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Shelves in the hallway: varieties

Any house, regardless of the size and size of the hallway, has a shoebox. Some of them modestly keep her in the closet, others make of her a stylish wardrobe item, and still others hide a huge amount of shoes behind her doors, which, in the absence of this furniture, instantly litter the space. Obuvnitsa in the hallway and their varieties are diverse, because it is so important to find your perfect option.

Special features

Obuvnitsa in the hallway - the name of the ear cutting its vulgarity. Agree, it does not combine and is not associated with elegance and style. Nevertheless, it exists and is very popular today, and therefore to learn more about it and to consider all types is an important task.

A shoe case is a wardrobe or cabinet for storing shoes with open or closed shelves. Doors and shelves are closed using various mechanisms, for example, reclining, swinging open or moving along the rails, like the doors of a sliding wardrobe. But the main feature here is the frame, available in the shoemaker, because just shoe shelves attached to the wall, to be considered a similar design is wrong.

The main task of the cabinet for shoes is in placing all pairs of shoes in one small space. Today, the aesthetics of this method is added to this task, because the entrance hall is the first place that a person sees when he comes home.

And we are talking here not only about the opinions of the guests, according to psychologists, the order in the house has a positive effect on the emotional background of the owner.

Another function and peculiarity of the shoemaker is the ability to place in it not only summer shoes and boots, but also high boots. The boot compartment, according to some sources, distinguishes the shoemaker from the galoshnitsy with its small shelves for low shoes, but manufacturers have long since combined these concepts.

Modern models differ not only in structure, but also in materials for use. Steel, wood, plastic, laminated chipboard and MDF have become the usual raw materials for manufacturing. Such furniture is different in structure and style.

Models and types of shoeboxes

Today, one can only admire the variety of shoemakers, because it seems that all options for storing shoes have already been invented. The main classifier is such a type of thumbs as the division into open and closed models. The open model has two side panels that hold shoe shelves. It is also possible to have a frame in the form of an open box, when the back of the cabinet is also covered with a panel.

One of the most popular and familiar open shoes is a low bollard with one or two shelves. Placing shoes in such models is not the most compact, but for a family of two people this option is quite acceptable and comfortable. Such cabinets are comfortable with the fact that they can be with a seat, creating an additional comfort in the corridor.

Soft cushions on such surfaces or decorative mattresses from bright textiles create the overall mood of the hallway. In addition, if such a bookcase is angular, then it becomes much more convenient to sit on it.

This open shoebox in contrast to the low model reaches a height of 120 cm, which on average equates to a compact table for the hallway. Often, it serves as such a table, complementing with roomy space for shoes. This effect is achieved with the help of inclined shelves located at an angle of 45 degrees. Shoes at the same time can be placed as toes and heels up, depending on the slope of the shelves. The advantage of such a model is considered her shallow depth, which is ideal for a narrow hallway.

It is worth saying that for small hallways many stylish options have been invented. One of these models is shoebox-stand. On its frame there are special vanes on which shoes are fixed. For summer shoes and shoes shovels compact, for boots - high. Shoes in them are located in a vertical position with the soles up, and therefore it is important to monitor the condition of their shoes.

Obuvnitsy racks or models with shelves can be circular, which is very convenient in the presence of some free space in the hallway. Having, as a rule, a metal frame, they are perfect for modern and functional interiors.

Open and closed models can stand on the floor, and can on the legs. The latter option is considered more convenient for cleaning, but less stable, because for the safety of yourself and loved ones, you should attach such a shoebox to the wall. They are practical and hinged shoemakers, which are boxes for shoes. There may be several such pedestals on the wall; they can be placed chaotically along the hallway wall.

Suspended models look stylish and original, without interfering with high-quality cleaning.

Closed shoeboxes differ from their open competitors by the presence of doors or sash shoes that are closed to others. For some, this becomes an excellent opportunity to hide the mess that occurs very often in shoes. For others, the doors, on the contrary, are a minus, because the closed space creates odors, and in terms of shoes, they can be extremely unpleasant. The exit, however, is nearby. Additional ventilation in the form of small holes in the cabinet will keep the shoes clean and fresh., not forgetting to cover it with doors that fit and complement the look of the hallway.

Models of the closed type are classified according to the types of doors and height. So, today you can find low, medium and high models. Low models can be made in the form of a soft padded stool, which will allow not only comfortable shoes, but also fill the hallway with comfort. Medium models are made in the form of tables and may include a chest of drawers with drawers.

This tandem allows you to store in one design shoes, keys, combs and all the additional elements that will be useful in the hallway.

The most spacious and practical is considered high furniture cabinets. In height, they can reach the wardrobe, located in the hallway. On the shelves at the eye level is casual shoes, on the top - seasonal. It is worth noting that the closet can fit even in a narrow hallway with a minimum amount of space. In addition to full cabinets for shoes, manufacturers offer compact wardrobes, reaching a width of only 30-40 cm.

By the type of door, closed models are divided into:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • folding panels.

Hinged doors are familiar to everyone, because, as a rule, they were present in everyone’s childhood. Until now, such designs are popular in conservative classical styles, delighting with carved handles and exquisite designs.

Sliding models are difficult to use in classic interiors, but they are perfect for minimalism style. For example, they do not need a lot of space, because the doors do not take up extra space.

Due to this property, sliding models are especially popular for small hallways.

Folding models of panels represent current galoshnits today. Shoes inside the cabinet is vertical. The flip panel when opening shows a large shelf with a division, which is at an angle of up to 30 degrees. At the same time, it is not necessary to keep overshoes or low shoes there, because today’s modern models allow you to load them with high boots or winter boots, increasing shelf space. In addition, stylish designs easily become part of the hallways, delighting with accuracy and a small depth of 13 to 40 cm.


Materials for Obuvnitsa do not differ from the raw materials needed for the production of furniture, in addition, today they are even more diverse. So, in addition to solid wood, laminated chipboard and MDF, you can find stylish cabinets made of plastic and steel.

Each of the above materials today is popular depending on the style used in the interior. For example, a metal bookcase with its simplicity and brevity is simply indispensable for the style minimalismwhile the wrought iron model is close to the aristocracy and romantic trends in the interior. Famous Provence and Country Today it is difficult to imagine without the smooth twists of twigs, gentle curls and patterns of vegetation on the shoebox. Do not forget that steel is one of the most practical materials and is able to serve with the correct coating for more than a dozen years.

Wood models are also good when used in many styles. A wooden shoebox made of natural solid wood looks warm, cozy and homely, and, moreover, with the correct technique of production and coating, it is resistant to moisture. It is organic in classic style, minimalism, country styles from country to chebbi-chic, loft and in other styles. And she can look without exaggeration fabulous when applied to her woodcarving. Needless to say, and the tree can be different in the hands of talented craftsmen.

The glossy surface is familiar from popular products from chipboard. They became relevant due to the great variety of colors and imitations for various materials, as well as due to the affordable price category. Models of laminated chipboard look simple, concise and modern, but are afraid of excessive moisture, and therefore acquiring a closed model, you should take care of good ventilation inside the cabinet in advance.

Air circulation will allow the cabinet to maintain an aesthetically smooth surface, avoiding the hillocks from moisture.

Models of MDF are ahead of LDSP according to characteristics, being moisture resistant, they are often produced with a mirror. It may be present on the side panel, and it may be on the entire surface of the shoemaker, for example, as in the slimmes that are popular today.

Plastic shelves also have a place to be in modern hallways, but in most cases are used in the corridors of country houses. Durable plastic washes well and is not exposed to moisture. Yet the simplicity of the material does not allow him to make a serious competition to iron and wooden models.

Color solutions

Color preference for hallways pleases variety. Designers recommend not limited to classic tones, choosing for modern interiors shoes with red, pink, blue and green elements. Do not be afraid and lilac with purple tones, pleasing the eye with its harmony and tranquility.

Classical interiors are traditionally performed in the colors of natural wood. Beech, ash, wenge, bleached oak or walnut look luxurious and stately. The desired shade should be selected taking into account the available furniture in the interior.

Models of solid wood or laminated chipboard also painted a wide color palette. Today, a white shoe holder is especially popular, well-suited for different styles, which does not hide free space and looks fresh. The classic version can be obtained with black, gray or brown tones.

Metal shelves are traditionally covered with black and white paint. Dark color is organic in modern interiors, and white - in the style of Provence. Aristocratic options are covered with bronze and gold tones.


Today it is impossible to list all the sizes of manufactured Obuvnits, because a huge number of them are performed by individual measures. Manufacturers also prefer to produce one model in several dimensional variations. And yet a few averaged and most frequent dimensions exist. So, low shoes with a seat have a height of 50 and 55 cm. It is inconvenient to sit on taller thumbs, and it will not be too comfortable to hold hooks for jackets over them. The cabinet itself can be wide, for example, 1050 cm or mini with dimensions of only 60 cm in width. Worth saying that A long shoebox for a spacious hallway pleases with the spaciousness of shoes and the creation of comfortable conditions.

From 60 cm to 120 cm in height there are medium sideboards for shoes that serve as a table for the hallway. Also available in medium size are comfortable slims with folding shelves.

The large and high pedestal sometimes reaches 220 cm in height and does not differ in appearance from an ordinary cabinet with the exception of width. 40 cm width or 70 cm - all this is permissible in modern models. The difference here is only in the location of the shoes, for example, in a shoebox-case 30-40 cm wide, shoes and shoes are located on the end. Such narrow options are perfect for small apartments.

Manufacturers Overview

Each manufacturer of furniture, one way or another, touches the theme of the shelves for storing shoes and other shoes. Among such a variety it is easy to get confused and choose a not too high-quality or fashionable option. Fortunately, large companies, known for the highest level of quality, are also engaged in the production of shoeboxes, and therefore it is not feasible to buy a “cat in a bag”.

The famous Dutch company Ikea is engaged in the production of stylish galoshnits, as well as open shelves.

Practical minimalism in everything - this is the motto that is most suitable for the models of the brand. Each of the materials, whether it is wood, laminated chipboard or iron turns into a compact and stylish interior detail. Shelves like LUSTIFIK and BONDIS, LESKVIK or HEMNES Loved by many and gained a lot of positive feedback. The shoes of the brand also won the admiration of their owners. So, reviews about galoshnitsa Bissa definitely positive.


Of course, IKEA design is unlikely to ever compare with Italian works of art, turned into a piece of furniture. Brands Ferro Raffaello, Morello Gianpaolo and Sergio Tarocco with each collection proves the possibility of creating something sublime from standard materials. Solid wood, conservative forms, hinged and hinged doors - all this can be seen in the catalogs of companies.

Sergio tarocco
Ferro raffaello

Among the Russian suppliers of stylish furniture can be found factories Acorn-m, Vental and furniture factory Comfort. The Acorn-m brand offers conservative and sophisticated models, made from durable and modern MDF with hinged doors, in a classic style. Vental, on the other hand, is striving towards modernity in developing models, creating such popular models as mirror slims from laminated chipboard. Furniture in the style of minimalism creates a factory Comfort, existing in the Russian market for over 15 years.


Beautiful examples in the interior

When the hallway space allows you to equip the corridor, depending on your own wishes, in addition to the module of two galoshnits, you can arrange a soft stool and a place to store umbrellas. Modern and stylish galoshnitsa at the same time combines shades of bleached oak and wenge, so popular in the interiors of recent years.

Comfortable white nightstand with a soft mattress is organic in romantic styles combined with wicker baskets and containers. A classic bollard with a hinged door and inclined shelves is an option filled with style loading. In addition, such an element can hardly be called cumbersome, because inclined shelves significantly reduce the depth of the cabinet.

Designer high galoshnitsa with a romantic photo print is able to decorate any interior. The slim mechanism helps to reduce the space used for the thumbs. Plastic hot pink nightstand - an interesting and original solution in a small corridor. Diluting a rich shade with a white tone soothes the entire structure.

Bright design in combination with additional local illumination and the mirror surface of the wardrobe create freedom and spaciousness with small real dimensions of the corridor. The obuvnitsa case in tone to the main case allows to contain a large amount of footwear at the minimum expenses of free space. The closed design preserves the aesthetic appearance of the shoe, protecting it from dust.

Mirror suspension slim medium height in tandem with a mirror of monochrome shades looks weightless and airy, while possessing the necessary capacity and simplicity when cleaning. The classic shoe stand in the style of celebrity on high curved legs reliably hides the shoes behind the swing doors. Table lamps located on both sides of the shoebox complement the silver patterns of the shoebox. A practical shoebox with a seat, a drawer and an open shelf for shoes allows you to equip a small hallway. It combines the functions of storing keys, shoes and comfortable shoes.

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