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Carved doors

Despite the fact that in the modern world technical equipment is widely developed and the market is replete with a variety of synthetic materials, products from the natural array do not lose their relevance. Carved wooden doors, which have a luxurious and elegant look, have not lost their uniqueness. Their cost is much higher than analogues of cheap materials, but due to their unique characteristics, they confidently hold their positions.


As you know, wood is an environmentally friendly and safe material that has a special charm.

In addition to these positive qualities, the tree has a number of other useful properties:

  • It is reliable and durable, and therefore wooden doors are able to serve more than a dozen years. With proper care and operation, such designs will not change their characteristic features and will not require replacement.

  • Wooden products are easy to maintain and respond well to restoration. Even the oldest canvas can return its magnificent image in the hands of a professional.
  • It is convenient in finishing and processing. Its structure allows the manufacture of furniture items of any shapes and configurations. That is why the tree is considered a kind and unique material.
  • It has a high level of sound insulation and heat insulation properties. Wood absorbs any sounds and insulates heat. In combination with the highest quality sealant, wooden doors are superior in all respects to artificial products.

  • Wood improves the indoor climate by participating in water exchange and the ability to maintain water balance inside the room.
  • It features a rich selection that allows you to select products in any stylistic direction.
  • It has high aesthetic properties, so carved wooden doors are considered a sign of refined taste.
  • Each wooden thing has a peculiar structure, pattern and color, which makes it unique. And carving gives it exclusivity.

But wood, like any other material, without proper care will have some drawbacks. After all, it is quite susceptible to decay, the appearance of mold and the multiplication of insects. These processes can occur if the wood product is often in a humid environment.

It is necessary to constantly look after the carved door to keep its attractive look. During the first few years it will need to be treated with a paint-and-lacquer agent, but after a while a large number of layers of coating will spoil the original look of the canvas.

Therefore, over time, old paint and varnish layers and new ones will have to be scrubbed off. In the case of the thread it is extremely difficult to do.

Another minus natural array - a lot of weight. First, this disadvantage delivers a lot of trouble with transporting the door, and then with its installation. And from time to time it is necessary to adjust the loops, since they will begin to bend under the weight of the valves, which ultimately will lead to sagging of the canvas.

Wood material can be distorted under the influence of high or low temperatures and a constant stay in a humid environment. In addition, this natural material is prone to fire.

The most significant disadvantage of a solid array is its high cost. Not every person can afford to buy a wooden door, especially with carving.


Carved doors are classified according to several criteria: method of installation, purpose, method of plowing and size.

Speaking about the methods of installation, they distinguish entrance, external, internal, interior doors and cloths for bathrooms. At the same time, input products are characterized by increased durability and massiveness in order to maximally protect housing from burglars and bad weather. Interior design have much less weight and size.

According to the method of opening emit:

  • Swing devices are equipped with one or two doors and can only be opened in one direction.

This option is not suitable for a small apartment, because it requires a lot of free space.

  • Sliding The systems will be an ideal solution for small rooms, since plowing occurs with the help of a special profile along which the web moves.
  • Pendulum designs work at the expense of the looped mechanism, which helps the doors to open in both directions. But such doors should be light enough to open and close freely.
  • Folding designs consist of two or more canvases that are folded on the principle of a book.
  • Stables Models are a type of swinging mechanism and differ only in that its upper and lower flaps open and close autonomously.
  • Wooden the door can have the form of a screen, which should have a small weight, allowing you to rearrange it without effort.

Types of wood

On the type of wood depend on the operational properties of the product and its design. Each type of tree has its own distinctive features, value and color.

  • Oakwood products are among the most expensive, but at the same time have the best quality. They have high strength and endurance, which allows them to withstand changes in temperature and humidity.

Oak has a special structure that is difficult to process, but such doors have a luxurious appearance.

  • Beech outwardly in no way inferior to oak, but has the worst performance. But if you properly handle the material, then all these nuances will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Maple doors are inexpensive, they are characterized by high strength and resistance to cracking.
  • Ash It has a fairly strong structure, to some extent even superior to oak. It copes well with changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Nut differs in the high durability and reliability in combination with the democratic price. Walnut products have a beautiful structure, especially if they are polished and painted.
  • Alder wood amenable to tinting and dyeing in any color due to its even texture. It is resistant to moisture and deformation. Alder responds well to processing and has an affordable price.

The most affordable option is a pine, but it also has a shorter service life. It is easy to process, but it deteriorates very easily from moisture.

Carved doors can also be made from exotic woods, such as bamboo or mahogany. But you can buy them only on request and at a very high price.

Manufacturing methods

For the manufacture of carved canvases used two main methods of decoration: invoice and directly on the canvas.

When laid on the way used carved patterns that are attached to the surface of the door. This technique is good because it can restore even the old structure. However, it does not have to be removed from the hinges.

Overhead carved items can be bought or created by yourself.

The most difficult technique is carving directly on a wooden canvas. Here, any mistake can lead to damage to the overall picture, so this method is available only to a professional.

Wooden doors can be made in the following ways of carving:

  • Deaf thread - with this method, the slits are completely absent on the canvas, and the image itself has a shallow relief. To create such a pattern, use chisels and special cutters.
  • Slotted thread different through-the-background, which is framed by a solid tree. Usually this technique is used to decorate interior doors.

To install the product from a solid array will need additional mounting. It is prone to sagging, so a few hinges in the middle will help hold the door frame.

Beautiful carved wooden doors will help to decorate any interior and protect the home from the negative impact of the environment. Most often they are installed at the entrance to the house to emphasize the individuality and impeccable taste of the owners. Inside the house wooden interior designs are designed to emphasize the classic or rustic style, which is quite popular at present.

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