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Bed tables

In today's world, many people live in just at a frantic pace. They are in constant motion, and therefore sometimes need a small celebration. To create it you may need a table in the bed with a delicious and fragrant breakfast. Such a table for a bed can be used not only to serve food, but also to install a laptop on it or organize a desk.


Usually this piece of furniture is purchased so that it is convenient for a person to have breakfast right in bed. This is especially important for couples who want to spend as much time as possible together.

However, there are alternative uses. This table can be used for other purposes:

  • The transforming table easily turns into a convenient support for the laptop. An elongated product will allow you to put a mug of milk and biscuits next to your laptop for snacking while working.
  • Served table can be used as a place for creativity. On it you can draw, sculpt, weave and embroider, and the student can do his homework. For adults, this product will be the ideal option for reading an interesting book or educational newspaper.

  • If a person is interested in puzzles, then this piece of furniture will be the perfect surface for picking up a picture. Board game lovers can play chess or checkers at the table.
  • Light products can be taken on the nature. Of course, this option is suitable only for a small company or a romantic picnic for two.
  • Folding table will be an assistant for housewiveswho can use it to clean vegetables while they themselves are watching TV. Sitting on the couch, they can not worry about the dirt, as the cleaning process will take place above the surface.

A bed table can have a rather simple purpose - it is necessary when caring for a bed patient who is not able to move independently. Such people are forced to spend almost all the time in bed, and therefore such a table can be a definite salvation.

The most popular tables combine a tray and a stand for a laptop. Some models have a built-in fan that can be turned on using a laptop and a USB cable. A table for a bed is also good because the laptop does not overheat while standing on the surface - as, for example, happens when the fan is closed while on your lap. Frequent overheating will cause the device to fail.

Types of designs

The design of the table for the bed is very simple, it consists of a table top with sides and legs. However, some models have their own characteristics that distinguish one product from another.

The legs of the product can be fixed or folding. Folding allows you to make the design more versatile and mobile, so that if necessary it can be turned into a regular tray. Motionless design makes it more stable, which is necessary for the uneven surface of the bed. There are models in which the height of the legs is adjustable.

The height of the sides can also be different. High sides will become good protection against falling of ware from a little table.

The most stable are coffee tables, which are equipped with legs-runners.

To make the design convenient to move, you can choose models with handles and on wheels.

A worktop can have completely different styles and designs. It can be a regular plywood canvas, and it can have a mosaic pattern, relief, frosted glass or leather. Some models come with plastic mats that protect the surface from damage and high temperatures.

Another interesting model is a table-stand.. Its tabletop consists of two parts: adjustable and fixed, which is sometimes equipped with a recess for installing dishes.


Usually for the manufacture of tables for the bed using natural wood. To protect it from external influences from above, the product is always coated with varnish. For the tabletop it is very important that it be treated with heat-resistant means that protects the surface from high temperatures. Wooden products have a significant weight, which can be attributed to the main drawback. Among other materials emit:

  • Tables made of rubber wood are very common.which without additional coatings are resistant to moisture and high temperatures. They are quite stable and have a small weight.

  • A very common material is bamboo, which has a small weight and beautiful appearance. Bamboo can be made the entire table or tabletop only.
  • Glass products characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. They are fairly easy to clean from dirt, in any interior, they look very elegant.

  • The most versatile material is plastic, which is lightweight. It is possible to make a unique product from plastic, giving it an unusual shape and decorating it in any convenient way. Tabletop can be decorated as you wish, using paints and varnishes. The main advantage of the plastic table is the ease of care - it is easy to wash and disinfect.
  • Very demanded metal products. Most often, they are designed so that they can easily be installed a laptop. The simplicity of design and reasonable price make the metal table attractive to buyers.

Choice of design

Furniture design depends on the personal preferences of the owners and the style of the bedroom. Styles are different from each other clarity of lines, colors, shapes and natural materials. When choosing a side table for the bed, you need to consider all the options:

  • Provence involves the use of light tones and maple wood. On the table top there should be a drawing made using decoupage technique. The product itself should have high bumpers that will imitate raw wood.
  • Classic prefers natural materials and pastel tones. The wooden table should be painted in chocolate or beige. You can leave the natural color of the tree, just varnishing it. The tabletop should not have any decorations, but the sides can have carved patterns.
  • Minimalism prefers using the minimum amount of furniture - in order to save space. The bed table should be either glass or wooden, and the legs may have a special bend.

Selection features

To choose the right U-shaped table for the bed, you need to decide on the material of manufacture, design and convenience. It is important to determine the purpose of the subject to find the perfect option.

If the bedside table is needed only for organizing breakfasts in bed, then a product with stable, fixed legs is quite suitable. If owners love nature trips, then a table with folding legs would be an ideal option.

To the remnants of food and drops of drinks do not fall on the bedding, you need to purchase a product with high sides.

Some models are equipped with a special container for setting a cup or a small vase with flowers.

It is very important to choose a product that will harmoniously look in the interior of the bedroom. If the owners do not have enough bright accents, then the table may have an unusual and catchy design. Add zest can bamboo table on low legs.

Some busy people purchase this piece of furniture for work. For this reason, some models have a special stand for a laptop. It is very convenient to sit in bed with a cup of coffee and fill out a report.

Being in a furniture store, you should carefully examine the products to make sure that there are no defects - they should not be chipped and cracked. The furniture must be durable and sustainable, which should be checked on the spot.

Bed table should fulfill its intended purpose. When buying such a product, you need to know for sure that it will be used for its intended purpose, and not gathering dust in the pantry.

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