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Braun coffee maker

Coffee makers Braun - These are usually drip-type models. The device of such coffee machines is quite simple and convenient. They have a relatively low price when compared with capsule, rozhkovymi and automatic units, as well as compact size. We can say that such coffee makers are the cheapest among all represented on the market. That is why they are in great demand. Coffee made in drip type machines is often called American.

general description

The Braun coffee makers range is very diverse, so they are able to please even the most sophisticated customer. You can choose a model for your design, choosing the appropriate color and shape. Such an assistant will not take up much space in your kitchen and will delight every morning with the delicate aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The coffee maker works like a kettle. In the water tank, it is heated, after which boiling water is supplied to the filtration compartment, where ground coffee is poured. Through the filter element the finished drink enters the bowl. As the bowl can be used a glass flask, a coffee pot.

The bottom platform, on which the coffee container is installed, is equipped with a heating function, which allows you to enjoy a hot drink for a long time.

The main characteristics of the models

The power of most devices - 900-1100 watts. The more power, the faster the coffee is heated and brewed. The capacity of the kettle is from 0.4 to 1.3 liters, but on some models the manufacturer indicates the number of cups. The volume of the water tank corresponds to the size of the coffee jar. Most of the units still designed for 1 liter, which can be compared with 10 cups of finished coffee.

Auto-off will work when a certain level of coffee is reached, and the anti-drip system "Drip Stop" will allow to remove the container from the apparatus even before the end of the cooking cycle, without dropping a single drop of the most valuable drink. Function "RapidBrew System" automatically turns off the coffee maker if it is offline for more than 40 minutes. The function of heating the bottom of the coffee pot will allow the drink to remain hot for a long time.

What influences the taste of the drink?

The water filtration system allows you to prepare water, after cleaning it. Many do not bother to replace the filter elements or do not use them at all; this is an individual choice of everyone. By the way, the coffee filter is also worth periodically changing, which some users may attribute to inconvenience. Coffee filters are of different types: disposable should be disposed of with residues of coffee immediately after use, nylon - reusable, they can be washed without much difficulty.

In Braun coffee machines, you can use different types of ground coffee.

For true gourmets, the lack of the function of grinding grain coffee may be a disadvantage. To get a flavored drink, you have to grind coffee just before cooking.

The material of the container for the finished drink can also affect its taste. The quality of coffee is best kept by a metal coffee pot; often such products are made on the principle of a thermos with double-walled walls. It is better to give preference to glass containers if you are going to warm the cooled coffee in the microwave. The coffee pot is made of heat-resistant glass and can be heated even on a gas stove.

Important stuff

Be sure to appreciate the length of the power cord, with some models it is short, which can be a nuisance during operation. Pay attention to how the lids of the water tank and the coffee compartment open. They can be folding or turning, which can also play a key role in choosing a model for a small-sized kitchen. Dispersed people should choose a model with a water level indicator to avoid overheating and the output of the heating element from the system.

Coffee makers of one model range can be made in several colors. Devices can be equipped with built-in water filters and have both reusable and disposable filters included. The reusable filter of some models can be covered with a layer of titanium ("golden" filter), which prolongs its service life.

Coffee pot

A coffee pot, a glass flask, a jug, a glass made of plastic, a thermal coffee pot are all varieties of capacity for finished coffee. It is advisable to choose glass and metal coffee pots. They usually have a comfortable anti-slip grip. Glasses of special plastic can change the taste of the drink, they do not have a handle, which, if used carelessly, can cause a burn.

Some models of coffee pots have a narrow neck, making it difficult to wash. Jugs can almost always be washed in the dishwasher.

Braun coffee machines usually have a coffee strength monitoring system. On the surface of the device there is a regulator that allows reducing the amount of acids and bitter oils. This allows you to make coffee with a milder taste. Devices with a built-in water filter may have a memory function, it will tell you when it is time to replace the filter element.

Features of models

  • "Aromaster Classic 47/1“It is found most often in the home appliance market, although this device does not have additional functions besides the automatic shutdown function. This model has a classic design and rather primitive control. Perhaps simplicity was the reason for the high popularity of such a coffee machine.
  • Machines like "CafeHouse PurAroma"created for true connoisseurs of coffee. In the brewing process, the OptiBrew system is used, as in espresso machines. The rest (view and control) of the machine is similar to most drip devices. There is a level indicator on the glass coffee pot - a nice bonus.

  • Model "Braun KF 7120"has an electronic display, easy operation, the ability to prepare various types of coffee at the touch of a button, as well as an increased capacity of 1.5 liters. The coffee machine is equipped with a timer and a descaling function. It all affected the price of the device, it is quite high.
  • At the coffee maker "Braun Impression KF 600"A simple filter release system should be noted, which saves time. Many will appreciate the floating filter basket with overflow protection system, it will not allow excessive filling with the coffee mass. It has the function of stopping and pausing the preparation of the drink - like many other devices.

When choosing a Braun coffee maker, you should pay attention to the presence of certain functions that can significantly affect the price of the product, but during the operation you will not be useful.

The cost of a drip coffee maker on the market starts from 2000 rubles. Prices for the same models in different stores may vary. The upper limit is at the level of 11,000 rubles.

User Reviews

Many appreciated the thermos cup, emphasizing that coffee stays hot for up to 2 hours. Users noted that some models are quite noisy, uttering gurgling and hissing, others, these sounds seemed even funny. Some particularly inventive users used the technique for brewing tea, I must say - with a fairly good result. The advantages include the presence in many models of the compartment for the electric cord. Many people have noted durability.

At the moment, finding a kitchen coffee maker is very easy. Most online stores deliver goods within 1-3 days, and in the home appliance store there is always a wide range of coffee machines for every taste and budget.

The Braun equipment has established itself in the Russian market of small household appliances as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality goods in the budget segment. It is worth noting that the ratio of price and quality is optimal for consumers.

Watch the video: REVIEW: Braun BrewSense CoffeeMaker (August 2019).

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