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Arches to the kitchen instead of doors

Now many are trying to decorate the interior of the house as originally as possible. In this case, some prefer to replace the door on the arch. And most often the arch is installed instead of the door at the entrance to the kitchen or the living room or between these two rooms.

Special features

If you want to somehow transform the interior of your home, you can replace the doorways with arches. The classic door construction is quite massive, but the arch gives space and freedom. By installing an arch between the kitchen and the living room, you can visually erase all obstacles and thus make the space more free. Whatever the beautiful door in the room, it will not surprise anyone as the arch can surprise. This design can emphasize the special taste of the home owners, as well as their high social status.

Often the arches are cheaper than the doors. You can do it yourself and build it yourself. Therefore, this design is a quick and economical way to diversify the interior. A feature of such structures is that they completely open up the space of the rooms between which they are located. So, being in the kitchen and doing the cooking, mothers can watch what their children do.

Arches do not require any fittings, you can only pick up an interesting and elegant decor. You do not have to repair them. They are much more durable than the door. A feature of their design is that they are completely different from each other. You can show imagination and arrange the doorway in the house at your discretion.

You can create a frilly and unusual design or a homely atmosphere with this element.

Designers represent a huge number of different forms and stylistic solutions, so that the arch can be chosen for any interior design. They are also used for zoning in studio apartments or to separate different functional areas of the kitchen. When friends or relatives are sitting in your living room, it will be very easy for you to bring ready meals from the kitchen to the living room through the free space, and nothing will disturb you. This design is very convenient for pet owners. They do not have to constantly open the door to enter the kitchen.

A feature of the arches at the entrance to the kitchen can be considered as the fact that they are installed only in case the exit from there leads to the corridor or the living room. If the exit from the kitchen leads to the bedroom or nursery, such a decision is impractical. This design will interfere with the peaceful sleep of the child and other households. The ideal option is the arch between the various functional areas of the kitchen and living room.

Which is better - a door or arch?

Many doubt how best to arrange the entrance to the kitchen. Not everyone decides to install the arch. They assure that the door is much more functional in this particular area of ​​the house or apartment. But the arch in the kitchen is very appropriate. Kitchens in many modern apartments are the smallest and cramped spaces, so every square centimeter is counted in them.

Saving space, this functional element becomes indispensable for a small-sized room.

In very small apartments with low ceilings, the arches will not look as luxurious as in wide and spacious rooms. But it is the arch that allows you to transform the kitchen space. Its feature is that it can visually expand it and make the ceiling higher. Some say that the arch in the kitchen is unacceptable because food smells from the kitchen. They saturate furniture and other soft interior elements.

They also assure that the door is better because it does not allow the increased humidity characteristic of the kitchen to spread throughout the house. Therefore, when you have a choice - to install an arch or a door at the exit from the kitchen, you should only rely on your own opinion. In this case, you have to choose: practicality or beauty of design. After all, many doors have a very simple design, so the arches look more luxurious and stylish.

The arch, in comparison with a door, allows to extend not only superfluous smells, but also the extraneous noise created during cooking. Therefore, it is not the most suitable option for owners of apartments where small children live. Thus they can be woken up. Also, these designs are not suitable if you do not like that the kitchen will be visible.

If you think that this is the personal zone of the hostess, then the door will be more preferable for you.

But if you want to show the beauty of your kitchen, the arch is an excellent solution. It is precisely at the exit from the kitchen that they are better in that you can take out food or bring food bags there without unnecessary obstacles. The fact that the arch will contribute to the spread of food odors in the apartment or house is also reparable. If you install a fairly powerful hood in the kitchen, then this problem will be easily solved.

Therefore, if you want to somehow decorate the kitchen in an original and luxurious way, then the arch is exactly what you need. This design can be a highlight of the interior of your kitchen.


Arches are a great solution for zoning. They are suitable for both studio apartments and large kitchens with a variety of functional areas. So you can separate the room from the kitchen or kitchen from the hallway. Some use arches to separate the dining and working areas of the kitchen.

In this case, such a separating structure can replace any partition. With its help, you can separate the balcony from the kitchen. But this option is suitable for zoning rooms with insulated loggia.


Designers currently offer a huge variety of arches. They are completely different forms. These are not necessarily semicircular constructions. All of them can be decorated in any style and have the most diverse design.

All modern arches are designed to mark the entrance to the room.therefore, most species have a rather bright and interesting design. Proponents of the classical direction are of the opinion that all the arches are of only one type - classical semicircular. Usually they are used in an ensemble with semicircular window frames and various pieces of furniture in which the same shapes are present. They believe that the arch is an elegant and sophisticated element that can not fit into all styles.

Most often, to create a classic interior, they are complemented with decorative elements with various curls and other patterns.

The arches may have a luxurious design, and may be the simplest in design. The latter option is universal and is suitable for creating absolutely any interior. In size they can be standard or exclusive, which are individually selected according to your wishes to order. According to the materials of which these structures are made, they are plasterboard, wooden, plywood.

Depending on the space of the doorway, the arches can be wide or narrow. Moreover, this parameter affects both the width of the passage between the two rooms and the thickness of the base of the arch. By design, these can be classic symmetrical and very unusual asymmetrical models. These products also differ in the radius of their bend and depending on the shape. There are models in which rounded shapes predominate, but there are angular unusual designs.


The shape of the arch is divided into some types. There are:


This is a classic version of the arch, which has a regular symmetrical rounded shape. These models are called Roman, because it was the inhabitants of Rome who, for the first time when building houses, began to use these constructions instead of doors, adding pompousness to their homes. These classic models are suitable for arranging absolutely any doorway. They can complement every interior. Especially often they are used in rooms with high ceilings.

It is the classical Roman arches most often set between the kitchen and the corridor or living room.


The simplest form of the arch in appearance. In this case, the structure has the form of a rectangle. That is, it is slightly different from the standard doorway, but usually has a more interesting design. This is a great solution for owners of small apartments with low ceilings. They are used to visually expand the space of the premises. Such designs look very strictly and simply, but at the same time they bring comfort to the interior of the house.


The design has unusual and fanciful asymmetrical shapes. They differ in their versatility and complexity in execution. Usually, oriental designs are characterized by the presence of a large number of acute angles and convex elements. They are suitable for interiors made in the Mediterranean or Oriental style. These are very original and extravagant designs.


Ellipsoid model is the most common option after the classic. It is so called because the top has the shape of an ellipse. This is a versatile option that is more refined than rectangular and rounded options. Such products will perfectly fit into any interior of the house, especially in modern.

In rooms with high ceilings such arches are very often used in an ensemble with columns. But in small apartments these constructions are appropriate, since they do not hide the space in the house.


This form assumes, on the one hand, straight lines, and on the other, a rounded opening, characteristic of classical constructions. They are the perfect solution for those who have a narrow passage from the kitchen. They are often installed in case the exit leads into the corridor. They are great for saving space in the hallways and look very unusual.


The dimensions of the arches depend on the width of the door opening and the height of the ceilings. Large structures are used if there is a lot of free space at the exit from the kitchen. For a small kitchen is better suited narrow model, which takes up minimal space.

There are models that are large in size and width. They are installed if the passage from the kitchen is sent to the living room. They replace the double swing doors and look very elegant. Narrow aisles are filled with small arches. This applies to those options when the kitchen has access only to the loggia or the corridor. It is for the zoning of these premises that such models are suitable.


These designs are made from a variety of materials. Usually for this purpose use:


This is the most inexpensive and simple version. But he has flaws. As a rule, cheap plastic constructions are sold in a ready-made form and do not imply adjustment to certain parameters of the premises. Most often, this design standard size and shape. That is why you will not be able to independently change their size or transform their appearance, you will not have the opportunity to show your creativity in creating a unique design to your taste.

Plastic models are not very suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere, but usually they look brighter and more unusual than others. They are also distinguished by their durability and ease of care. The increased air humidity, which is typical for the kitchen, does not care for such structures.


It is the most common material for the manufacture of arched structures. Moreover, they are made of drywall both with their own hands, and they buy ready-made products in stores. Thus, you can create the most unique in form and design model. Plasterboard elements are usually fixed on a metal frame that already has the shape you need.

The design can be bought already at this stage, and then only show imagination, transforming the appearance of this product with various decorative elements. It can be painted and decorated. Some use wallpaper as a plasterboard arch cover.


The most common and sophisticated option for creating arched structures. Wooden models are the most natural and environmentally friendly. When creating a kitchen interior, environmental friendliness is an important quality for any furniture and other structures located in this room. That is why wooden arches are great for such premises. This design can be made with your own hands or buy ready-made. Usually wooden arches have an elegant design and look luxurious.

How to choose?

In order to choose the right arch, suitable for a specific interior and room parameters, you need to follow some tips. So, in this case, it is not always necessary to give preference to the most expensive models. After all, the kitchen is characterized by high humidity and temperature fluctuations, so even the most beautiful and luxurious models can be spoiled very quickly. Try to give preference to the most practical materials in everyday life. It is better to buy inexpensive, on reliable designs.

Do not forget that it is necessary to properly care for the arch. If you choose carved models with a lot of bumps and volume patterns, it will be very inconvenient for you to wipe the dust and grease accumulated from the kitchen and other fumes on them. So try to give preference to models with smooth surfaces. It is better if the arch is with a protective coating, which will extend its life.

When choosing an arch, do not forget that it must match your interior design. If your kitchen is decorated in a modern style, do not purchase classic frilly models, prefer simple options. A wide wooden arch will not look very good with a modern bar in the kitchen. Such products are more suitable for kitchens with large dining rooms, where there is a large wooden table.

Do not forget that the arch frees the space between the two rooms, so it is important to correctly combine the style of these two rooms and the arch itself. If you need to save as much space as possible in the kitchen, then you can give preference to low models with a mezzanine. This is a very convenient design with shelves located above the arch, which are usually hidden from prying eyes. They allow the most functional use of every square centimeter of the kitchen.

If you have a studio apartment, you'd better choose a small-sized structure. Such products will help you to properly zoning. In Khrushchev it is better to install small and low arches, because most often in such apartments, the transition from the kitchen leads to the corridor, which is quite narrow. Luxurious tall models are only suitable for the decoration of modern apartments and spacious houses with high ceilings.


Arch in the kitchen can be done by hand. And this applies to both the manufacture of the whole structure, and its design and cladding. First you need to redevelop the passage in the kitchen. In this case, the passage is maximally expanded in height and width. After that, make all the necessary measurements of height and width, under which the arch design is already fitted. Aluminum arch profiles are used for the arched frame, which are finished with gypsum plasterboard. The length of such profiles is calculated as the sum of the width of the doorway and its double height. The profile is bent to the desired shape and finished with sliced ​​drywall. After facing such products can be beautifully decorated or decorated with your own hands to your taste.

Options in the interior

Select the arch in the interior in several ways. So, she can completely repeat the design of the kitchen. In this case, they are pasted over with the same wallpaper with which the walls are glued. Also, some arched designs are decorated with patterns similar to those on the wallpaper. You can make an interesting arch design by painting or painting it yourself.

The artificial stone looks very beautiful in the interior, which frames the arched passage from the kitchen to another room. The surface of the arch can be laid mosaic or tile. Such patterns will look very unusual. For apartments or houses, decorated in the style of a loft, perfect model with a brick lining.

For more elegant and sophisticated in style interiors fit models covered with decorative plaster. You can make the interior with an arch more elegant by adding light curtains or curtains to the aisle.

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