellent noise insulation.

In addition, everyone is used to the fact that the glass is extremely transparent, but the doors can be both opaque, and darkened, and with different ebb tides.

Outdoor sliding doors can be made of the following types of glass:

  • Hot. This kind of glass is considered to be very practical, as it withstands a variety of temperature changes.
  • Laminated. Such glass is often used in construction work, as it is considered safe and reliable.
  • Reinforced glass is also considered a good choice, because the doors of it will be no less stable than the previous two options. Inside this glass contains a special metal mesh, which makes this material even more resistant and shock-resistant.
  • Acrylic glass is considered the easiest, but at the same time practical. Its advantage is that it can be ordered in a variety of colors and shades.
  • But sliding models of glass composite are sure to suit even the most fastidious customers.

Plastic sliding doors can be a great solution for purchasing if you need to save space. They also come with glass, so if you decide to create a panoramic view, you can watch from the house or cottage, for example, at a beautiful garden at any time of the year.

When choosing an outdoor sliding door, be sure to specify what glass it is made of.


The price of any door is always the sum of its technical characteristics, as well as the material from which the product was made. In addition, foreign models of doors will cost much more than domestic options.

Some experts have not the first year draw the attention of buyers to the fact that in our country began to produce decent quality building materialstherefore, it makes sense to pay attention to Russian companies engaged in the release of door panels.

The exact price of the product will depend on the size of the future product, the type of the door system itself, the various costs of the accessories and the decor.

In general, glass sliding doors for going out into the street can be purchased for 25 thousand rubles and more, metal models can cost several times more expensive, since they have a more complex structure.

How to choose?

When choosing the front door, you should take into account many different factors, which include not only climatic conditions, especially affecting the heat in the house, but also the practicality of the future product, and, of course, the preferences of the customers themselves.

When choosing an outdoor glass sliding door, it is very important to pay attention to glass, since it can be of different types, and its strength will depend on a certain number of double-glazed windows. In addition, if you install such a sliding door to the country, it is very important not to forget what kind of winter in Russia. One glass unit can withstand about three or four degrees, so you should choose models with at least 3 or 4 glass units.

Also very important so that these doors were airtight and they had a special rubber layerwhich will help to make products of this type more noise and heat insulated.

When choosing between sliding wooden or plastic doors with glass, you should proceed from your own preferences, since both options are considered practical, airtight and stylish in appearance.

There are the following types of sliding doors:

  • Sliding stained glass doors are perfect for creative individuals who want their home for sure to pay attention.
  • Harmonica doors are also in great demand. With their help, you can perfectly optimize the space. In the best way they are suitable for creating a panoramic view from the house.
  • Suspended sliding doors will be a great solution for installation in a country estate.
  • The most successful and practical aluminum models. Many experts generally recommend that all buyers choose doors made of aluminum, especially if there is such an opportunity. Such models are considered the most reliable.

Interesting options

Sliding and sliding doors can look great not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Glass models on spacious and open balconies look very original, when from the inside you can admire the beauty from the street. Often, such models are installed in large country apartments. Sliding doors are also great for access to a beautiful terrace, especially if you live in a warm climate.

Whatever model you choose, especially when it comes to glass, do not forget that its color should harmonize perfectly with the entire structure of the house, and inside it should be matched to the color of the interior itself.

Wooden sliding models are best suited for country houses, which are made, for example, in the style of country, Provence or loft. If you probably do not know which door is best to choose, you should seek the help of specialists.

An overview of outdoor sliding doors, see below.

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