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What makes a blender different from a mixer?

Modern mistresses now and then have to grind in the kitchen any food. And how well this will be done depends on how the dish will look and how it will taste. If you need to grind a small portion, then there is nothing complicated about it, but when it comes to processing a large amount of ingredients, problems arise - after all, modern housewives usually have limited time.

It is for this reason that household appliances, which can accelerate all the cooking processes associated with cooking and facilitate the work of the hostess, are very popular today. The leaders among such kitchen assistants can safely be called a mixer and blender, but they are presented on the market in such an assortment that choosing a specific model and understanding its specificity is a rather difficult task.

What is the difference between a blender and a mixer - you can’t figure it out right away, because the functions are similar enough, and in order to choose the optimal mechanism for your needs, you first need to go directly into his work, evaluate the reliability of manufacturing and understand how prices vary which category the product belongs to

About the advantages, disadvantages and differences


With the help of this electric device and its nozzles you can mechanically mix the ingredients. Its main functions include:

  • preparation of homogeneous mixtures;
  • mixing liquids with bulk solids.

Using a mixer, you can whip proteins into a foam much faster than manually, make a rich mass of cream, make souffles, cocktails, knead dough of liquid consistency, make mashed potatoes and various sauces.

Mixers are manual and stationary. Manual - this is an electric device with various nozzles, in the process of work it must be kept on weight. It is convenient for them to prepare a cocktail drink in which you need to mix several liquid ingredients such as honey, eggs, cream and other products. But with the grinding of boiled fruits, the mixer will cope poorly, because its purpose is different - to give additional volume to the already ground components.

When working with a mixer, it is important to choose the right dishes, because if it is not high enough, you simply spray the processed mixture throughout the kitchen. And yet - not every mixer can cope with the preparation of tight dough - for such work a high power mixer with reliable components will be required.

For the most part, hand mixers operate on the network, but there are models that are more convenient in this regard, and they are able to operate autonomously, on batteries. This feature makes manual models more convenient and compact when compared with other similar devices. Stationary-type devices have a different design - this is a bowl on a stand and an automatic control panel. The advantage is that the device does not need to be held in your hands while it is working.

How stationary devices are completed:

  • the stationary mixer has a special stand that keeps the mixer from vibrations that are inevitable when mixing, for example, tough dough;
  • a bowl with a capacity of one and a half or two liters, which is recommended to be filled with the original ingredients no more than half (in order to avoid splashing);
  • nozzles in the form of a whisk, used to prepare liquid products and a special hook, which knead the dough.

Often there are models of blenders without a hook, but this accessory can always be purchased separately from the electrical device itself.


It is an electrical device capable of performing many functions, and it can cope with almost all the tasks with a single axial nozzle. Blender grind, mix and beat up various foods.

Modern enterprises make kitchen blenders of two categories:

  • Stationary models. This model has a jug and a stand with special knives at the base. The device is placed on the working surface of the table, put all the necessary ingredients in the jug and start working by pressing the start button on the control panel. This blender can only mix liquid ingredients such as mousses, creams, smoothies, sauces, batter and cream soup. Some models of blenders are equipped with other nozzles - with their help, you can chop ice and make juice.

The disadvantages of this model include the fact that it is a rather cumbersome device and has considerable weight.

  • Submersible model. This is an elongated device with a two-sided structure. The upper part is a handle, and the lower - the leg with any of the nozzles that come in the kit. The bowl to this model is not provided, the device is kept on weight and immersed in a specially prepared container with ingredients to be processed.

The purpose of these blender models is to grind and mix solid ingredients, process meat products to produce minced meat, and also beat up mashed potatoes, cream and sauces.

The disadvantages of the model include its high cost and complexity associated with the manufacture of a cocktail. But be that as it may, the blender is exactly superior to the mixer in its working functions.

About the features of work

There are many situations where a blender and mixer can easily replace each other, but their functionality is not equivalent at all. And the main difference between these electrical devices is their purpose and principle of operation.

The purpose of mixers is the rapid beating of various components of a dish or the kneading of a batter. A blender can do a lot more:

  • grind;
  • mix;
  • beat;
  • chop the ice;
  • slice;
  • vacuum food.

According to the principle of operation, the mixer comes with a pair of beaters, and the blenders have a blade knife and several nozzles.


In modern society, the most popular among the hostesses won mixers. This was made possible thanks to their light weight and the ability to work on batteries. This option is most appropriate for the budget kitchen.

The blender is a stationary design, with a removable bowl, although there are manual models.

It is important to remember that when choosing kitchen electrical appliances, one should first of all decide on the purpose and amount of work to be done, as well as how intensively it will be used in the future. And only after that it will be possible to proceed directly to the choice of a particular model.

If you are going to regularly bake and cook dough for this with the help of a kitchen assistant, here the mixer is the best choice for you. High-quality models of these devices are produced by companies Bosch and Philips - Mixers of these manufacturers will serve you for many years and will not fail.

If the question is about the regular grinding of any products (it can be, for example, meat, cereals or coffee), then choose a blender. On this device it is very convenient to prepare food for the baby. In this case, preference should be given to such brands of blenders as Moulinex, Bosch and Braun.

But do not rush immediately to the cashier - first read in detail the technical characteristics of the selected product and make sure that they meet your needs to the fullest extent.

For fans of sports nutrition and for lovers of smoothies, a stationary blender will be a real boon. He more than anyone can cope with the preparation of this vitamin drink. This device will also be indispensable for the preparation of a fruit cocktail with ice. With this unit it will be much easier for those who like to prepare all kinds of snack pastes and creams. The stationary blender is convenient to mix ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fish, various seasonings and spices.

Anyone who loves to cook various minced meat dishes in the form of cutlets, meatballs, meatballs or casseroles, it is best to purchase an immersion type of blender equipped with a function for cutting meat. Such a blender will also be an excellent assistant for cooking fruit or vegetable salad. You should only make sure when buying that nozzles for shredding and cutting in the kit are present. Standard nozzle will help you in the preparation of excellent creams and sauces.

Nowadays, special blending nozzles for mixers have already appeared on the market - this is a very useful invention, and the grateful feedback from users on this occasion is unanimous. The best manufacturers of such accessories are world famous companies. Zelmer, Bosch, Clatronic, Tefal and some others. At the same time, for almost every blender model, you can purchase an additional nozzle in the form of a whisk for beating. All this suggests that before buying, you should carefully study the entire description of the characteristics of the device in order to clearly understand whether you need to purchase additional components or not.

How to properly operate

Properly operating kitchen electrical appliances means exploiting it for a very long time and without failures. The rules that should be followed for this are quite simple:

  • Before turning on the device, make sure that the bowl is installed correctly and the lid is securely fastened;
  • the ingredients that you need to grind, should not lay the whole, and cut into pieces;
  • do not turn on the blender until you first fill the bowl with food;
  • do not rush to remove the cover - let the shaft stop completely first;
  • be careful not to spill water on the motor housing;
  • regularly monitor the state of the cord that the blender is connected to the network;
  • Do not disassemble the motor housing yourself. If you are not an expert in this area, you can easily damage its security lock. So, if the need for repair has already arisen, then only experienced specialists will be able to eliminate serious malfunctions without harm to the functioning of the entire device;
  • the important point of proper use of kitchen appliances is its cleaning. Well, if there is an automatic cleaning function, then you just need to fill the device with heated water, pour a little detergent into it and start the machine.


There is a difference between a mixer and a blender and it consists of:

  • in the appointment of devices;
  • in their design;
  • in equipment with additional accessories;
  • in principle of work;
  • in functional features;
  • in the configuration.

Blenders are used more widely than mixers - this is due to the large number of nozzles that come with them. But the competition between modern manufacturers gradually leads to the fact that additional tools have already been invented for each of the devices and some of them can now also have functions specific to another device.

But the main thing that you need to remember when you decide to purchase a kitchen assistant is that, first of all, you need to decide on the list of dishes that you will be cooking using this or that appliance.

Why buy a device that you do not need, and will be gathering dust on the shelf? Best of all, if you make a list of those dishes that you would like to see in the menu - then you can easily understand what kind of assistant you need and can’t go wrong.

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