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Room partitions in the apartment: design ideas and zoning rules

Many people are interested in the zoning of premises, because this is one of the most effective methods that can not only advantageously delimit the space of several rooms, but also make them more comfortable and comfortable for living. To date, there are many different options for partitions. They are often used not only to distinguish between specific areas in an apartment or house, but also used as decorative elements that can perfectly highlight the original interior.

Features and benefits

In the presence of a large room in a house or apartment, many residents decide on its zoning, so that the room becomes even more functional and divided. It is not uncommon when a studio apartment shares one common room into a kitchen, a dining area and a relaxation area.

The features and advantages of using decorative partitions in rooms include the following points:

  • With the help of well-chosen partitions, it is very advantageous to divide one room into several different, but at the same time full-fledged rooms. And you do not need professional redevelopment with the change and even the demolition of the walls.
  • Today, you can easily find a lot of different decorative partitions, which can be made of glass, textiles, wood, leather and much more.
  • Room dividers are available not only in a variety of colors, but also in models. Among the wide range you can find the most simple models of screens, as well as more complex and constructive options that will be attached to the floor and ceiling.

  • Each partition for a room has its advantages. In addition to practical and aesthetic properties, each has many other advantages. For example, partitions with decorative shelves, which are a kind of wardrobes, are very popular. Such models can be a great solution for any room, and they are available in a huge variety.
  • To date, you can easily find many options for such products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Of course, the latter will be more expensive, but the western partitions have always been famous for their excellent quality.
  • The great advantage of decorative partitions is that in most cases you will not need additional professional help to install them. You can easily do it yourself, without making a lot of effort.


Among the wide range of different room partitions, many manufacturers offer different models. It can be both standard versions and custom models.

Partitions can be both stationary and mobile, and sliding:

  • Screens These are the most well-known partitions that can be installed in any part of the room. Often they are not made of any particular material, but combined. The variants that combine textiles and wood look the most advantageous.

Designers very often call screens with mobile partitions: if you have such furniture attribute in one room, you can easily transfer it to another.

  • As a decorative room partitions in an apartment or house is very often used columns. They look massive, so they are recommended only for spacious rooms.
  • Interroom sliding partition It can be very helpful if you want to separate, for example, a recreation area. Such a partition can be made of any material. The most advantageous look translucent models with different patterns, made by type of lace.

  • Any movable and movable partitions most often attached to the ceiling and floor, while they are considered very popular and can even look like full-fledged doors, because with their help you can completely close and open access to a particular area.
  • Partition walls from various materials can replace high-grade designs. Their only drawback is that they are not as strong as natural ones, because for the most part such walls are decorative.

  • Curtains partitions are a great alternative to plain and dull walls. With the help of textiles, you can realize the most daring ideas and successfully divide several zones. In addition, the creation of partitions from curtains will not be the most expensive investment. To separate the room, you can use a variety of curtains and light tulle. This solution is suitable not only for modern, but also for classic interiors.

  • Swivel dividers they are also very often created with the help of curtains and various textiles, however, for their fastening, curtain rods with guides and special designs are required. A good example of a rotating model of a partition can serve as changing rooms and fitting rooms in various stores and boutiques.
  • Retractable and sliding options Partitions are very popular among many designers, who with their help separate functional work areas and create entire cabinets in just one room.


The most popular materials from which to make decorative partitions for residential and non-residential premises, are considered natural and environmentally friendly options, as well as some others.

  • Plasterboard Partitions and models of plywood are considered the most simple and popular for many buyers. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive.

  • Exquisitely look any models from regular plexiglass, with their help, you can not only visually divide the room, but also emphasize the interior. Transparent partitions always look airy, choosing them can make any modern interior of a house or apartment irresistible.

  • Partitions are considered the safest from natural wood different breeds. No less popular options are bamboo, but it can be artificial. Such options will come cheap, but you can be one hundred percent sure that such decorative elements in the house will be safe even for children.

  • Many buyers avoid plastic products, however, according to many experts, modern plastic is not harmful to health, especially if you buy various products from it in proven places. Plastic partitions can be of various shapes and colors, they can be chosen for any style of interior.

  • Not uncommon, when for the separation of bedroom and other rooms use mirror partitions, because this technique is considered very multifunctional. In addition, the mirror is always useful in the house.

Choose one or another material is based on not only your personal preferences, but also safety rules. In addition, it is best to choose such designs that will last you for many years, while being non-toxic and durable.

Design options

In the modern world, many brands and brands are very concerned about customer preferences, as a result of which various partitions are produced in a wide variety of formats. The manufacturer does not forget to take into account not only the purse of the buyer, but also his tastes.

  • Since transparent glass partitions are considered to be one of the most popular, they can often be found with various engravings and paintings on glass. In addition, translucent material can sometimes seem boring, which is why it can be decorated with stained glass.

Stained glass partitions always look expensive and elegant, they can be the perfect complement to the classic style in the interior.

  • Not less often, forging is used as an addition to a partition, but forged products look the most expensive. Of course, they perform only decorative functions.
  • Wooden partitions in the apartment can be plain or with beautiful decorative carving. Often they are supplemented with various metal parts or textiles.

  • Carved partitions or screens may allow households to plunge into an oriental tale. Luxurious miniature details and lace will not be able to disregard not only the household, but also the guests. With all its diversity to date, such partitions can be installed even in modern interiors.

In addition, among the various design options, you can also find unusual models, for example, partitions made of pipes, which are often done by the occupants with their own hands. Such solutions look as if the most professional designer worked on them.

Zoning rules

If you are going to do the zoning of the room, do not forget to take into account some important points.

  • If you want to show the maximum separation of two completely different zones, then do not forget about zoning color too. For example, to separate the kitchen from the dining area, you can use a screen, different colors of wallpaper and floors.
  • Very small rooms are best separated by transparent partitions, which often even visually enlarge the room.

  • If you choose a screen or textile partitions, do not forget that the patterns on them, if any, should be in complete harmony with the interior. This rule applies to any partitions, which should be an addition to the design of the room, and not its contradiction.
  • If the room is very small, it is better not to use mirrors. Alternatively, experts recommend paying attention to clear or frosted glass.
  • It is not recommended to do full zoning with the help of large cabinets; here it is best to choose oversized shelves and shelves.

Which is better to choose?

Selecting the desired partition for decorative zoning is sometimes difficult. Due to certain circumstances, many buyers turn for help to designers and decorators.

If you decided to experiment on your own, then do not be afraid to give free rein to your imagination:

  • For the zoning of a large dwelling, screens of various shapes and sizes are ideal. The most advantageous they will fit into the room of 55 squares and more, because, according to many professionals, the screens "eat" most of the space, they are best installed in large rooms.
  • Try not to acquire very fragile and glass loose structures if there are children in the house. If you want to add comfort to the room, then pay attention to light textile partitions, which can be a great solution for a bedroom.

Where to apply?

Zoning can be done in the following rooms:

  • In the living room. In this room it is possible to use a variety of partitions, which will be well suited for the design of the room.
  • In the bedroom. Very often, this room is combined with the office. For best convenience, several zones can be divided using a sliding partition or a classic screen.
  • On the kitchen. The working kitchen area is very often separated from the dining and recreation areas. Sometimes the kitchen can be combined with the living room, so the separation of functional areas is necessary.

Zoning can be done in any room, the main thing is to do it correctly, taking into account all the rules and safety criteria.

Beautiful ideas

Some tenants very often use various racks as partitions, and also create so-called “living walls”, and the flowers and greens in them do not have to be real. Not uncommon and decorative fireplaces that can divide several independent and functional areas.

Zoning from curtains and other textiles looks expensive and elegant. Also, experts recommend to pay attention to the white carved screens and partitions. White is such a functional color that can complement any interior.

Zoning with a brick will look very unusual. Often, designers make the so-called "unfinished wall", which somehow divides several rooms. This technique is especially relevant for the loft style.

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