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Models from the factory "Formula sofa"

The choice of upholstered furniture is a crucial moment. Models from the factory "Formula of a sofa" combine high quality, comfort and refined style. A wide range allows you to choose the option for every taste, and an individual approach ensures the manufacture of furniture in the right color in the shortest possible time.

Features and benefits

Company "Formula of a sofa" - one of the components of the holding MZ5 group. This is a well-known furniture manufacturer, working in collaboration with leading experts from Italy and Germany. The logo of the furniture factory is the image of two corner sofas that form the heart. This symbol means love to the business and the reverent attitude to buyers.

Today the company has more than 300 brand stores throughout Russia. The advantages of upholstered furniture brand are obvious.

  • Quality. The highest level of performance of the brand products confirms the German certificate of quality. The production uses innovative technology and the most modern equipment. The furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials. All products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production prior to sale.
  • Convenience. The main principle of creating furniture brand is maximum comfort. Together with the German specialists, the company has developed rules for the design of sofas with care for the health of its customers.

The orthopedic effect is guaranteed in all positions in which the sofa is used. This is the correct fit, ensuring the natural position of the spine, and healthy sleep with full relaxation of all muscles of the body.

  • Variety of assortment. The company's designers regularly release new collections of sofas, including both trendy new items and elegant classics. A wide range of models and fabric design allows you to choose an option for any, even the most demanding taste.
  • Reasonable prices. Due to large-scale production, the company buys materials and components in large wholesale at low prices. And some components are made directly at the factory. All this allows you to set an acceptable price level for products of quality Lux. In addition, the cost of furniture absolutely pays off its comfort and practicality. The service life of the sofa brand - more than 10 years.

Sizes and shapes

In the assortment of the company there are both straight sofas and corner models. As for the size, here you can also find an option for any room. The most miniature are "Polo Lux" and "Rhine Lux". Both models have a cozy design and curvaceous. The size of both options - 2000 × 1000 mm. Among large models, the most solid is the corner "Raymond". This sofa with ottoman laconic design. Straight, clear lines will perfectly fit into any modern interior. The size of the model is 2940 × 1670 mm.

Also among the large sofas can be identified "Dresden" and "Bryggen". Luxury models of noble appearance differ in the type of tie on the back and armrests. Rounded smooth shapes and soft pillows seem to invite a friendly company to spend time for a pleasant conversation. The size of both options - 2920 × 2050 mm. Another elegant and elegant option - an angular sofa "Capri". The model is ideal for classic interiors, can be complemented by a comfortable folding chair. The size of the sofa is 2800 × 1930 mm.

Transformation mechanisms are also different.


This system is designed for miniature sofas. All parts of the structure are created taking into account the anatomical nuances. Due to this, during sleep, the spine maintains its natural position, and the muscles completely relax.


Instant transformation of the sofa into a double sleeping place does not require moving the furniture away from the wall. The front end is easy to ride forward using mini wheels. Large inner box allows you to place bed linen, pillows and blankets.


Reversible mattress provides a perfectly smooth sleeping place with an orthopedic effect. The special design of the rollers makes it easy to unfold the sofa.


This species "Eurobooks" different method of transformation. Here, the front end "oversteps" as the position changes. This option of folding the sofa is convenient in the presence of a carpet with a fluffy pile.


This mechanism is used in corner models. After the transformation, you get a sleeper size, similar to a double bed. Snake springs provide orthopedic properties of the sofa and maximum comfort during rest.

Accordion NEXT

An improved version of the known mechanism "Accordion" allows you to expand the sofa in one easy movement. Suffice it to pull the loop. Such models are always supplied with an internal compartment for linen.


Genuine Leather - elegant and solid material. Leather furniture looks noble and personable, it is appropriate in any setting. Although more often such sofas are purchased for office space, in the apartment a leather sofa looks no less luxurious with a corresponding interior. Leather has high strength and wear resistance. It is pleasant to the touch, easy to clean from dirt. Modern processing methods allow to obtain leather coatings of any color. In the assortment of the brand there are classic restrained colors (black, white, beige, brown), and pastel shades, and bright juicy tones.

Artificial leather - cheaper, but no less practical and beautiful material. It is also pleasant to the touch, different softness and elasticity, can serve more than one year. Furniture made of artificial leather is hypoallergenic, respectable looks, unpretentious in care. The color palette is also varied. You should not choose natural or artificial leather as upholstery only in an apartment with pets. Such materials are easy to scratch, and claw marks can seriously damage the appearance of furniture.

Fabrics are presented by the brand with several options:

  • Velor differs in soft and gentle pile. Velor sofas are beautiful and pleasant to the touch. However, it is worth remembering that this material is sensitive to abrasion. To maintain the original appearance it needs careful care.
  • Flock is another velvety fabric. She is not afraid of moisture, sunlight and temperature extremes. This sofa is easy to keep clean, and even pets can not noticeably spoil upholstery claws or wool. However, it is important to remember that the material absorbs odors quickly.
  • Jacquard - dense material with an interesting texture. It is characterized by durability, wear resistance, great appearance. The material is resistant to tears and unpretentious in the care.
  • Chenille - fabric with a soft, pleasant to the touch surface. The material is durable, does not form the pellets and "bald patches", for a long time retains an excellent appearance. Of the disadvantages can only be noted the poor resistance of the tissue to moisture and the claws of animals.
  • Microfiber - fabric, appearance and tactile sensations reminiscent of suede. The material is resistant to abrasion, does not electrify, does not absorb moisture. It is also hypoallergenic, permanently preserves the brightness of color and impeccability of texture.

Popular models


This status sofa is presented by direct and angular options. Massive solid forms in this model are combined with comfort and softness. Comfortable backrest cushions and original rounded armrests provide maximum comfort. When unfolded, the sofa forms a spacious and even sleeping place. Universal design allows the model to fit perfectly into any interior. The straight sofa has a size of 2040 x 1000 mm. The corner forms a sleeper with a size of 1500 x 2000 mm. The folding mechanism is Hesse.


The original modular sofa resembles a blooming flower. The model does not have armrests. Their function is performed by the edges of the seat, rising at a 45-degree angle. When unfolded, the model forms a full-fledged sleeping place. The size of the sofa is 2000 x 1000 mm. Inside is a roomy laundry drawer. The conversion mechanism is the Eurobook.


This model is represented by various sofas. A common feature of all variations are volumetric lush shapes, a comfortable fit, rounded pillows on the armrests, guaranteeing maximum comfort. Popular and direct option, and the corner "Leipzig 2", and a sofa with an ottoman. All models form a large double bed for an overnight rest measuring 1500 × 2000 mm.


This corner model has already become a sales hit. Soft back provides a natural position of the body. The multi-layer design allows the seats to maintain elasticity and instantly restore the original shape. An incredibly comfortable ottoman seems to invite you to relax in front of the TV or read your favorite book, stretching out your legs after a long day. The sofa is equipped with a box for linen. Unfolding mechanism - "Dolphin". Dimensions of the model - 2500 x 1650 mm.


This model has a concise and elegant appearance. A straight sofa with a size of 2460 × 1130 mm will perfectly fit into any room. There are various transformation mechanisms to choose from. This can be Tick-to-Talk or Eurobook. Also to this stylish sofa you can order at least a gorgeous chair in the same design.

Iris 2

A modest but nice small sofa will take a worthy place in a small apartment. Despite its compactness, when unfolded, this model can easily replace a double bed. The spring block and high-quality PPU provide optimum softness and comfort. The "Relax" feature allows you to increase the depth of the seat for maximum convenience. The dimensions of the bed are 1980 x 1550 mm. Sofa dimensions in folded form - 2000 x 1060 mm. There is a capacious box for linen.


The laconic geometry of the forms in conjunction with the stitching of the upholstery creates a strict but cozy design of the sofa. The angular form with an ottoman provides a comfortable rest during the day, and the Hessen mechanism gives a spacious sleeping place for a night's sleep. The berth size is 1500 x 2000 mm.


A charming straight sofa with unusual folding armrests is ideal for a small apartment. Armrests can be used as a pillow. Despite its compactness, the sofa forms a spacious sleeping area measuring 1580 x 2020 mm. The mechanism "Superbook" ensures the absence of joints after unfolding the model. Optionally, a sofa can be added to the sofa with a comfortable sliding table.


The ergonomic model is equipped with a high back, allowing the maximum relaxation for a person of any height. The straight sofa has dimensions of 2130 x 1070 mm. At night, it is easily transformed into an even and comfortable double seat. Strict design makes the model an excellent option for any room.

Bergamo Suite

Elegant straight sofa with excellent ergonomics is ideal for day and night rest. When folded, the model can accommodate three people; when unfolded, it easily replaces a double bed. Berth size - 1550 × 1980 mm. At the request of the sofa you can order a luxurious chair in a similar design.

Where to put?

Near the window. This option is appropriate if the room is small. Putting the sofa back to the window, you can release three walls to accommodate cabinets and other furniture. However, it is worth considering that it may not be too comfortable to sleep next to the window. Noise from the street and a strong wind from the vents open at night can spoil the sleep and mood.

Near the wall. This option is the most common. In this case, it is worth thinking about the design of the wall behind the upholstered furniture. If the wallpaper has a picture, then you can do without additional details. Monochrome wall can be decorated with a picture or a large photo in a frame.

In the corner. Corner sofas are often placed in the corner of the room so that the protruding part of the furniture does not interfere with freedom of movement. However, if the room is large enough, then such a sofa can be put anywhere without losing the harmony of the atmosphere.

In the center of the room. This option is often used for zoning large space. This arrangement of furniture is also appropriate in studio apartments in order to separate the recreation area from the kitchen part. Opposite the sofa will be a logical placement of the TV. A good solution will also be the location behind the back of the sofa another piece of furniture. It can be a tall chest of drawers or a shelf. This will make the composition complete. In addition, you can solve a practical issue - there will always be a place for a desk lamp, a book or an alarm clock next to the sofa.

How to choose?

The size

First of all, measure the room, especially if it is small. Decide what size should be a new sofa in the assembled and unfolded form.

For a small room fit a straight compact sofa. Large furniture in such a room will look inappropriate. For a large living room fit solid and massive option.

Corner sofas are very comfortable. They are comfortable to receive guests, the form of furniture has a relaxed pleasant communication. And if you put a table in front of the sofa, you can spend the evening with tea or a glass of wine. However, it is important to remember that the corner option will take up more space than the straight one. Think about where you put it, whether it will impede the freedom of movement around the room.


Look at the colors in which the design of the room is made. The color of the sofa should be in harmony with the rest of the situation. If in doubt, stop at the neutral option. Beige, gray, brown shades look inconspicuously and harmoniously fit into the interior. If you wish to bring bright colors into the room, also try not to overdo it. Do not combine in the same room more than 3 colors. For children preferred bright colors. If your baby can not yet decide what color he likes, rely on the color of the wallpaper, curtains and other room decorations. Usually for girls choose upholstered furniture in pink and purple, for boys - blue and green shades. As for the material, it depends on the purpose of the furniture. Upholstery made of genuine or artificial leather is ideal for a study. Not bad such sofa will fit into a strict modern interior of a drawing room. If you prefer a warmer, homely style of decoration, choose fabric upholstery.


Most buyers of upholstered furniture from the factory "Formula of a sofa" satisfied with the acquisitions. They celebrate the beautiful design, stylish appearance of the models. Sofas presentable look, blend harmoniously into the interior. Fabrics are durable and wear resistant, after a year or more upholstery retains its original appearance. The increased comfort declared by the manufacturer is also confirmed by reviews. The furniture has a comfortable fit, when folding it forms a spacious berth. The only nuance is the inconvenience of models with a mechanism "Dolphin".

The fact is that one part of the bed in such sofas differs from the other in terms of thickness and stiffness, which causes a certain discomfort. For models with other mechanisms of transformation, buyers have no complaints. Another disadvantage is that some consider the heavy weight of sofas that are difficult to move during cleaning or rearrangement.

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