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Sofas of the Belarusian factory "Pinskdrev"

The interior of the house depends on the presence of upholstered furniture in it. The sofas of the Belarusian company "Pinskdrev" will make your home beautiful and elegant, create in it a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, fill your home with positive energy of living nature.

"Pinskdrev" - the guarantor of high-quality, environmentally friendly and noble stylish furniture, which uses only natural materials (solid oak, birch, beech and other valuable species). Some pieces of furniture are exclusive, as they are made by craftsmen by hand.

Features and benefits

Pinskdrev has been producing furniture since 1880. The production successfully combines traditional time-tested technologies and the latest achievements in the field of furniture production. The holding has its own forestry, which allows producing the best quality furniture at the lowest cost. The laboratory checks materials for compliance with quality standards and environmental safety.


  • her produce on high tech and high-precision equipment;
  • materials are of high quality as they are laboratory tested;
  • flooring materials have 8 categories of strength, ensuring uniform load distribution;
  • furniture fabrics have a huge selection of colors, including natural and artificial leather;
  • wide range of styles - from classic to modern.

Models differ in size, shape, upholstery, mechanism of construction. Individual designs include a wooden frame, decorated with carvings, paintings or other finishes.

"Pinskdrev" produces furniture of different price categories, among which there are also economy class sofas. They are small and inexpensive to finish. ("Breeze", "Linda", "Karo-2"). Produced and luxury models. For example, classic Italian style corner sofa "Europe", decorated with carved decorative elements, has a transformation mechanism "Spartacus".

Sofas "Pinskdrev" durable, not deformed, do not creak, upholstery retains its original appearance.

The range of furniture is constantly updated: 30-40 new products are produced every six months.


"Pinskdrev" produces sofas of different Forms:

  1. angular,
  2. linear (straight).

Corner structures, as a rule, have a large capacity. In addition, the line of sofas includes kitchen models and ottomans.


The range of sofas is different and spacious. there is models:

  1. small-sized,
  2. double rooms
  3. triple,
  4. four-seater and more.

For many models there are additional decorative pillows.

The greatest demand is for 2-seater (2 m) and 3-seater models (3 m).

One of the popular models is "Austin". This sofa has a straight shape, it is three-seater (length 264 cm), equipped with a "eurobook" mechanism, a block consisting of independent springs is used as a flooring. Upholstery can be of two options: fabric and faux leather. The armrests have a hard pad. The back consists of pillows. There is a box for linen.


Sofas have tissue or leather upholstery.

Fabric upholstery includes:

  1. flock,
  2. jacquard
  3. Velor
  4. Chenille,
  5. faux suede.
  • Flock is obtained by applying nylon pile on the adhesive base. (cotton or polyester). Flocks are printed and embossed. The advantages of the flock include: resistance to mechanical damage, moisture resistance, pleasant to the touch, has a variety of colors, cleans well, does not crease, and retains its original aesthetic appearance for a long time.

  • Jacquard - the most dense fabric. It turns out an interlacing of multi-colored threads which form drawing. The fabric almost does not crumple, does not undergo deformation. Somewhat stiff. Easy to clean. Furniture with such upholstery looks luxurious.
  • Chenille has a similarity to jacquard, but the chenille string is double: consists of a fluffy and smooth thread. Perhaps a combination of natural and synthetic threads. The advantages of the fabric include strength and durability, environmental friendliness (in the presence of cotton fibers), hypoallergenicity, color stability.

  • Velor - knitted nap fabric. The material has a warm shine, perfectly holds the color. The most commonly used natural fibers: wool, cotton or silk. Sometimes nylon or polyester yarns are used. The advantages of velor are: high strength, long-term aesthetic appearance, color fastness, maintaining body temperature: it is very comfortable to rest on such a sofa.
  • Faux suede - fabric with satin plexus fibers. Artificial suede "breathes" well, high-strength, has a rich color palette, is very practical in operation.

Upholstered furniture "Pinskdrev" with leather upholstery varies by group category.

In group 105 furniture upholstery is made of artificial leather.

In the 115 group, the “working” surfaces (seats, back, upper armrests) are made of genuine leather. The sides and back of the upholstered eco-leather.

Artificial skin is obtained by applying a polymer layer on the fabric. After that, the material is embossed, which gives the necessary texture-imitation, similar to natural leather.

The artificial leather in comparison with genuine has a number of advantages: it is hypoallergenic, with a uniform color (an important characteristic for "modern"), smooth and uniform, free of defects, has different color solutions, there is no effect of "sticking" at high temperatures and "tanning" at low.

Genuine leather, which is used by Pinskdrev, is of high quality: the skin of the "first cut" is used, the "natural" defects are carefully monitored.

Color solutions

Furniture upholstery "Pinskdrev" has about 500 color varieties, including artificial and natural leather. Fabric upholstery reflects both classic and newfangled trends in the furniture industry. For upholstery leather furniture used 40 shades of genuine leather. Colored leather upholstery is currently very popular. Shades of color have original names, among which there are "sunflower" and "tobacco", "persimmon" and "plum", "fig" and "milk", "coal" and "ocean". Perfectly stylish, expensive and modern looks leather upholstery shades of light palette.

Popular models

  • In a modular sofa "Matisse" fastening system provides the ability to combine variations of furniture placement. The transformation mechanism used is tick-tac. It serves for everyday use. To open the sofa, you need to remove the back cushions, then pull the front part of the seat up and forward at the bottom and then lower the design gently to the floor. Lower the back on the released part. The model has decorative elements: shelf and inserts. Capacity for bed linen consists of two boxes, which are under the seat and in the ottoman. The length of the sofa is 2590 mm, width 1530 mm, height 900 mm.
  • Corner sofa "Weimar" It has a large sleeping place (2900x1560 mm). Under the seat and in the ottoman is a container for linen accessories. The sides are removable. Transformation mechanism - "eurobook". This device has wooden guides, providing ease of movement of the rollers or polymer sliding supports. The sofa can be easily folded: the seat is pulled out, and the back is lowered onto the vacated niche.
  • Triple sofa "Nicole" refer to non-modular models on the block with springs. Dimensions in width 2350 mm, depth 1050 mm, height: 980 mm. The mechanism is tick-tac. The sides are removable with soft armrests. The legs and frame are made of wood. There are pillows. The sofa is upholstered in eco-leather. You can choose from various colors: white, black, red, cream, beige, brown and others.
  • Model line "Nicole" includes a sofa bed corner, sleeping sofa, straight sofa, corner sofa for sleeping, straight sofa for sleeping.

How to choose?

When choosing sofas, you should pay attention to the fact that office furniture does not imply use as a place to sleep, so you may not have transformation structures. Of course, you should consider the style of the existing interior space. Pinskdrev models provide furniture of various styles.

When purchasing a sofa, you should take into account the characteristics of the upholstery, calculate the optimal size of the furniture, study the transformation mechanism, choosing the most convenient for personal use. Existence of wooden armrests will save side parts of a sofa from pollution.

Where to put?

Corner sofa with leather upholstery decorate the living room, home theater, study, conference room, hall or office. Bright colors will fill the room with freshness, visually expand the room.

Luxurious leather furniture is very beautiful in combination with decorative walls (for example, with a brick).

The high-tech style will harmoniously look sofas with red, dark red, black or white skin.

Modern furniture fashion trends offer an incompatible combination of experiments: you can try to combine a sofa and chairs from different sets, differing in shape, color, and upholstery texture. As an option, a combination of a chair with velor upholstery and a leather sofa.

Perhaps a combination of textiles and leather: on a leather sofa can look beautiful textile pillows.

Original and interesting looks leather furniture in combination with jacquard fabric wallpaper with complex patterns.


Predominantly positive feedback about the purchased sofas of the Pinskdrev company: you can always choose a sofa in accordance with the required style and size. Additional practicality in the use of linen boxes. Competently selected upholstery looks flawlessly long time. All seams are neat and smooth. Good quality fillers that are not deformed. Consumers are among the positive qualities availability in many models of furniture zippers, allowing you to change the filler as needed.

For example, in the model "Caroline" positive characteristics indicate spaciousness, a comfortable bed, the presence of shelves, a volume box under the seat.

The disadvantages include the quality of fabric upholstery (from a different angle of view, it looks different, from certain positions it is not of sufficient quality: the pellets and puffs seem to be). The “tick-to-tick” transformation method is not sufficiently convenient for placing a sofa in the middle of the room, as there will be a load on the back, which can lead to breakage. It is also inconvenient that every time you unfold the sofa it is necessary to move it away from the wall: otherwise it will not open.

In some models, plastic wheels are considered a weak spot under the bed and tick-to-drop drop-down legs (this drawback is noted by consumers of the Manchester and Uno models).

Buying a sofa is a responsible choice, because usually furniture is purchased for a long time. Properly selected sofa "Pinskdrev" can become a real decoration of the room, make the rest on it comfortable and enjoyable. In this house will want to return again and again.

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