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Sheetrock putty: advantages and disadvantages

Putty walls - the most popular type of interior decoration. It is necessary to use only high-quality material for this work.

One of the most popular products for wall and ceiling is Sheetrock putty. High-quality ready-mixed mixture of this brand is suitable for both professional masters and beginners.

Special features

The most important feature of Sheetrock putty is its versatility. It can serve both for decoration and for decoration, if it includes, for example, marble chips or vinyl filler.

Masters appreciate this mixture for its long service life.. The polymers contained in the composition of the mixture, make the material reliable, protect the putty from cracking.

Filling of this brand can be purchased in finished form or buy dry mix for self-preparation of the solution. The difference will be in the price (the first option is more expensive) and in the shelf life of the product (in the dry mix it is more).

To work with the finished Sheetrock putty, no special skills are required. The range of application of putty is unlimited only by leveling the walls. It is also perfect for sealing seams, cracks.

The finished mixture can also save the master time., which would take to knead the dry mix, which helps to reduce the time for finishing.

The next important feature of this putty is the drying rate of the material and the conditions under which it can work. Depending on the layer thickness and temperature in the room, the drying time of the material will be from three to five hours. After that, the walls are polished. It is possible to work with this putty in a room with high humidity.. The quality of the coating will be achieved by a high degree of adhesion of the filler.

One of the advantages of Sheetrock products is its resistance to cold. Up to ten cycles of freezing and defrosting, provided that the mixture is thawed only at room temperature, can withstand putty of this brand.

The versatility of the putty adds benefits to it. It is used to align the walls for painting, it also perfectly fits any type of wallpaper.

The advantage of the finished Sheetrock mixture will be the material from which it is made. Its environmental friendliness will allow to make repairs and in children's rooms, and in medical institutions.

Scope of application

Sheetrock putty is not only used for leveling walls for wallpaper or painting. The range of use of the material is quite wide, which will help reduce the time spent on repairs, as well as the search for a suitable material.

With Sheetrock products, you can:

  • remove cracks on walls with different surfaces;
  • easily level the walls;
  • putty joints drywall sheets;
  • use it in decor.


Sheetrock putty is available in three versions, each of which has its own range of applications.

Their description:

  • "Sheetrock Fill Finish Light". This type of mixture is characterized by maximum strength. This is especially important when it is necessary to apply a thin layer. Basically, it is used for restoration. She is beautiful and in tandem with drywall.
  • "Sheetrock Superfinish" (Danogips). From the very name it is clear the purpose of the filler is the finishing. It is characterized by minimal shrinkage and is not used for sealing seams.

  • "Sheetrock All Purpose". Universal option. Suitable for both embedding seams in masonry, and for texturing, creating patterns and wall decor. The only factor in which it is not recommended to use this option is the high humidity in the room.

In the room where the finishing is done with any Sheetrock putties, the temperature should not be below 13 degrees. Both the first and subsequent layers are applied strictly on a dry surface.

The technology of creating cosmetics for finishing walls Sheetrock is constantly being improved, meeting the most stringent requirements and needs of the client.


Undoubtedly, Sheetrock polymer lightweight putty is one of the leaders in the market of finishing materials.

The following mixture of technical characteristics of a ready putty mixture of this brand:

  • Convenience packaging. The volume of container in which the finished mixture is produced varies from 3.5 to 28 liters, which allows you to select the required quantity individually for each object of finishing. There are options for buying and 7, 17, 18, 20 liters.
  • Material color. Color putty in the container will be white. After drying on the surface, it acquires a pleasant shade of ivory.
  • Material drying time. Sheetrock putty dries quickly - from three to five hours. Drying is affected by the factors mentioned above.
  • Density putty is 1.65 kg / l.
  • Vinyl, which is part of the mixture, allows it to handle any surface (it also includes powder with talc, limestone and attapulgite).
  • You can store the mixture for up to one year., while using more than once.

How to choose?

The choice of ready-made putty mixture is curled from the purpose of its application (full decoration of walls and ceiling, putty of seams, decor). And if you choose between latex or acrylic putty, the first option will definitely give odds to the second. Latex, unlike acrylic, is able to give the putty mixture the desired thickness and create the necessary strength of the coating. Sheetrock blend will be a great help in leveling walls and ceilings, covering up joints and cracks, as well as in various decor solutions.

Numerous experiments conducted with this material have proved its quality, durability and versatility. A certificate of quality confirms this.


Sometimes it is difficult to determine the right amount of material needed. Basically, such difficulties are faced by people who are not engaged in professionally finishing, but amateurs who decide to make repairs at home on their own.

As for the consumption of the Sheetrock putty mix, it is quite economical and amounts to approximately 1 kg of material per 1 square meter of space, if you carry out the finishing on drywall, and 0.51 kg / p. m. 1 m² when applied to the joint GKL sheets. It is necessary to take into account the degree of readiness of the surface under the application of putty mixture. If the wall is uneven and has many flaws, then a little more material may be needed.. If this is, for example, an ideal sheet of drywall, then the material consumption may be less than this.

Application Tips

The process of working with the finished Sheetrock mix is ​​quite simple. Tools that are useful to apply the mixture on the surface - trowel, tape for stitches (you can use "Sheetrock Joint Tape"), sandpaper and sponge.

First of all, the walls are prepared: the old material is removed, the seams are taped, the surface is leveled, sanded, degreased. These manipulations are required before applying putty. There should be no flaws on the surface.. The contents of a freshly opened bucket with a putty mix is ​​mixed.

A small amount of Sheetrock putty should be collected on a wide spatula and with a stretching motion from ceiling to floor apply the first layer. It is important to know that it is applied strictly on the dry layer of plaster. Poorly dried surface threatens to further the appearance of mold.

Leave the first layer until completely dry (at least 3-5 hours). Only then can you start applying the second. In order to achieve maximum smoothness of the surface, many masters recommend sanding it after each layer of putty with an abrasive mesh. Best suited grit from 180 to 240 units. Layers can be from two to five. After all the work done, the surface contaminated with dust is cleaned.

Optionally, in the finished mixture, you can add a small amount of water. But do not get involved in this. Water is added little by little and the whole mixture is thoroughly stirred. Too much water can lead to changes in the properties of the putty.that further affect the quality of work and durability of the material. It is strictly forbidden to mix Sheetrock mixture with other materials.

If suddenly the putty has been frozen, then it is necessary to defrost it at room temperature, then stir the contents of the bucket until it has a uniform consistency and all bubbles disappear. Any remaining mixture after work is tightly closed with a lid and stored at room temperature.

Sheetrock putty has long established itself in the market and has a lot of positive reviews. You can use putty as a master with experience, as well as an amateur who wants to make easy, non-reliable repairs.

Masters who have already tried the finished Sheetrock putty mixture prefer only to her.

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