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Multi-veneered blinds

Multiple vertical blinds are a combination of stockR. They are distinguished by an unusual design, which, however, can be chosen for almost any interior. This look is partially similar to traditional blinds, but has its own characteristics.

Features and Description

Multiple-textured options are vertical fabric lamellae, which are combined with plastic on top. Plastic items can be supplemented with gold or silver parts, as well as photo print. The fabric backing is performed as usual, including a special chain with weights below. Due to the unusual combination of the materials from which the multi-pattern models are made, it is possible to embody the most daring design ideas in various color variations. The width of the finished canvas varies from 20 cm to 4 m, and height - from 20 cm to 6 m. Due to the large size range, it is possible to hang such decorative structures on a panoramic window or on a two-story one when it is not divided by an interfloor partition.

Often you can meet the multifactual blinds made of fabric, when both canvases are made of the same material. The texture of the specially impregnated fabric can be different, as well as the color, and it is possible to complement such models with shiny inserts. Many choose models only from fabric because of their relatively low weight.. Fabric patterns are a good alternative to classic curtains. Unlike plastic, they create a cozy atmosphere in the room and look quite soft and attractive, while caring for blinds is much easier than behind curtains.

Multi-textured models can be equipped not only with a mechanical control system, but also with an automatic one. In the second case, an electric drive is built into the eaves, which can be controlled via the remote control. Remote controllers are portable, like a TV, or built into the wall (used mainly in the "smart home" system).

Not any room will be suitable for installation of multi-pattern options. It is important that the humidity in it is not high, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the fabric elements of the structure.

Advantages to use

Thanks to the different colors and positions of the upper decorative elements, you can create your own model that meets your tastes. There are typical products, but more often even then there is an opportunity to choose a color combination. In addition, by varying the length and finish of the upper slats, you can create a semblance of lambrequins on the blinds, arched air structures, and so on. Vertical blinds are easy to maintain. Fabric elements can be washed with the help of special tools manually, and plastic enough from time to time to wipe with napkins for office equipment. Blinds will well protect the room from the sun, will create an unusual mood of the whole room and will not occupy much space at the same time.

In living rooms there are frequent combinations of blinds and curtains. This allows you to make the room more comfortable. Blinds perfectly cope with the light-retaining role, and the need to purchase curtains disappears by itself. Constructions are easy to install, you can even do it yourself. Like the classic options, multifurstas are equipped with a control system, with the help of which you can either slightly open them, letting in a little diffused light, or completely move them away by exposing the window.

In addition to home use, multi-venetian blinds are also suitable for installation in public places. Often they can be seen in conference rooms or other premises where it is important to create a businesslike and at the same time solemn atmosphere.

Also, such blinds, installed on a flexible eaves, are suitable for decoration of complex figured windows, for example, bay windows.

Manufacturing materials

Having decided to hang the multi-textured blinds, you need to decide what they will be made of. There are several materials to choose from:

  • the cloth. The texture can be varied: smooth and velvety, soft or slightly prickly. Fabric models are presented in a large assortment, they differ in colors and textures. There are fabrics with embossed convex pattern, and you can prefer completely smooth models without additional decor.
  • Plastic. The upper elements of the lamellae are made of plastic. You can use bright colors and patterns, as well as give preference to glitter slats. If you choose small blotches of glitter, the texture will look appropriate in any room.
  • Metal. Usually shiny gold inserts are made of plastic with a coating, but use aluminum models. They are much lighter and thinner than plastic counterparts, they are durable. To prevent gilding from cracking, prevention should be carried out from time to time. For this place with dusting is treated with a special tool (you can buy with blinds).
  • Tree. Wooden slats are rarely used because of their high cost, but this option looks extremely interesting. The choice of wood as a contrasting material is appropriate in Ethno-style rooms or in traditional Asian interiors. Such blinds require the presence of a split-system in the room, as well as stable environmental conditions. Due to temperature fluctuations or moisture levels, a tree can deform over time and lose its original appearance.

The choice in favor of a particular material should be made, focusing not only on its decorative characteristics, but also on its financial capabilities. Wooden models are the most expensive in the list, and plastic can be bought at a reasonable price.

Installation options

In order to hang on the windows multifunctional blinds, it is not necessary to be a master of construction. Such work can be done by a novice craftsman. The standard kit consists of the following components:

  • The carrier system is a cornice attached to the wall or ceiling. For its installation on a wall or ceiling most often used conventional screws.
  • Cloth blinds consists of slats. The width of each lamella can vary from 8.8 to 12.8 cm, depending on the model and design of the structure.
  • The control mechanism can be manual or electronic. If the manual can be mounted independently, then the installation of the automatic system is best left to professionals. In this case, you will not spoil the expensive thing, and the installation itself will be carried out quickly and for relatively little money.
  • Runners, or special hooks, are attached to the cornice. After fastening, they are fixed and can only be controlled by the control mechanism. It is strongly advised not to try to move the hooks with your hands: this can lead to breakage or to a mechanism loosening.
  • A plastic chain with weights connects the slats at the bottom, preventing them from hanging freely and deforming.

Select a fixing point for blinds:

  • When mounted directly into the window opening, the room will appear larger and more spacious, however, the free space of the window sill will be reduced to zero.
  • If the blinds are mounted overlapping the window opening so as to completely hide it, the window sill area will remain, but they will have to be fixed much closer to the center of the room, therefore, they will take up a lot of space.

Next you need to take important amendments:

  • In the window opening from the bottom edge of the slats to the plane of the window sill should remain 2 cm, so that the slats do not touch the window sill and do not deform.
  • When fastening above the window, the blinds are made wider than the window opening so that they cover it beautifully.
  • When choosing the length from the ceiling to the floor, there should be a gap of about 5 cm between the floor and the lower edge of the louver.

Now you can go directly to the installation:

  • Regardless of where you fix the blinds (on the wall, on the ceiling or on the window opening), you should mark the places for fixings. It is important to take into account that the distance from one fastener to another should be at least 60 cm. When planning the place of fastening, accept all corrections for protruding parts (radiator, window sill), as well as for louver rotation (depending on the size of the slats). Use a level to mark attachment points in a straight line. This is especially true if the walls or ceiling of the room is not even enough.
  • When installing the structure in a window or ceiling need to secure first screws with special snapson which the eaves are attached.
  • Mounted to the wall using brackets. To calculate the length of the bracket required to overcome all obstacles and install the blinds curtain so that it doesn’t touch anything, use the following formula: the size of the outstanding obstacle + 6 cm correction. The brackets should be fixed on the wall using self-tapping screws, then using the latches to attach the eaves.
  • Having attached the eaves with the help of latches, check how reliably you hung it up and immediately correct the flaws. This completes the most difficult part of the installation. Next, in each of the sliders inserted lamella multi-textured fabric. Carefully ensure that the drawing is not lost, otherwise all the work will have to be redone. When the lamellae are attached to the runners, insert a small weight in the bottom of each of them and join them in a chain.

Interior Design Ideas

For workrooms such as conference rooms, opting for multi-textured blinds is an excellent alternative to French curtains. The pomp and majesty of the room is preserved, but maintaining perfect cleanliness in such a place becomes much easier. These rooms themselves make a good impression. In the living room, multi-venetian blinds can be used as a visual niche for framing an important piece of furniture, such as a home theater. The good darkening properties of the fabric are a worthy background when watching TV, preventing the penetration of excess light.

Multiple-textured structures are often used to decorate large panoramic windows, especially in rooms in which you want to cover such a window, but leave it with an interesting interior detail. The use of all kinds of curly finishes (arches, semicircles) is welcome. For the design of bay windows or corner windows, the use of multi-pattern models is also relevant. The unusual edge of the color part allows you to visually equalize the proportions of the windows and at the same time combine them into a single composition. Please note that the width of the canvases is the same regardless of the individual width of each window.

Multi-textured constructions can even be used to design skylights of an intricate shape. The main requirement is the non-oblique position of the window opening. Double-layer decorative plates perfectly emphasize the trapezoidal shape of the upper edge, closing an unattractive view from the window.

It is rather easy to choose two-color original blinds for the interior of the cabinet, since the construction itself is official. Harmonious emerald color helps to relieve stress, at the same time not distracting from work, and the lack of brilliant details emphasizes a purely working environment.

In the kitchen such a beautiful decorative element fits perfectly. Blinds are not easily soiled and easy to clean, they also do not take up much space and are impregnated with a special refractory solution. Safer option is not found. The compact design allows you to freely turn around in the kitchen and does not litter the already small room.

Bright multi-texture models are suitable for decorating a child’s room as well as a teenager. If for the children's room it is preferable to use bright colors and unusual solutions (photos of cartoon characters or interesting figures laid out of textured lamellas), then in the teenage room it is advisable to choose more restrained colors and non-dull geometric shapes. In the first case, the child gets the opportunity to have fun, in the second - to relax.

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