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Ceramic tile size 30x60 cm: how to choose?

At the beginning of the repair stage, many do not know what to take in the first place. In fact, the answer is on the surface. It is best to start with the purchase of material, in particular ceramic tiles.

Before you mindlessly acquire the first available option, you must carefully consider your choice. There are plenty of criteria to consider.

Criterias of choice


Ceramic tile size of 30x60 cm is very popular. Especially advantageous, it looks when you make a bathroom. Modern technology allows you to create products that can fit into any luxurious interior, created in the imagination. It is only necessary to know the dimensions of the premises being repaired and an approximate description of its appearance after the repair.

Based on these data, the consultants of the building shop will model an individual design project for you absolutely free of charge. They will also help you to find out how many tiles you need to purchase in order to realize your plans.

There is no uniform standard for packing material; each factory has its own loading norms. They depend solely on the size of the facing elements. In one box can be transported as 10, 15, 25, and 12 or 21 tiles. Norms in weight either. You can only calculate the average value. It ranges from 10-17 kg per package.

Usually, the box contains all the necessary information for the buyer: the name of the manufacturer, the name of the tile itself, the number of square meters in the package, the size (in centimeters), the colors and the number of products in pieces.

In order not to overpay for the extra facing material, you need to find out the exact size of the surface that you plan to cover. Area is easy to calculate. It is only necessary to multiply the length by the width. The resulting number is divided by the area of ​​one tile. The result is the required number of products in pieces.

Of course, if the number is not an integer, it must be rounded. Then to him add another 5% to cover the errors. If any item is damaged during transport or when applied to the wall, this stock will save the situation.


The choice of tile design depends on personal taste. Here, the desired future appearance of the room, preferred style and color scheme are taken into account.

Popular manufacturers

Kerama marazzi

The undisputed market leader is Kerama Marazzi. The company produces many collections, stylized for different countries.

This is the only company in Russia that produces ceramic granite, manufactured by the method of dry pressing.

There is in the assortment of the brand and products of 300x600 mm.


  • breadth of assortment, stylish design;
  • excellent product quality, which is achieved thanks to modern production technologies.


  • it is quite difficult to choose floor tiles to the wall (even in one collection).

Fap ceramiche

This Italian tile is created for wealthy people. One of the key activities of the brand is almost accurate copying of natural materials.


  • nice design, wide range;
  • impeccable quality;
  • environmental friendliness of products;
  • resistance to fading and abrasion.


  • very high cost;
  • mismatch tiles in size.


This is one of the oldest trademarks. Many collections of the brand are available in several colors.


  • wide range of;
  • strength and stability;
  • affordable price.


  • problems with tile geometry in some batches.

Golden tile

This brand successfully uses digital printing technology, thanks to which it boasts a wealth of choice. At the moment, Golden tile is more than 60 collections.


  • the breadth of the range;
  • low price;
  • high quality.


  • size mismatch;
  • a significant difference in the tones of one collection of different parties.

"Shakhty tile"

Domestic brand Unitile or "Shakhty tile" is quite popular in Russia. Product design is developed in Italian and Spanish studios. More than 30 collections are presented in bright color schemes.


  • the breadth of the range, a variety of colors;
  • low price.


  • wall tiles are prone to breakage;
  • The differences of tiles of the same batch in size.

Useful tips

Buying the right adhesive is just as important as choosing the facing material. The choice of adhesive depends on the characteristics of the tile, the characteristics of the surface and the type of substrate. For 5 square meters you need about 25 kg of dry mix.

If the quality and durability of the repair do not bother you, you can safely buy any inexpensive material and, without hiring workers, stack it yourself. But if you want to get a beautiful interior that will please the eye for more than one year, it is better to purchase high-quality tiles in a proven specialty store.

Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit products of famous brands on the market. Therefore, even if the manufacturer, the required model and quantity are already selected, do not make a purchase in doubtful places. Only by purchasing genuine material and putting it in compliance with all the nuances of technology, you can not be afraid of the collapse or break of the tile after its application.

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