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Doors in the style of "Provence"

Shades of lilac color, faded aged furniture, simple decor from a symmetrical painted ornament, soft even light of an antique lampshade in the interior design will recreate the spirit of the French countryside. Sunny and friendly Provence is the highlight of the South of France, where it once took its origin from the eponymous style.

Special features

The hustle and bustle of city life over time makes you feel tired and bored by the quiet country life. Not everyone has the opportunity to break away from the former conditions of life. For a feeling of peace and quietness of the country atmosphere, comfort and warmth of rural life, the modern consumer chooses an interior designed in the style of Provence.

To create the whole Provencal picture in the interior design, even the doors should be in style. The main features of the door leaf in this style:

  • The door frame is often supplemented with carved decorative elements.
  • Often there is the effect of artificial aging of the fabric of the product.
  • Transparent or frosted glass window inserts with floristic ornament.
  • Original handles and latches of gold-plated, darkened metal or bronze with additional figured decorations.
  • When creating door products are mainly used natural materials.
  • Decoration of designs is reproduced closer to natural, natural motifs.

  • The predominance of light, as if faded tones.
  • The protruding parts on the surface of the door leaf are minimized.
  • The presence of symmetry of individual elements of the product.
  • The style emphasizes the predominance of the wood structure of the structure, and therefore the use of smooth surfaces and gloss is unacceptable.
  • Plastic and metal material is not taken as a basis.
  • The method of artificial creation of surface patina is used.

Choosing doors, for the beginning it is necessary to consider their model range and material of production.

Manufacturing materials

The best option for Provencal style, of course, are the doors of natural wood: oak, beech wood. However, they also differ in high cost. The budget choice will be sheets of PVC, MDF, and ekoshpon. These materials successfully imitate wood. In the Provencal style, the installation of plastic or metal doors is unacceptable. Laminated or glossy surfaces are also irrelevant. Forged finish and metal handles apply only to entrance doors. The shape of the canvas products more often classic - the same framework, inserted panels, symmetry.

Entrance and interior doors in the style of Provence often made in the form of hinged, single and double doors. Double doors can be both the same size and asymmetric. In the interior design of large rooms, double-wing constructions, in the Provencal style, look original in the form of sliding models. The ideal place for them is large storage rooms, which are designed for storing large items. Their shape is more like a gate. When looking at such doors, performed in the Provencal style, the granary gates of the Middle Ages are imagined.

Doors in Provencal are so unique that they themselves can act as decorative elements. For example, interior doors, coupe. When choosing these structures, the placement of furniture in the room is necessarily taken into account, since they do not swing open, but travel parallel to the wall. Complementing the interior with doors with windows at the top, carved or decorated with vintage glass, you can create a fabulous room for Alice in Wonderland, which will be a favorite place for residents and guests of different ages.


Old-fashioned products that bring antiquity to the atmosphere are very popular. The interior, complemented by antique decor, will convey the spirit of grace and nobility. Modern designers can not only restore old products, also make old models old. By applying a special chemical composition or tinting the surface, patina is created on the wood web.

To give a certain theme to the general interior, it is possible to revive monophonic door canvases with the help of painting. It instantly changes the look of the product. Bouquets of spicy, fragrant herbs and meadow violets, seascapes, olive branches in the execution of the painting will give the door an attractive novelty.

According to consumer reviews and their demand, it can be concluded that floral motifs door decor most in demand. The decor can serve as inserts-windows of transparent or frosted glass with drawings that successfully create an atmosphere of hospitality in the kitchen and dining room. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of components. All fittings should be combined with the door leaf product.

One cannot but agree that white doors are universal and serve as one of the outstanding design solutions. Certain areas of the door can be carved, and gray paint, skillfully applied to the surface of the door creates the very effect of wear.

Also, the decoration will be forged in black and white color, it will add elegance to the product and at the same time modesty.

Decoupage is a great way to freshen up the interior, endowing the usual things with innovation. This decor method is sticking prints made of paper onto the surface. In Provence style, the decor is most popular with original three-layer napkins, photo wallpapers. The procedure for decoupage can be done by hand. However, for aesthetic design and creativity, it is better to trust professional designers. When you place an order for a product according to individual sketches, you can preliminarily discuss all the nuances with a specialist.

Color design

The color range for Provencal products is always in harmony with the overall design of the room. Basically, these are natural colors: white, beige, lavender and lemon hue, delicate turquoise, swelling of yellow sand, gray natural stone. The most popular violet, pale blue, dirty pink shades. The surface of the product should look burned up, worn.

Door leaves can be painted in one tone or combine several shades. An excellent option would be the products of white colors. On a white background, cracks and scuffs are clearly visible. The traditional color of the door leaf together with the bed tones in the color of the walls and floors, furniture, is fundamental to the style.


If Provencal style in the interior is created in the interior design of housing, then there is a need to arrange the entrance door in the same style. The result will be a harmonious design, where only looking at the entrance can be said about the refined taste of the homeowner. For each room, performed in the style of Provence, the corresponding constructions are selected.. The living room will suit the most different models of doors: hinged, sliding, with one or two doors.

Door handles are acceptable glass and forged. The style allows rough and at the same time elegant combinations of glass, metal and wood. In large rooms with rich furnishings, white Provencal doors with golden patina will become the accent of the interior.

Golden surface treatment of the door will harmoniously complement the elements of the decoration with gold: sconces, chandeliers, golden framing mirrors and paintings.

White doors will be a great option for the kitchen, dining room. The actual decoration will be green bunches, bouquets of dried flowers of violets and fragrant herbs. It is possible to decorate with the help of painting, mainly with floral ornaments.

As a rule, the bedroom is designed for relaxation and sleep. Therefore, all design elements should help calm down and relax. Suitable shades will be pale yellow, diluted lemon, light purple. Perfectly fit doors made of pine or ekoshpon. Such doors will instantly create a home comfort and warmth in the room.

In the nursery acceptable designs made only from natural material. Color design should be fun and bright. These are bold shades of purple, blue, olive. For security reasons, the decor should do without corners and protrusions. When choosing a suitable product model, you should consider the overall situation in the room.

If the plans in the Provencal style to equip only one room of the apartment, then You can order the door for the cabinet in this style, the entrance door should look more strict. Then the interior of the room will not create contrast in the design of other rooms.

If the style affected not only the interior of the house, but also the external facades, then the door in Provence style to complete the view is necessary.

Mixing stylistics

Each style of the interior has its own characteristics, its features, which recreate the spirit of that country and era. Provence style has many faces: sometimes it is called French country, because it is one of its varieties. If you mix it with other styles, you get an interesting object in an eclectic design. Interior Provence doors are in perfect harmony with the classic and modern. Installation of such structures perfectly complements any coatings and furniture.

Styles that are interconnected with Provence in the historical aspect are Empire, Rococo. Empire style has the same geographical roots and the same era of Napoleon I’s empire, but at the same time conveys the atmosphere of French romanticism with a degree of pomp. Columns, arches, high chairs and a table, large paintings - solemn outlines of the Empire style, the Provence doors will calm down a little, rubbed out in pale tones. Those, in turn, with the help of gold patina will complement the luxury of the Empire.

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