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Bedroom decor

The bedroom is an intimate place that requires a special approach. Its decor should reflect the inner world and the mood of the owners of the room. Properly chosen style and harmoniously arranged furniture will help create a cozy nest.

Features of decoration

A variety of methods for decorating a bedroom offer to use textiles, accessories and unusual wall decoration to create a unique style. With the help of simple techniques, you can add a flat to your apartment, which will not lose its originality even after several years.

Textiles will help to make the room unique: bright bed linen, embroidered curtains, painted wallpaper and colorful pillows.

There are many available and budget ways to design walls, each of them is interesting in its own way. In the building stores you can buy wallpapers, regular wallpaper, wall panels, decorative plaster and paint. Particularly gifted people can paint the walls themselves, while creating a work of art.

Accessories and additional items such as sconces, statues, mirrors, floor flowers, etc. will help to complement the interior.

We should not forget about the importance of lighting in the sleeping area. After all, this place should have a special soft light that will create an intimate atmosphere. Therefore, in addition to the central chandelier, there should be bedside lamps in the room or an LED tape should be attached to the head of the bed.

What style to choose?

There are many style directions in interior design, but not all of them are suitable for a bedroom.. As a rule, in the sleeping room apply the classics, Boho, Scandinavian or American style.

  1. Boho - a direction that likes to experiment and use bright colors in interior design. It allows you to mix several styles in the same room and arrange in it many different accessories. The main thing is that the interior itself be made in the same color, and the textiles and decorations should have absolutely any colors. Boho is intended for self-expression and inspiration, any detail in the interior should catch the eye.
  2. Scandinavian style - it is peace and conciseness of space, which appreciates restraint and abundance of light. It should be dominated by cool shades of white, gray and blue. In the design of the bedroom should be a tree, for example, on the floor you can lay parquet. All materials and furniture should be made from natural ingredients, and in the decor should not be an abundance of bright accents.
  3. American style - This is the love of freedom and space, which can be achieved not only due to the large area of ​​the bedroom, but also with the help of decoration. Bright colors and plenty of light should visually enlarge the space. The bed should occupy a central place, and all other objects should be attached to it. American style does not tolerate the presence of carpets, the floor must be fully open.
  4. Classic style - it is simplicity and luxury in one bottle. Natural materials and light colors set the mood of the classics, and golden painting on the walls or embroidery on textiles add a sense of wealth to the image. The space should not be overloaded with an abundance of furniture and accessories, there should be only everything that is needed. Also, the classic suggests the presence of large mirrors in the patterned frames.

Color spectrum

A sleeping room is an individual place in which a person should rest, therefore nothing should distract him from relaxation after a hard day’s work. The color scheme plays an important role here.

Leading designers of the world suggest using a number of useful tips before choosing a color palette for the bedroom.

  1. Do not be afraid of bright accents. You can safely decorate one of the walls in a bright color or use wallpaper, and if the room is small, it is better to add colors using textiles.
  2. Use dark shades. Dark and deaf colors can be used in the interior of the bedroom, for example, when decorating walls. Plus the fact that when entering the room light will create an intimate and muted atmosphere.
  3. Focus on your own preferences. No third-party advice will not help to create a cozy atmosphere, if it does not use colors that the tenant likes.
  4. Consider the direction of the world. It is important to put the bed in a place where direct sunlight will not fall. If the bedroom involves only such a solution, then the window need to hang thick curtains.
  5. Use bright accents. In order not to drown in the abundance of soothing light colors, you need to apply colored spots in the design. These can be bright pillows, curtains or flower pots. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to spoil the overall look.

The color palette must fully comply with the requirements of the owner, who must be comfortable in the bedroom at any time of the day. Therefore, it is not necessary to overload the space with pastel colors, you can add color to its interior.

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How to arrange bright accents?

In order not to overrun the sleeping space with bright colors, you need to know the measure. After all, the bedroom is designed primarily for comfortable sleep and rest, and colorful elements can ruin a calm mood.

If you really want to dilute the boring bright room, then you need to use colored textiles or interior decorations. For example, red pillows on a white blanket will look beautiful. A beige carpet with a bright ornament will add to the room a vital freshness.

Bright photo frames or paintings will also be the pride of the residents. After all, rainbow accessories will bring joy and delight to the room.

Wall decoration

The walls in the bedroom can be decorated with lots of options.

  1. It can be wall panels, wallpaper, decorative plaster or paintbut.
  2. You can decorate the accent wall painted or three-dimensional image.
  3. Empty wall can be filled pictures or photos in unusual frames.
  4. It will also look spectacular full wall mirror.
  5. In the classic interior is preferable to use natural materialssuch as wood, stone or glass. Therefore, the wooden walls in the bedroom and wall lamps will decorate the bedroom.

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fashionable accessories

Regardless of the style direction of the sleeping area, it can be decorated with unusual accessories.

  • For example, you can use bright pillowcases or decorative pillows of unusual shapes. They can be in the same color scheme with the surrounding situation, and can stand out with their color against its background. Throw pillows are interesting for their dynamism - at any time they can be changed to change the interior of the room. Pillowcases with embroidery will look beautiful, especially if it is gold or silver.
  • The original idea will be decoration on bedside tables and embroidered napkinswith which to cover them.
  • Recently, the popularity of gaining painted pieces of furniture. White bed and wardrobe can be painted with images of flowers or fruits.

Textile use

Textiles are an important component of the bedroom, so it is necessary to approach its choice especially carefully. It is better to exclude artificial fabrics, because they collect dust that is harmful to health.

You can sew curtains or bed linen with your own hands. The main thing is the presence of a good sewing machine and the ability to sew. You can decorate textile accessories with ruches, lace and embroidery. It will be interesting to use fabric stickers that are attached to the fabric with a hot iron.

Ideas for large and small rooms

  • Sometimes in a small bedroom it is impossible to place all those items that you really want. But for creative people, nothing is impossible: over the head of the bed you can build a lot of shelves which will accommodate any little things.
  • Bright and extraordinary personalities can choose a rainbow bed with high backs. At the foot of the well it would be nice to arrange a pink or blue banquette, and hang curtains with a color ornament on the windows.
  • You can save space and at the expense of the windowsillwhich can serve as a resting place. You can throw a hard mattress and decorative pillows on it. The walls around the windowsill may have drawers and shelves for storage.
  • In a small room will look interesting pistachio accents on a beige wall background. It can be curtains and a bedspread, and brown pillows and a glossy ceiling will complement the interior.
  • In a spacious room, in addition to a large bed you can arrange desk and chair of unusual shape. Spacious wardrobe can also be an addition to the room, but if it is not necessary, then it is not necessary to install it. In the bedroom space, minimalism and light shades of white, beige and golden colors are appreciated.
  • In the large bedroom you can easily make a children's cornerwhich will comfortably accommodate a cot and changing table with shelves. In such a room quiet tones and soft light should prevail, and you can hang a lamp above the baby’s bed, which you may need at night.

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There are a lot of ideas for decorating bedrooms of different areas. They depend on the total area of ​​the room, the number of tenants and material possibilities. But most importantly, the bedroom must meet all requirements and be a quiet and peaceful place.

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