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Which thermostat for underfloor heating is better?

Floor heating system is a rather useful invention. It allows you to create comfort in the home. In the absence of heating in the house you do not need to worry about the fact that you will be left without heat.

Asking the question of the installation of such a structure, it is necessary to ponder many questions. In order for such an acquisition to bring maximum benefit, additional equipment will be needed. In particular, the need to install a thermostat (thermostat) to optimize the operation of the entire system.

Thermostat is a device designed to control the temperature regime of heating elements.

Special features

The main task of the thermostat for underfloor heating is to control (turn on and off the system), adjust the temperature, as well as the consumption of electrical energy consumed.

It is worth noting that modern devices have such a feature as saving electricity. They allow to reduce consumption by 40-50%. Such regulators, of course, stand out among other models of thermostats. In addition, a reduction in the level of consumed resources can be achieved by using a device that has a two-way thermostatic valve.



From a wide variety of thermostats for underfloor heating there are several main categories:

  • Mechanical;
  • Sensory;
  • Digital;
  • Programmable.

Mechanical thermostatic valve is considered the most simple, but at the same time common type. It is a mixing unit located on a three-way valve. It can also be represented as an electromechanical device. In any of the options, its main purpose is to adjust the temperature indicated on the rotary scale. Models belonging to this group are easy to use and have an affordable price.

It is worth noting that the presence of a three-way valve allows you to apply these devices to underfloor heating water type. It directly adjusts the flow of cold and warm water. He also mixes them and provides water with the desired temperature in the pipethat are used for floor heating. However, such an application is possible only when there is a separate water heating system in the dwelling.

But such cases are extremely rare. That is why the most common are electromechanical thermostats. Setting the required temperature parameters in them is also carried out manually.

The touch thermostat for underfloor heating is also easy to use. In addition, it has a high accuracy rate, while being the most convenient in terms of control. It is worth noting that the cost of devices of this type is quite high. This is due to the quality of functioning and a set of opportunities.

Digital thermostat on the principle of action resembles a device of a mechanical type. The main difference is the presence of a display on which the display of the temperature of the floor surface occurs.

By the way, it is also exhibited in manual mode. However, control is via buttons. They can be ordinary or sensory.

A programmable thermostat for floor heating, in comparison with the above-mentioned types of these devices, has significant advantages. Its main difference is the ability to program the desired temperature regime and all its changes for different periods: days, weeks, months and even years.

In addition, when using such a device, the degree of floor heating is adjusted. That is why they are widely used in the systems of "smart home". Programmable thermostats are able to recognize the presence or absence of people in the room at the moment.

This device is perfect for homes with a large area. Thanks to the intelligent system, it can significantly reduce the cost of electricity and optimize the climate in the home, depending on the outdoor temperature.

Tips for choosing


Focusing on the types of thermostats, you can go directly to the selection of the most optimal option for arranging your home. It should be noted that almost all existing sensors are suitable for controlling heating elements of any type. Therefore, owners of both infrared and cable underfloor heating, as well as water or electric, can purchase this device.

Another positive aspect is the fact that the thermostat does not have to be a product of the same manufacturer as the system as a whole.

If you have decided on the amount of the planned costs and are going to buy a thermostat, you should familiarize yourself with some criteria for the correct choice. First of all, at the time of purchase you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Technical parameters:

  • Type of device, which directly depends on the cost;
  • Sensor type (external or integrated);
  • Uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface.

2. Power ratings indicated on the device. This parameter should be selected with a small margin (20% higher) from the parameters of the entire system. So you will provide her with long service without interruption.

3. Installation method. Embedded instrument types imply the need for drilling holes. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy the owners of wooden housing. The most convenient in this case is the invoice thermostat. It is suitable for any wall, because its installation takes place in the distribution box.

4. Appearance. Manufacturers took care of the attractive design of their products. Therefore, each customer can choose a device suitable for the general interior. In this matter, only the personal preferences of the owner are important.

5. The number of channels. With their help, resource savings are achieved:

  • Buying one device, which should regulate the heating of two rooms, it is necessary to combine them competently;
  • Two single-channel devices are in the same box. This is convenient when there are children in the house. So they will not have access to PU;
  • Dual-zone thermostat controls the heating using a two-way valve, which has two modes: for electric and water heated floor.

6. Control and possibility of programming the device:

  • It is recommended to purchase a device of a mechanical type, if children live in the house. It is less attractive to them and quite simple if necessary repairs;
  • If the floor is covered with laminate or linoleum, then it is advisable to buy a digital-type thermostat. The maximum temperature of heating of such surfaces should not exceed 26º. Only digital thermostats have the ability to customize this parameter;

  • Device installation height. Some models have certain requirements for this criterion. Few people prefer to stoop whenever you need to set a mode. In addition, the presence of children in the family will not allow to make a choice in favor of such a device;
  • Built-in wireless connection. In more modern and expensive models, manufacturers have integrated wi-fi into their products. This greatly facilitates the management process, since it can be implemented through any gadget (subject to the installation of special software).

Guided by these tips and knowing the principle of operation of each individual type of device, you can understand which choice to make. In addition, you can always ask for help from a specialist and get answers to any questions you may have.


After the choice is made and the purchase of a floor heating system is made, as well as a thermostat for it, you can proceed to the most important thing - the installation.

The installation of the system itself, whether electrical elements from infrared film or a heating cable, is performed fairly quickly and does not require special skills. You can order the services of a similar repair from a master or do it yourself.

As for the thermostat, its connection to the heated floor occurs in several stages:

  • First you need to determine the place in the room where the device will be placed. It is worth considering that next to it must certainly be an outlet with a voltage of 220 volts. In addition, you need to provide a sufficient distance between the thermostat and wiring. In this interval will be located automatic switch.
  • When creating an electrical floor plan, it is very important to allocate space for the temperature sensor. It should be located next to the thermostat and not closed with furniture.
  • If you use infrared film for floor heating, the sensor is mounted on the inside of the film.
  • When using a heating cable that fits into the thickness of the screed, the thermal sensor should be protected from exposure to concrete.
  • After the installation of the underfloor heating system is completed, it is worth making a markup on the place intended for the thermostat. If the regulator is built in, then it is necessary to make a niche for its installation. If it is a consignment note, the installation is carried out using self-tapping screws.
  • Upon completion of these actions, you should compare the performance indicators in the heating element of the heated floor with the allowable power in the thermostat. Its maximum should not be less than the load that is applied to the heating element.
  • The last point is to connect the wiring of the heating elements directly to the thermostat terminals. It should be noted that compliance with the connected phases is very important. Most electrical appliances have corresponding lettering or color designations. So, the neutral wire is the letter "N" or blue, and the phases are the letters "L" or "F", as well as black, white or brown.

After performing all the manipulations, it is recommended to test the connected device:

  • Set the minimum temperature;
  • Feed;
  • Start the heating switch;
  • Slowly change the temperature. At the time of the start of the heating elements, you will hear a faint click;
  • Estimate floor heating.

Also, to facilitate the installation of a thermostat to control the floor heating system, the use of a self-regulating heating cable is recommended.

As for the installation of a thermostat for a warm floor of water type, in most cases it is not at all necessary. Distributing dies are actively used for this type of floor heating. This is not a separate element, but a complete system that controls the operation of the contours of the water floor heating. However, in order to save money, the owners still want to see thermal sensors on their systems.

Such a system has a rather simple circuit for connecting a thermostat - mounting a thermostatic head with a remote sensor on a two-way valve. In this case, the regulator works as a timer. That is, water is heated to a certain temperature for a set time.

After reviewing the installation instructions for one or another thermostat, you will be able to install without too much difficulty. In addition, following the simple rules, it will turn out to eliminate some faults on your own.



Today there are many manufacturers of thermostats for underfloor heating. However, among the huge list can be identified several of the most noteworthy specimens.

These are devices of such companies:

• Legrand;

• Devi;

• "Heatlux";

• Electrolux;

• Energy.

Temperature controllers of Legrand company are the brainchild of the French manufacturer. It is worth noting that this brand was founded long ago - in 1886. However, the original idea of ​​the founders was the production of porcelain.

In the middle of the 20th century, the concept of the company changed radically. The main focus of the company was the production of control valves and power supply systems.

In Russia, buyers appreciated the products of this manufacturer. Thermostats Legrand have a simple and intuitive control and have a high level of quality.

Especially it is necessary to highlight the product series "Valena". It has become widespread thanks to attractive external data and interesting design. Temperature controllers of this line have the following features:

  • Application of the classic frame;
  • Having a choice of the type of control;
  • Durability;
  • Quality assurance.

Like any other, Legrand brand devices are divided into two main categories according to the method of control - mechanical and electronic. It should be noted that the frame and body parts are made of high strength plastic. Therefore, these devices have good performance and durability.

Another manufacturer that deserves the attention of the consumer is the trademark Devi. TThese devices have many advantages, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • Accuracy. These devices are characterized by high accuracy of temperature control and optimization of the floor heating system.
  • Wide range of. A large variety of models allows each buyer to find the most suitable option for themselves.
  • Big set of functions. Thermostats programmable type, in addition to the standard functionality, have additional features to improve the comfort of using a floor heating system.

Next on the list are the thermostats of the company "Teplolux". They have earned the trust of users due to their quality as well as attractive price. It is an affordable price that is the hallmark of these regulators, along with other manufacturers.

"Heatlux", as well as other firms, took care of the choice of models. Therefore, the buyer is offered temperature controllers with both mechanical and programmable control method.

Electrolux is considered a very young manufacturer. This brand has Swedish roots, since this is where the company's headquarters is located. However, production is carried out in China. Despite this, the products gained recognition due to ease of operation and relatively low cost.

Another in the ranking of the best thermostat listed products Energy. This company is engaged in the production of heating equipment. Thermostats from this brand also have important advantages, as well as a fairly wide range.


Modern people tend to arrange their homes and try to create the most comfortable conditions for their families. As for thermostats for underfloor heating, the customer reviews of such devices are overwhelmingly positive.

All owners of such devices were satisfied with the purchase. They note that the operation of the heating system with such a detail has become much easier. In addition, the delivery kit fully meets the needs of users. Manufacturers attach clear instructions to each model, thanks to which the use of such installations becomes available.

Before buying a thermostat for a floor heating system, experts recommend checking customer reviews about the model of interest to you, as well as familiarize yourself with the rating of their best types and manufacturers.

Armed with all the necessary knowledge, you can choose a thermostat for floor heating, which will serve you for many years.

Successful examples and options


In conclusion, I would like to offer several interesting options for installing thermostats and their location in the interior.

Pretty convenient is to mount the sensor in a common box with a light switch. This arrangement is very appropriate and contributes to the speedy habituation to the novelty in your home.

Another simple and very organic solution is to install the thermostat at the entrance to the room.

Also, this method is suitable when installing a two-channel thermostat, the purpose of which is to control the heating system in several rooms at once.

The following example shows how to install a regulator in a family in which there are small children. The device is located at an accessible for adults, but at the same time a safe distance from the baby.


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