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Bedroom design in the "Khrushchev"

Making a bedroom in the "Khrushchev" - a challenge even for designers with experience, let alone non-professionals. However, everything is possible, there would be a desire.

Features of planning

Houses Khrushchev built differ extremely functional architecture. The small cramped box-flats, without any architectural excesses that were so common in earlier years, were to become only a temporary shelter for displaced people from villages and towns, but as time went on, the people in the Khrushchevs all lived.

Usually, these are panel houses with very poor sound insulation and thermal insulation. When repairing requires special attention to pay precisely these aspects, especially if the house has small children. A cold apartment does not contribute to their health, as well as ambient noises - good sleep.

Low ceilings - another minus in the appendage to the small area of ​​the house. Often the situation is exacerbated by the wrong choice of material for the design of the ceiling space, as well as the inappropriate chandelier or ceiling.

The bedroom in the "Khrushchev" was usually made long, elongated. Such a room is not the most convenient option for decoration, however, with enough imagination, repairs can be inexpensive and the results are stunning.

How to increase the space?

There is a mass of secret techniques, with the help of which designers in their work create real miracles with space.

So, one of these methods is to expand the space by borrowing space. For example, you can use the space of the loggia to increase the area of ​​the bedroom. Using arches to merge two zones into one will be an excellent way out when there is no possibility to completely get rid of the wall.

By the way, here is one more method of use - the use of arches instead of doors. You can also increase the doorways, it will make the space more visually. Discard the use of swing doors in favor of compartment doors, if you do not have the ability or desire to mount the arch.

Sliding do not require a place to open, however, it is necessary to allocate space on the sides of the doorway in order for the doors to have where to “walk.”

If this is not possible, prefab doors will be an excellent way out. They are not very popular, as are often not very high quality. We strongly advise you not to regret the money to buy the door, because it is the first thing that a person sees when entering the bedroom. Accordingly, the door - an important component that sets the tone for the interior.

Returning to the question of the loggia, it should be noted that it must be warmed. It is not only about floors, but also walls. Also glaze it with modern PVC. It is relatively inexpensive, but it will give your future loggia bedroom a neat modern look.

When choosing a wallpaper, pay attention to the options with a small pattern. In no case do not buy them with a large pattern for small bedrooms of 6 square meters. meters or even 11 square meters. m, because visually such wallpaper will “land” the ceiling, and also will draw all attention to itself, at the same time making the interior tasteless, and the room is visually even smaller than it is.

Buying wallpaper in a wide strip - not the best option. Broad lanes also “hide” the space, making you feel uncomfortable in such an environment. It is better to choose the option in a vertical thin line or with elegant thin vertical patterns. So at the same time you can visually add a room a few centimeters in height, and make it bigger.

If we talk about the visual increase in the room, then come to the rescue colors and textures of the coatings.

Start from the ceiling. You can install a mirrored ceiling in the room. So your bedroom will seem taller and more spacious than it really is. If the mirrored ceiling is too extravagant for you, we recommend staying at the stretch glossy version. Such coverage will reflect and scatter the light, making the room seem more spacious, larger, more comfortable.

In the problem of space expansion, windows play an important role. Install modern plastic windows instead of wooden ones. They are less bulky, easier to look after. Moreover, plastic windows look very neat, do not require painting.

Get rid of the cast iron radiator. Of course, at the moment there are no equivalents for the quality of good old cast iron, but modern thin batteries look much smaller and more elegant. To the bedroom was warm enough, build underfloor heating.

Eliminate the use of excess furniture and parts. Installing only the necessary functional items of furniture will help you to free up the precious area, and breathing in such a bedroom will become much easier.

You should not choose carpet for the bedroom in the "Khrushchev". Despite the huge number of advantages in favor of this option, its essential minutes are that the carpet visually reduces the space of the room. It is better to purchase an extra rug, especially if there are children at home. Cleaning in this case will be much easier, and the result of the renovation will be a spacious updated bedroom.

When choosing flooring should follow the general rule that the best choice - smooth glossy surfaces. If you do not want to install a glossy floor, stop at least on the smooth types of coverage. It can be linoleum, laminate, parquet without relief.

Choosing the best sources of lighting is another important point when planning a bedroom design. Difficulties may arise in the selection of overhead lighting. The ceilings in the Khrushchev houses are rather low, so a standard hanging chandelier will not work. A good choice would be a bush lamp, which is a flat analogue of a chandelier.

Additionally, you can install wall sconces. Shining vertically, they will visually pull the room up, while creating more light in the bedroom.

Try not to use white or blue cold light. It is best to choose a warm yellowish shade of lighting, it will make the room more comfortable.

Recommended Styles

Regarding the style, in which it is necessary to draw up a small bedroom, all the designers are unanimous: "yes" - modern styles, "no" - artsy:

  • Styles such as Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, strict classical cardinally are not suitable for the design of bedrooms in the house of Khrushchev construction. The abundance of parts, heavy bulky finishing materials, ornate furniture can create not a luxurious atmosphere, but cluttered up.
  • Creating an interior in ethnic african or indian style - also not the best idea. The abundance of jewelry and details, as well as soft textures and bright colors, will “eat” the bedroom space, and the room will look small and awkward.
  • On the other hand, Hi-tech, Minimalism, Scandinavian styles as nothing else is suitable for a bedroom in the "Khrushchev". Clean lines, glossy surfaces, geometric patterns, pure colors and the almost complete lack of decor are very well suited for creating the illusion of a large bedroom.

Choosing a modern style, try to focus on your own feelings too. It is very important that it is pleasant to be in the bedroom, so that the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation.

8 photos
  • Despite the abundance of details, rustic or Provence style can give odds to any of the modern. The feeling of airiness, simplicity, freshness, flowing through these stylistics, can completely distract the visitor from the size of the room. The color scheme is also very important. For a rustic style, bright colors are usually chosen, but by opting for low-key muted shades, you can achieve a fantastic effect.

If you are abhorrent to modern styles, take a look at some other, for example, rustic.

How to choose the color range?

To choose the right color for painting the walls is not so difficult. Everyone knows the rule that "light fullness". The same applies to the interior. The use of light shades can revive and expand the bedroom.

Look for colors such as:

  • White;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Beige;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • Pink.

Psychologists also recommend the use of these colors, as in rooms of similar shades a person can relax best.

Dark colors are a bad choice for a small bedroom. Because of the low ceiling, it would be extremely uncomfortable to be in such a room, it would seem that you are not in the bedroom, but in a closet or in the attic. Such an atmosphere can lead to problems with the psyche, depressed states, depression.

You can paint a niche for a bed in a dark color, and make the rest of the bedroom interior light. Thus, you will play on the contrast, and do not overload the room with a dark range of shades.

We arrange the furniture

When planning the interior of the future bedroom, be sure to think about how to arrange the furniture.

First you need to decide what kind of furniture is needed:

  • Bed. Actually, the main attribute of the bedroom. The further planning also depends on the size of the bed, since it is usually the bed that makes the interior composition a semantic center.

Pay attention to the folding model, which can be hidden by a simple lift, thus bringing the design into a vertical position. When choosing a double option, this model will be a great solution.

  • Cabinet or chest of drawers. Both that, and another can be competently entered in an interior depending on the size and a form of the room. In particular, when choosing a cabinet, preference is given to coupe models up to the ceiling. This will help save space, as well as hide things from prying eyes. With such a closet, any room will look neat.

Choosing a chest of drawers, be sure to pay attention to the most simple functional models. Sometimes they are ideal for a small bedroom.

  • Bedside cabinets. Sometimes you can do without them, but in low light, such thumbs are a great way out. They can be positioned bedside lamps, thereby adding room and light, and comfort.

For a family with a newborn child, one of these pedestals can be replaced with a cot. It fits perfectly into the opening, while parents will be more comfortable to look after their offspring, not to mention all the benefits of such an arrangement for night breastfeeding.

To organize a bedroom of a two-room or three-room apartment, it makes sense to abandon the installation of a closet in the bedroom, but remember that an elongated bedroom can be well balanced by the presence of this object in the far short wall.

Below are several options for how to arrange the furniture in a narrow bedroom properly. As you can see, there are options with a double bed and a single bed.

The best choice for such a small room is to buy a one-and-a-half bed. If you wish, two people can sleep on it without much damage to convenience; nevertheless, buying such a bed will save you 20-40 cm of space. For families with small children, the offer is very important, since the young mother needs space when playing with the child.

Additionally, in the rectangular bedroom you can buy a carpet or hanging shelves. Designers do not advise to fill the room with an abundance of small items, as it may seem cluttered due to its small size. In addition, cleaning with such interior decoration will be longer and more tedious.

Choosing a carpet, make a start, first of all, from the style of the interior. Remember that carpets with a long nap will visually make a room smaller, but cozier.

But choosing a light carpet with a short nap, you will make the room more spacious, warmer. At such a palace, children will enjoy playing, and caring for them will not take much time.

When choosing curtains Give preference to models with a lifting mechanism, such as blinds, Australian curtains, etc. Just leave the window without a frame is not necessary, since the interior of the bedroom in this case will seem unfinished.

Design Ideas


Below are real examples of how to create a beautiful interior in a small bedroom with your own hands.

This photo clearly demonstrates that even a small room, made in dark colors, can look very nice. This cozy bedroom is furnished in fusion style. Small details are selected in a small amount, but due to their presence the room looks more lively. Roller blinds perfectly complement the composition.

When thinking about the design for a bedroom without a window, pay attention to the following images. Analogue of natural lighting here are the LEDs installed in a niche above the bed.

Bright bedroom of this type looks very spacious and fresh.

Here is another interesting option. In this case, the space is expanded through the skillful use of mirrors, as well as the successful selection of furniture. A light-colored wrought-iron bed looks airy, and installing a closet at the head of the bed is a great idea to save space.

Decorating the wall with wall murals is an easy and affordable way to visually make the bedroom larger. There are no frills in this interior, and a pleasant green color has a calming effect on sleeping.

As an option, you can always use a similar type of folding bed. It allows you to free up more space, and the mechanism of its work is easy to use. This solution is most suitable for very small bedrooms, in which it is difficult to place something other than a bed.

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