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Choosing shelves in the pantry

Storeroom - a separate room of an apartment or house, and its arrangement should be rational. Usually in the closet is stored a lot of things, most of which clutter up the space and interferes with a clear organization. To avoid confusion, you can put a rack in this room.

We will understand the features of such furniture and ways of rational arrangement of the pantry.

Shelving features

The rack is a structure consisting mainly of open shelves, framed by a strong and reliable frame. A distinctive feature of this furniture is capacity with relatively compact forms.

Varieties intended for installation in the pantry, simpler models for living rooms, study rooms and children's rooms. Often, the functional design is convenient enough to properly accommodate all things. If each item will be in its compartment, find the right thing is not difficult.

Often, modern models are characterized by the presence of glazed shelves and drawers. At the same time, the main part of the rack is fully open. Some varieties do not have a back wall. Others are thought over especially carefully, therefore can outwardly resemble sections of kitchen set, having the hinged and built-in regiments.


The existing types of shelving for a closet of an apartment or house can be divided into three groups:

  • linear;
  • corner;
  • U-shaped.

Linear products are conventional straight type shelves. They are the simplest, occupy minimum space, save usable storage space. Corner models are characterized by the presence of a solid angle, U-shaped products occupy most of the space. All models are united by the fact that they are selected based on the characteristics of the footage of the pantry.

Along with the classic categories there are modular designs. They are convenient because they allow you to select modules exactly to the size of the pantry. The convenience of such structures is the possibility of engaging the usable area with maximum benefit., leaving room for free movement for the desired thing.

For example, from such parts it is possible to make angular designs, to supplement them with separate shelves and drawers.

According to the type of mounting racks for the pantry are divided into two types:

  • suspended (fixed directly on the wall);
  • classic (mounted on strong supports).

The difference between these models is the weight load. Options that set on the floor can withstand more weight. They can be used to the maximum, based on the type of material.

Varieties attached to the wall are not able to withstand heavy things. Therefore, they cannot be used, for example, for storage of building materials.

Materials and structures

The main types of raw materials for the production of racks are metal and wood. Both materials provide the frame with reliability, durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The disadvantage of materials is their instability to dampness, to the appearance of which a large number of houses are prone. Both metal and wood deteriorate under the influence of moisture vapor.

Shelves for storing things are made of different materials. They can be, like the frame, metal (iron, galvanized) and wood. Also in the production of MDF, particleboard and glass.

Each type of material for shelves depends on what will stand on it. For example, plywood and chipboard will not bear the weightbut they can be used to store pastel linen and clothes. Glass for the shelf is used reinforced, however, it is inferior to wood and metal. On the glass shelves can be stored bulk products.

To store a number of three-liter cans with home canning, they are not intended.

One of the modern materials for the manufacture of racks is plastic. Manufacturers assure that such a material is able to withstand a weight load of up to 30 kg. It is not subject to corrosion (rust), always looks neat (raw materials are completely dyed, so the paint does not “peel off” it during the entire period of operation). This material is more often used for the manufacture of small racks. The basis of their frame is sometimes iron.

Storage systems

The range of shelving is varied. Designs differ in capacity and special organization. The simplest classic model consists of three or four shelves, located at the same height relative to each other. They are used in a small closet, the space of which does not exceed 1.5 m.

Some models are similar to the finished assembly designer. Rack width on average is 45 - 55 cm. If space allows, order special wide models. Their height often reaches 2 m, length - from 80 cm to 2 m and more. At the same time the whole and collapsible shelving can be narrow. The most compact models are varieties embedded in a niche. Sometimes the width of such models is only 30 cm..

Often the arrangement of the shelves is asymmetrical. They can be built in several levels, or compartments of different height can be located on each of them. Noteworthy shelf adjustment system for height and angle. Height change is convenient when the desired item does not fit on the shelf.

Adjusting the angle of the shelf is good for storing shoes.

In addition, the storage system may have a clothes hanger. Such designs are especially convenient: they allow you to free the hall area from outerwear, visually making the usual cramped room more. Sometimes the rack and does resemble furniture for the hallway with a mass of built-in shelves and a place under the cabinet. Some varieties are similar to showcase designs. Their storage system is concise, is a narrow rack with five glazed shelves of the same height.


The placement of the rack in the closet depends on the design features of the room. Usually the pantry has no projections, so the rack can be hung on the wall, or put in a corner.

In each case, the location is subject to the length of the walls and the method of opening the door. If it opens inwards, access to the shelves should not be blocked. In this case, it is worth to place the rack on the side opposite to the opening of the door.

If the room is narrow and the width does not exceed two steps, it is worthwhile to install the rack opposite the entrance, placing the linear or wall model on the entire wall. If the room is more spacious or close to the square, you can put an angular model, taking the corner opposite the entrance. U-shaped model set using the three walls of the pantry.

With a lack of space, choose adjustable models. So you can increase the height of the shelves, change the slope of shoe storage systems.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a rack for the pantry, it is worth considering the main recommendations:

  • Look for a robust design that is resistant to heavy loads and will not break when storing heavy loads.
  • Pay attention to practicality: the model must include closed shelves or drawers. This will save stored items from dust.
  • Consider the storage system in advance: consider each item that can be stored on the shelves of the rack, saving the space of the apartment (house) from a sense of confusion.
  • When choosing between creative design and functionality, give preference to a practical model that fits closest to the wall.

  • Choose a model with high legs or the presence of free space below. This will ensure air circulation and sometimes allow shoes to be placed on the floor.
  • Consider the convenience of construction: each shelf should have free access, including the entire height of the product.
  • Pay attention to the depth of the model: shelves with a width of less than 40 cm are not very functional. It is unacceptable that objects hang from them, creating a traumatic situation.
  • If the budget is organic and it is planned to purchase a model for storing linen, it is worth buying a product from chipboard or MDF.

To store cans with home canning, you can buy a wooden structure.

  • Exclude from the possible variants of varieties of plastic. Despite the assurances of sellers, this item is impractical. It will not last for a long time, and in case of an accidental mechanical load it may even break away from the base.
  • Focus on the parameters of the room, given the height of the walls, choosing the permissible width and depth of the model. Also think ahead of its location, which should not prevent the opening of the door to the closet.
  • If you plan to buy a high rack, it is important to take care of an additional ladder stand.

Do not overpay for the brand name. Advertising is not always an indicator of good quality goods. To evaluate the performance characteristics of products, review customer reviews on furniture forums. This will make it clear which model is worth buying. Reading the comments, pay attention to the material of manufacture and the maximum weight load of each specific model.

If the finished model does not fit in the storage room space, it makes sense to order a design with the required dimensions individually.

Beautiful examples

You can evaluate the possibility of organizing a pantry through the rack, referring to examples of photo galleries.

  • The laconic model with food compartments, wine shelves and a fruit basket is convenient even in a confined space.
  • Open-type wooden construction allows you to place cans with home canning.

  • U-shaped model accommodates dishes, kitchen utensils, seasonings, bulk products, vegetables and fruits.
  • Rack with corner shelves is very convenient. Clear organization allows you to place the dishes, wine, food and kitchen towels.

  • The wooden structure with round corner shelves is perfect for a close pantry.
  • This model can serve as an organizer in the arrangement of the pantry under the dressing room. The design includes a place for shoes, compartments for boxes and shelves for clothes.

  • Using the rack in the closet for building materials and tools is a great idea. The model provides for the hanger for working clothes.
  • The model with baskets of woven and metal type is suitable for storing fruits and vegetables. On a shelf with a glass facade you can store dishes.

  • Corner model, created on the principle of kitchen, comfortable and functional.
  • If a niche is reserved for the pantry, you should use the built-in shelves. Such a rack will be very practical, taking up minimal space.

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