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Curtain Accessories

Curtains and curtains have a significant effect on the appearance of the room. The style completeness of the room depends on their choice. For additional decoration, various accessories made of fabric, metal and other materials are used. They help to express the individuality of the owner of the home and often play a functional role.


Currently, the consumer has a wide selection of various decorations for curtains and curtain rods.


Very often a band is sewn to the top of the curtains. It not only strengthens the edge and makes it more dense. This element plays a big role in decorating. The braid is a piece of fabric with a cord inside. It is of different widths and densities. After attaching to the curtain, it is tightened, forming different textures. Thus, ruffles, festoons and puffs are obtained. These are dense dense folds of various forms that allow the curtains to fall down gracefully.

For tulle there is a translucent thin braid that is completely invisible from the front. It is suitable even for the thinnest veil. To attach the tape, curtains must be purchased with a margin of length. It varies depending on the pattern. On average, it is 1.5-3 meters.


As an attachment for curtains, they are sewn along the top edge at the same distance from each other.

You can choose the distance yourself, but if you want to sew less strings at a greater distance, you need to make them stronger and more massive. So they can keep the weight of the curtains. This is a simple and reliable mounting method.

Their length can be anything. For short kitchen curtains fit flirty bows on the bar. In the living room, the ties can be longer, then their edges should hang down on the front side. They can be either invisible or in a contrasting color. The design of the curtains on the strings depends on your taste.

Ribbon ties are also called wide strips of fabric that hang from the eaves and support the curtain in a certain position. The bottom edge drapes gently around the supporting strap. There can be one, two or three on the window opening.

When folded, the curtains allow more light into the room, and this mount causes them to remain in one position, which is very convenient. Decorative cord plays a special role in adorning curtains with an overlap, emphasizing their shapes and adding elegance.


Metallic, wooden or cloth-covered buttons adorn the curtain loops. Their role is primarily decorative, so they are bright and eye-catching elements against the background of curtains.

You can sweep over the cuts of the loops and really fasten the curtains to the eaves or tightly sew the buttons to the finished textile loops.

The choice of appearance and material depends on the interior roomss. Brass buttons, which add a certain charm to curtains and will look great with metal holders, look strictly and simply. For the nursery, you can choose buttons with unusual shapes or sheathe them with a suitable fabric. Originally look bone and wooden products that give the refined taste of the owner of the house.


This is the most classic way of fastening curtains, which visually attracts attention. Metal rings, as a rule, come complete with the same cornice. They have clips that hold curtains. What they are massive, the more dense the fabric can withstand. The clamps are also most often made of metal. Sometimes plastic or wooden rings are used to quickly sweep over the cut. They snap onto the fabric, hiding the edges, and the cornice is pulled into them.

A set of rings will greatly save the time required for sewing curtains. Curtains with this mount look simple and cozy. The fabric does not slip out of them, as happens with clips and does not cause inconvenience. Rings can have different texture and color, you can pick up the tone to match, because plastic products are available in different colors.


Such fastenings nicely pull the curtain to the sides of the window opening to let in more light into the room and add some highlights to the interior. This function is perfectly handled by a decorative cord, which can be decorated with weaving or tassels. Thick cords are able to hold even poorly bending thick tapestry curtains.

This is a great option for interiors in classic style, Provence or Baroque. Such drapery looks expensive and elegant.

In addition to the cord, depending on the style, the curtains can be decorated with satin ribbons or ropes. They are suitable for more weightless fabrics, such as satin, satin and muslin.


Garters are attached to metal fasteners mounted on the wall. But they can serve as an independent decoration. In this case, the curtains simply cast over the base holder. The head of the device can be inexpressive and inconspicuous, but most often it is decorated with floral motifs, spirals and other decorations made of metal, wood or plastic.

Holders can be in the form of pins or curved metal staples that hold curtains. The latter are more convenient. On the wall hooks can be attached cords, encircling curtains. Tiebacks for curtains leave a wide field for activity, as they can be attached at different heights and drape the curtain each time.

A wide range of style solutions allows you to pick a hook for the interior of any room.

A special type of grippers for curtains are kanzashand. These are special hairpins that Japanese women traditionally pin their hair with. They are studs decorated with artificial flowers, whose color and material were regulated according to the age and social status of the owner. Modern kanzashi for curtains are delicate floral rosettes created from satin or silk and mounted on a circular base.

Delicate satin hairpin kanzashi looks unusually on simple cream curtains and provides reliable support.


They are used to hide the eaves. This is a special drapery that hides the line of suspension of curtains. It can be made of textiles to match the curtains. An additional role of lambrequins is to visually make the window narrower or higher. Textile decorations will suit to decorate a classic interior or a room in the Provencal style.

There are also wooden pelmets. They can be very simple or have openwork edges. They hide the eaves as well as the fabric options. It is possible to decorate a lambrequin from a tree, having painted it, having aged it a varnish or having applied a carving. Such products look stylish and unusual in the interior of a city apartment, recalling a rural house.

Carved lambrequin made of wood will add zest to a modest interior in white tones.

Garlands, loops

Using a cloth alone can make the window look completely different. Distributing the material along the crown in different ways can achieve impressive results without any special expenses. Garlands resemble lambrequins and may have different shapes.

Elegantly hanging edges of the fabric around the edges of the window make the room look restrained and elegant.

Fringe, brush

These decorations are present in the design for several centuries and do not lose their popularity.


Originally looks on the windows of a fringe or a garland of pompons. They are made of wool and synthetic yarns of different thicknesses. You can combine different sizes and colors in one opening to create a fun naughty effect.

The lush decoration of the window corresponds to a rich fringe and huge brushes, evoking memories of the royal palaces.


The edge can be decorated not only with pompons, but also with decorative braid, large beads, coins, glass beads. It’s not difficult to make flowers or organza butterflies, paper or other scrap materials with your own hands. Variety limits only taste. Hand-decorated curtains will make the interior unique. In addition, they ideally satisfy the needs of the owners of the house, because who, if not they know what exactly they want to see in their decor.


This jewelry is reminiscent of a pendant. It may look like a cord or loop with a brush or other beautiful element on the end. They have no practical value and are used to decorate the window opening.

Brooches or clips

Bright decorative elements are fastened to the curtains to place accents. For example, they can be mounted on the side cord if the holder to which it is attached is nothing interesting.


These are decorative clips for curtains, produced in different forms and from different materials. The variety of design solutions for such devices is much wider than with traditional rings, so they are especially popular as an option for children.

Room styles

To pick up accessories costs, proceeding from a decor of the room. They should be combined not only with the color and style of curtains, but also wallpaper and furniture. So, metal elements are suitable for any style. Copper jewelry looks good with elegant styles, and chrome or silver will complement the modern interior.

  • Delicate floral style Provence perfectly complement floral motifs in decorations, satin flowers, ribbons and bows.

  • Classic style and baroque love twisted cords, fringe, large cysts. It is extremely appropriate textile lambrequins and garlands with trains. It will look good crystal or imitating plastic jewelry on the cornice. Decorative sockets and holders should be impressive and expressive.

  • For country style, reminiscent of a simple country house, perfectly fit curtains with strings and wooden pelmets. Complementing the design of the curtains, do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes you have to rely on your inner gut to make a really good choice.

How to choose?

The fittings used should be suitable for the room. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the elements. Undoubtedly, metal elements will last longer than plastic ones. Fabric flowers and draperies, while pleasing to the eye, eventually become covered with dust. We'll have to pay them a lot of attention during the cleaning.

Rings and fittings for curtains must be strong. They must provide a good grab of fabric and withstand its weight. Jewelry must fit the type of fabric. The denser it is, the more massive the fittings should be. Only with proper selection, it will be able to fully perform its functions.

How to hang?

There are several ways to fix the elements of the decor on the curtains. Holders are mounted in the wall with screws. They are fixed on the sides of the window, cords can be stretched to them. Wall clamps are indispensable for large curtains and curtains, otherwise the room will be too gloomy. Lambrequins and garlands are attached directly to the eaves or a special frame.

For the thread hangers, it is best to allocate a place in the middle of the window opening and allow them to hang quietly down from the eaves. Clips, pompons and applications are attached directly to the textile.

Options in the interior

  • Simple Canvas Curtains a restrained shade took a second wind thanks to decorating with pom-poms at the edges, where they are supported by a rope tied up.
  • Country Style Textile Lambrequin successfully combined with curtains on the eaves "cafe" and a wooden window frame.

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