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The combination of light floor with light doors: beautiful examples in the interior

The way doors and floors look, what their condition, texture and color can say a lot about the house as a whole, about the character of the owners, their tastes and preferences. Therefore, starting repairs in the apartment, you need to carefully consider how you want to see all these elements.

Special features

At one time, the dark floor of the wenge color was the norm for any respectable apartment. Any person entering the house saw dark floors that could not be stylistically completely unrelated to the color of the plinth, walls, doors and furniture, united by one color scheme or some other design concept. This state of affairs was standard and did not bother anyone. For some time when creating an image of an apartment, designers and ordinary people began to pay attention to the combination of the color of the floor and the doors. In recent years, the combination of light floors with light doors has become increasingly popular.

Bright doors have their own characteristics, both positive and negative:

  • White and light, including the door, gives the impression of lightness and solemnity. Next to the white doors, even bulky furniture does not seem ponderous, does not leave a feeling of tightness.

  • Light doors, unlike the dark ones, fit well in almost any interior style. It is only necessary that the shade of the door leaf be combined with the shade of furniture, wallpaper and floor.

  • White or light shades of the door visually increases the space, which is very important in small rooms.

  • The glossy light door leaf has its advantages. It seems that in the room with him more sun. The effect of its presence is especially important in the gloomy space of the hallway.

  • If the walls are decorated with materials similar in color to light doors, even a small room will seem large.
  • Of course, light-colored doors are easily soiled, but modern cleaning products make it easy to deal with this problem.

  • Compared with the door leaf of dark colors, white and light may seem frivolous and devoid of impressiveness. This simplicity and straightforwardness is compensated by the use of carcasses of a different color.

A number of similar features have light floors:

  • With their help, you can increase the illumination of the room. This is especially important for small rooms facing north. This floor will add room comfort, with it, it will seem more and more comfortable.

  • A room with light floors is psychologically perceived as a place where there is a lot of air and lightness. To achieve this effect, you should choose a coating of beige, cream, cream or light yellow shades.

  • Bright floor will make the room visually wider. It should be borne in mind that if it turns out to be lighter than wallpaper, the room will seem no longer in width, but in height.
  • The light floor is perfect for any furniture, doors and walls. On its background, dark impressive furniture will not seem gloomy and massive. Dark door on the background of light flooring can create a favorable contrast, which is sometimes necessary for certain design decisions. Light floors and doors will be an excellent duet, emphasizing the lightness of the whole situation.

  • Of course, compared to dark floors, light ones do not seem to be quite respectable. Many consider this a disadvantage, even if expensive white oak is used to create the floor.

So that light floors do not look cheap, it is better to choose matte materials, and not with a glossy sheen.

  • When choosing a light shade coating, there is a risk of "overworking" with its airiness and not at all obtaining the effect that was expected. Instead of a cozy atmosphere, you can achieve the opposite, so you need to evaluate in advance all the nuances of choosing the future color of the sexes.

  • So, pure white color under certain lighting is strongly distorted. An undesirable result can be obtained when such floors acquire yellowish or cream shades in the light of lamps. It should be noted that daylight and halogen lighting do not distort the color. If it is not, then, in order not to create a yellowish sheen, it is better to choose floors with a gray undertone.

  • On light floors, dirt is sometimes more noticeable than on dark ones, so it is recommended to choose a light covering for rooms where the permeability is not very large (for example, for bedrooms and children's rooms).

Choosing a color

The choice of color of floors and doors is due to many factors: what kind of apartment design is envisaged as a whole, what color wallpapers and ceilings should be in certain premises, how light enters the house and so on.


There are a number of colors most in demand when installing doors.

  • White. This color is called universal for interior doors, since it is neutral, it is perfectly combined with the whole decor of the room. It will not contradict any color of the floor, it is well suited to any wallpaper and furniture. White is good for small apartments, which he visually does more. The most advantageous to use white door leaf in the hallway in combination with light floors. If to add an interroom white door with inserts from glass (opaque or stained glass), it will get an elegant look.

If a pure white door seems too branded to you, or you just don’t like this shade, stop choosing a color that is very close to white (for example, ivory). Expensive models of doors create from solid oak or ash, which look good in the interiors of the classical style. Oak gives the impression of good quality. Ash doors will look elegant and at the same time durable.

  • Gray. It can also be classified as universal. If there is a blue tint in this color, the doors will appear slightly cold, making the interior stern. Door leaves of a gray-beige color, on the contrary, will fill everyone around with warmth. It should be borne in mind that gray visually reduces the space, so in small rooms it is better not to install such doors.

Do not place the doors of gray in the room, decorated in a classic style.

Combining gray with brown or black is not the best option, since for many it causes rejection. On the contrary, a duet with yellow gives the space an atmosphere of sunshine. The light gray door looks great in combination with white furniture, emphasizing its cleanliness.

  • Light brown. This is a natural woody color of light shades. Doors of this color will fit well into the interior in a classic or modern style, hiding the colors of the screaming decor and giving respectability to a simple design.

  • Beige. Neutral color from the group of light brown. The range of its use is wide, but against the background of such doors dark furniture will not look very advantageous. If you like this color, and you cannot refuse it, it is better to add doors with baseboards and platbands of the same shade. Beige goes well with gray or white, looks great in the company of grass color.

  • Gold. The door of this tone is chosen by people in love with the sunlight. They will appreciate the color of golden oak, which enlivens the space.

Floor coverings

The colors of flooring are presented in the following popular shades:

  • Maple color. Of all light woods, maple is the closest to white, but with a yellow tint, which is also called cream. You need to be prepared for the fact that the maple floor does not retain the original color forever. Over time, it will become darker.

  • Oak color. The oak itself is not white by nature. He is whitened by special means. After such a "dressing" you can get different shades of oak, from which the buyer will have to choose the color of the coating: from gray to warm cream.

  • The color of ash. This light tree with dark streaks looks noble. Especially popular white ash with pink and gray tint. Among the fashionable options are also wood with a sand and beige tint.

  • Color hornbeam. There are certain difficulties in the processing of such wood, so the floors of the hornbeam are much less common to the above options. The hornbeam is whitish-gray in color. Floor coverings are found in off-white, pearl and sandy shades.

  • Birch color. Birch is a very common floor covering material in Russia. There are options of white birch with a yellowish or pinkish tint.

Birch is also tinted, giving it the appearance of the most valuable species of light wood.

Stylish combination

In the apartment you can use the floors, different in color and texture. Laminate flooring and parquet flooring of various colors will live together in one house, you only need to think about transitions from one color to another, combining them with common elements - a similar tree pattern or shade of "vein". The combination of doors of dark color with light floors looks good. The door leaf may not be combined at all in color with the floor and furnishings, you just need to choose trimings suitable for the overall design color, combined, for example, with the same plinth.

Light floor and light doors, different in texture, however, harmonize the space. In the room, light wallpaper and light doors should match each other in tone, but have different shades. From a practical point of view, the combination of light floors and doors in the room is more profitable, as they serve for many years, and when updating the interior the owners will not be limited to the narrow framework of the combination of these basic elements with a particular furniture and wallpaper. Anything will suit the light background. At any time you can combine the light floor with dark furniture or, conversely, light, and the light door and the same floor - with dark walls.

Interior accents

When updating the floor and doors, it is important to correctly place accents that emphasize the dignity of the interior. The beauty of the flooring and doors can be emphasized with the furniture of the right color. It is considered good tone when the furniture color coincides with the door leaf, and the door itself at the same time differs from the floor by a couple of tones. This technique is good for maintaining the interior in a classic style.

Much attention should be paid to the choice of plinth of a suitable color, since they can perfectly complete the image of the doors, the room as a whole, the floor covering in particular. It looks most impressive if you combine floor, door and plinth with a single color. Well combined all the components, made in white. Beige, gray or cream colors will also create a perfection of the image of the living room or bedroom. The contrasting colors of the baseboards in relation to the doors and floors, on the contrary, emphasize the geometry of the rooms and mark the boundaries.

You can add the necessary accents with the help of competent lighting. The white floor can acquire shades of those colors with which lamps shine. You need to use this technique carefully.

For example, light yellow lighting can give the white floor a dirty brown tint. Evaluate whether you need this effect.

Designer Tips

When choosing flooring and doors, designers offer guided by a number of rules.

  • For the bedroom and living room is best to use light wood flooring. Light walls and dark or bright furniture on this background will create a harmonious space.

  • For the kitchen and dining area, it is better to choose a porcelain stoneware flooring. Laying a wooden floor here or laying laminate is not recommended. Reviews of ordinary people confirm the impracticality of such coverage in this area.

  • When choosing the tone of the floor, it is necessary to take into account that bright horizontal planes against the background of dark walls make the space of the room wider. In order for the room to appear higher, the floor and ceiling must be made in bright colors, just like the wall farthest from the entrance. If the side walls with this combination to make dark, the room will be perceived as a long corridor.

  • In a small room to the floor of a cold shade is better to choose the door of the same tone. So the room will be perceived as more spacious.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The white floor and brown doors of wood shades are perfectly combined in one space, emphasizing its spaciousness and airiness. The presence of white furniture reinforces this effect even more. Bright decorative elements on the wall create the necessary contrast, against which the white floor and light doors look very personable.

The floors are light gray in combination with the walls of a similar color, accentuated by white furniture in the dining area, create the impression of cleanliness and lightness of the kitchen space. Accents in the form of brown kitchen doors, glass worktops and unusual chandeliers complete the look.

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