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White matte stretch ceilings: the pros and cons

Everyone wants his home to be beautiful and stylish. A good and attractive interior is what every household wants to achieve. One of the ways to give an apartment individuality and transform it is to make a white matte stretch ceiling in the rooms.

Special features

Today there are many different variations of the design of ceilings. A large palette of colors allows you to realize any stylistic fantasies. One of the classic and "ageless" options is the dull stretch ceiling. It can be made from PVC film or from more expensive thermal materials that resemble expensive fabrics.

From the point of view of psychology, matte color gives a person peace of mind, creates a cozy atmosphere. Today, it is the white matte ceiling that is the most popular solution for an apartment. It is worth noting that this option is very popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe and America.

Stretch ceiling coverings often have a mirror effect, which is not always attractive and comfortable. Matte canvas allows you to drown out the reflection of light. It allows you to experiment with styles and design. In addition, even if the ceiling hangs at an angle, the matte color, due to the absence of reflections, will create the effect of a flat surface.

White matte surface looks beautiful and stylish in almost any style. The white stretch ceiling is ideal for decorating the living room, bedroom or children's room. He will decorate the office space.

The density of the matt stretch fabric provides a long service life, and also retains heat inside.


The main advantage of white matte stretch ceilings - is an excellent appearance, thanks to which the apartment can be given a certain zest. Such ceilings are also very popular due to the quick installation, perfectly flat surface and, of course, the lack of a mirror effect, which have glossy options. In addition to the fact that they have advantages over other suspended ceilings, they are also superior to plasterboard options.

Due to its design cracks and various deformations are not at all terrible for them, from which plasterboard ceilings suffer.


White matte ceiling coverings look harmoniously in almost any style design room. They have an unsurpassed appearance, emphasize harmony and turn the room into a cozy place where you can relax and enjoy your stay. In addition, due to the properties of a matte shade, the ceiling eliminates defects throughout the room.

The matte option is a good solution in the interior of any room. It looks great both in the spacious living room and in the small bedroom.

White matte ceiling has many shades, so that it is in harmony with various colors in the interior design. Installing such a ceiling is easy. An experienced master quickly and efficiently perform the installation of the tension fabric. The matt ceiling is made of high-tech PVC film.

He not only quickly installed, but also has other advantages, among which it is worth highlighting the moisture resistance, thanks to which the apartment is protected from the occurrence of fungus and mold than the more expensive version of drywall can not boast.


Any types of building and finishing materials have their advantages and disadvantages. This design is no exception.

White matte stretch ceilings have many advantages, namely they:

  • resistant to moisture, which makes it possible to install even in the bathroom;
  • elastic and resistant to plenty of water. If neighbors flood you from above, the canvas will simply be filled with water, thereby protecting your furniture and floor covering from damage;
  • easy to install, because the whole structure is installed within 4-6 hours;
  • fireproof, because the material is protected from ignition;
  • environmentally friendly, as in the manufacture of canvas are not used harmful and hazardous materials. This canvas can be used for any room, including for the children's room;
  • presented a wide range of shades that allows you to translate into reality any designer fantasies.


Despite the large number of advantages, the canvas has some drawbacks.

  • Tension cloth does not tolerate low temperatures, when they are exposed, it deforms. Stretch ceiling should not be installed in rooms that are not heated in winter.
  • The width of the canvas is only three meters, so when installing the tension fabric in a spacious room, you will need to use a joint that is almost impossible to disguise.

Care rules

Any design requires care. Matte stretch ceiling unpretentious in the care. It has a presentable appearance even after a long time of operation. However, in order for it to retain its original appearance and serve you for a long time, you should also take care of it.

It should be noted that this should be done carefully and carefully.

Experts recommend sticking to certain rules.

  • At least once every two weeks, the ceiling should be cleaned. This should be done with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Before wiping, you should make sure that the fabric is clean and there is no dust on it at all. The tension coating always attracts attention to itself, every speck of dust will be clearly visible on a white matte surface.
  • There is a huge range of cleaning materials, so it will be easy to choose the material for the maintenance of the tension fabric. Ideal microfiber or ordinary soft sponge.
  • Stretch ceiling coating, although it has a long service life, cannot be called super-durable. It is very fragile and may suffer from a simple scratch. Before wiping the ceiling, it is advisable to remove all the jewelry from your hands. In addition, it is worth wiping very carefully, without pressing through the surface.

Wet cleaning

On white matte stretch ceilings, after wet cleaning, stains may remain. To prevent this from happening, you should buy a special detergent in the hardware store. Now there are a lot of such funds.

In no case can not use aggressive detergents, for example, for washing dishes or cleaning compositions. Chemical harsh detergents can damage and deform the stretch coating.

If you do not have a special detergent for suspended ceilings, you can wash it with soapy water. Best suited for this baby soap or shampoo. The fact is that their structure is non-rigid and does not damage the surface at all.

Some experts advise to use for washing such ceiling coverings means that they have in the composition of ammonia, acetone or alcohol. For some stretch ceilings, these tools do not pose a threat, but the white matte version is made of such material that is immune to the above means.

Ammonia, alcohol and acetone can completely ruin the presentable look of the ceiling, after which it will just have to change.

Dry cleaning

People are used to the fact that if there is a cobweb on the ceiling, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner while cleaning the apartment. However, if you have a suspended ceiling, then this method must be forgotten forever. The surface of the ceiling is very soft and can be deformed by the influence of concentrated air. Therefore, a simple vacuum cleaner can ruin the entire ceiling. It is better to use a soft brush or cloth to wash the stretch ceiling.

To care for the tension ceiling, it is better to use a high stepladder so that you do not reach for the ceiling. Do not use a mop, as it can cause great harm.

Beautiful examples in the interior

White matte stretch ceiling can easily be mounted independently. This color harmoniously looks in many styles of interior. This option is perfect even for decorating a child's room. This ceiling coating has a perfectly flat surface and is suitable for the embodiment of the classic or modern style. It is worth noting that items in the room will not be reflected.

Matte stretch ceiling is a really good solution for any home. It has many advantages that will allow you to implement the most complex design solutions.

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